Why Does My Monitor Say No Signal?

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There is nothing more irritating when you start your computer but has nothing to display on the screen of some signal issue. Then a question arises in my mind why does my monitor say no signal? But if your monitor is saying no signal then you do not need to worry much about it because you are not only the person who has faced this issue.

It is not necessarily that your monitor or hardware is faulty.  It may occur by your loose cable. In this helpful guide, we’ll talk about the troubleshooting process. We’ll also share the most common issues and the solutions in this article, you’ll be able to fix the problem easily by reading this article.

Why Is My Monitor Saying No Signal?

If you have an external monitor for your work, you will find it helpful to know how to troubleshoot some common monitor and connection issues. Here are some easy fixes for a no-signal error message on your monitor. There are many reasons for this issue, some of them are:

  • Cable issues
  • incorrectly configured display
  • Outdated drivers
  • Hardware failure
  • faulty monitor     

How to fix the basic issue:

Here is the solution to the basic issue.

Loose Cables

You must check the cables of your pc completely. In order to check all wired connections of your monitor then make sure that the input device is powered on first. Then you need to check the video monitor cable or HDMI cable if they are properly connected to the monitor. If you have a desktop tower PC, then the device should be powered on. As you know Some PCs have cooling fans when the fans spin, they make a noise when your PC is not booted up.

 So must check that the power light is on and also check that both the monitor and PC are connected to a power connection. This is a great way to find out that the monitor is not turning on. Now you have to check the condition of your power cord. A faulty power cable can be the reason for this display problem.

Monitor input source correct

If you saw a no signal error on your monitor, it may be the reason the pc is avoiding the graphics output from your PC. This issue will occur when the input source on the monitor is set with another wrong device. As you all know that different display monitors have different or multiple input sources that may be VGA, HDMI, and DVI inputs.  If you have to face this issue then you must check if the input sources on the monitor are properly set.

Monitor Resolution Settings

It is fact that if your monitor display resolutions are out of sync with the input signal then it may be some external display monitors that will show no image and an error no signal message. If the PC video card is set to a display resolution at a higher level as compared to the native display resolution of the monitor, then your monitor will show a “no input signal” message.

You just need to consult the monitor specs to find out its native resolution. If you have Windows PC, then you need to try booting up your monitor in safe mode which will use a lower display resolution.

Graphics Card Issues

This problem may occur when the graphics card is not properly inserted in its slot. You must disconnect all the power cables and make sure that the device is shut down before removing an internal graphics card. However, we can say that a bad graphic card or incompatible video card driver can be the reason for a display device to show an error message of no signal.

Update the video Card Drivers

Your monitor does not support all resolutions.so, now you should update the graphics card driver. The bad or outdated graphics card driver can be the reason for a no-signal message that will show on a connected external monitor. If you have an NVIDIA graphics card then you can update the NVIDIA drivers with a windows upgrade. If you have to face this problem then you should upgrade your monitor. In this case, you can check out some other quality models with more advanced features.

Try With an Alternative Monitor or PC

Another easy way to troubleshoot your monitor is that you can connect your monitor to another computer. After connecting the monitor to another device with known video output and then the same problem persists, which means the fault is with your monitor. On the other hand, if your monitor will work properly after connecting with another device and show too different video inputs and also receive an active video signal from the other device, then the fault can be with your PC or it may be also the fault of software issue.

Check PC’s Hardware

You can also check out the hardware of your PC, you just need to open up your PC and check the hardware. Because only one loose or faulty component can be the reason for this no signal issue. Make sure to turn off your computer when you are going to start troubleshooting the hardware. You also need to unplug all power cables.

 First of all, Open the PC Case and then check properly if there are any loose components. It’s really easy to check the loose component, you just need to identify a busted part. You have to replace them one by one to check out which component is damaged.


When The “No Signal” message will display on your monitor’s screen then its main reason must be mainly because of bad or correctly cable connections. In this article, we have explained many troubleshooting problems and we also explained how to fix them. Hopefully, after reading our article, on “Why does my Monitor Say No Signal”, you have fully about all the issues and the ways to fix them. We hope so, this article will help you a lot!

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