Why Is My Monitor Flickering?

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Do you know what is flicking and why your monitor flickering? Then you must read this article. The most visible and important part of any PC system is your monitor. On the monitor the movies play, the spreadsheets are also displayed, and your gaming adventures come to life through the monitor.

The Monitor flickering is a common issue that you have to face when the display begins to show brightness fluctuations. If your monitor is flickering much more than you thought, you now have to buy a new monitor.so don’t be silly, we suggest you find the reason first and try to fix it instead of spending money on a new one.

Our guide is related to your issue, your monitor started to flicker and you have no idea what to do now. So this article will help you to solve your issue. You need to read it carefully so that you will gusset what is the reason behind monitor flickering and also how can you fix it because we are going to explore the common reasons for monitor flickering in our useful article.

1. What are Monitor Flickers?

As usual, flickers are visible changes in the brightness of the monitor between cycles displayed on the video display. The display on the screen of your computer looks like, it’s a static picture, but it’s not like this.

Instead, the image keeps constantly redrawn and erased at a rapid rate that your eyes can’t perceive the image. A modern screen of pc can mostly refresh up to 100 times per second. This act refers to the refresh rate, and it gets measured in Hertz.

When you look at monitor specifications, you can see a number such as 60Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz, etc.

The number tells you’re that how many refreshes occur per second. We can explain it in this way, on a 60Hz monitor, the screen refresh runs 60 times per second, and when a 120Hz monitor will refresh 120 times per second. The quick refresh, the faster the display reacts to changes and the smoother the experience. So the monitor flickers may disturb all this.

2. What is Causing Monitor Flickering?

There are a lot of different reasons for a monitor to start flickering. Some of them are mentioned below:

  •  A faulty power supply or power cable not being plugged in properly is one of the most common reasons for a flickering monitor.
  • Other reasons include poor cable quality or it may an old monitor.
  • Monitors can start flickering when the video card is over the neck.
  • If your monitor is too old that means flickering accords due to dead pixels.

3. How you can fix the flickering issue?

Monitor Flickering

No doubt, as we all know, Monitor flickering is a serious issue and you need to do something to fix this problem instantly. It’s just stupidity to avoid monitor flickering. There are some tips to improve the monitor following:

Check the power cable of the monitor

First of all, you must see the cable which is plugged into your monitor. Monitor DVI cable’s ends of both sides have screws to hold them properly in place. You must sure that both ends of the connectors are secure and properly plugged in place. If the connection doesn’t fix your monitor’s flicker, the cable must be defective. Take a spare one and swap them out to check out if that resolves the problem.

Check Power

The second thing you have to do is that see that both ends of the power cable are also secure. Because a loose power cable or improperly plugged cable can make the reason screen flicker, and a buzzing sound often accompanies this.

Check Display Settings

You can check the display setting as well. If you updated the graphics driver recently then make sure, there is nothing to change in the display settings.

Check Your Graphics Card

Next, you must see if there are any issues with the graphics card because the issue with the graphics card can also make the reason of monitor flicker. There is one thing to be noted if you connected multiple monitors and there will occur the flicker on only one screen that means the issue isn’t your graphics card. If all these displays start to flicker, or your only monitor, flickers, that mansion must focus on checking out the hardware and connections.

You need to check that your graphics card does not have stubborn dirt on its surfaces. Ensure the cooling fan is working properly. Without a cooling fan, there will be the chance of overheating which is a basic reason for most graphics card issues. If it is all right, that means your graphics card may not be the cause of the flickering.

Check the Monitor

At last, you can check the monitor by changing the port you are using your monitor. If you are using the connection of DVI then you need to try using the VGA or Display Port output. If there will nothing changes, then you should borrow another monitor to test. Or you can also test your monitor on another computer so that you would know if it works fine or not. When you test it and it begins to flicker on another pc then your monitor has finished.


So, if you have to face the issue of monitor flickering and want to fix this issue then you must need to find the real reason for it and you should try all of the recommended solutions we have mentioned above. In the end, if you are sure about yourself to do this then you must ask for help from a professional or the nearest computer repair service instead of a plan to purchase a new monitor. We hope so, this article will help you a lot!

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