Why Does My Monitor Keep Going Black?

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Do you have this issue that your monitor keep going black? It is one of the most irritating things when you are working on your computer and suddenly the monitor goes black. It is not good if your monitor randomly goes dark while your PC is powered on.

You do not need to worry about that because you are not the only one who has faced this issue. We are here to tell you to understand the real reason for this issue and how can you fix this problem.

We will try to cover all the remedies to the black screen issue below.  So, just read this article very carefully so that you will learn about the issue and its fixes. So let’s get started:

loose cable connections

If your monitor goes black, it may occur due to poor power cable connections. The cables connect your monitor to your PC or the drivers for the video card. These cables are VGA, HDMI, and DVI that connect the display to the computer.

First of all, check these cables if they are properly fixed. If the cables are loose, fix them properly but keep in mind that don’t fix them so tight or too loose.in both conditions, the cables will not work.

If they are not working after fixing then should try other cables to your monitor. Make sure that these new cables are properly connected to both sides. If the current changing cables work that means your old cables are faulty, but if the new cable will not work so try a different port. There are two ports HDMI and VGA.


As we all know that every PC generates heat. But when we use the computer for more time. It will start to overheat. Excessive overheating can be the reason to lock up the components and they can also get damaged.

So when you feel that your computer starts to overheat then you should shut down your pc. It may be caused by the video card also. That overheating causes a dark display. Viruses and malware are also dangers for the fault like screen shutdowns.

Overheating will be resolved by shutting down, opening your PC, and brushing off or sucking up the dirt by using a vacuum.

Update the graphic driver

The faulty graphic drivers can also be the cause of the black screen. If your graphic driver is the main reason then you should update the graphic driver with the help of the website of AMD and NVIDIA.

  • Download and install the driver easily.
  • Run driver easy
  • Press the scan button
  • Now click the update button
  • Now click the correct version of that driver


PSU stands for The Power Supply Unit, that known to be the common reason your monitor goes black. It supplies the power of your motherboard, it may be possible that the correct voltages are not delivered.


Overclocking is very useful for many users to boost the core power but it may also come with complications like the one under discussion. It will also be the reason for the dark display.


If the dedicated GPU is installed and the monitor is connected, it will also be the reason for the black screen if it is not plugged in properly.

Check your power setting

The power setting is also the reason for the monitor to black off randomly. So you have to verify the saving mode. If you have windows 7 or 8 then you need to click the window logo key and type the power option and select it.

Check that the power plan is not set to power saver. Press the change plan setting and turn off the display and let your PC sleep.

Now click the window logo key and type screensaver and click the Turn screen saver on or off option. Click on none then press the button OK. Now restart your computer.

If you are on windows 10, then click on the window logo key and type power then select the option of power and sleep setting.

The setting should be set to never. Now press the Windows logo key and type screen saver and press the turn screen saver on or off option. Set it to none and press OK. Now restart your PC. Now check if your PC works properly.

Third-party software

There could be third-party software on your PC that will conflict with the issues .it can be the reason for the black screen. So you should uninstall the software to avoid this issue.

Power interference

If you have faulty wiring or power interference, So, the PC can be flickering. So fix the power interference issue.

Reset your monitor

If the screen constantly turns off, it may be the monitor setting is the real issue. Then you should reset your monitor.

  • Click the menu button
  • select menu
  • go to other settings
  • Click on factory reset

Repair system files

Corrupted system files are also the reason for dark screen errors. You can check out this issue by running the system scan to detect the corrupted system files with Restoro. It is a windows repair tool that can find out faulty files and fix the issue.

  • Download this tool.
  • Install the Restoro
  • Open it and run a free scan
  • Wait for some time to scan the computer
  • Here you can view the summary of the issue.
  • Press the start repair option.


We hope so, now you can easily find the real reason why the monitor keeps going black. This article will also help you to resolve the issue. We first suggest you check out the connection cables because it is the main reason for this screen issue. If it does not work then you can try other remedies. Hopefully, this guideline helped you a lot!

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