[2023] How To Fix Acer Laptop Overheating?

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Are you an Acer laptop user? Have you ever faced an Acer Laptop Overheating issue? Or are you wondering to know that “how to fix an Acer laptop overheating“? In this article, we are going to talk about the reasons for overheating and also the fixes for this overheating.

Acer laptops are an amazing choice of inexpensive to mid-range laptops in the market, we can say that they are available relatively high-end features with incredibly reasonable prices all of these high-level features come at an amazing cost but there is a most notable thing in the Acer brand that they do tend to overheat sometimes.

The overheating issue is always discussed with ACER laptop users. So you can see the reasons for Acer laptop overheating and you can choose one of the solutions to resolve this overheating issue.

Why does your Acer laptop overheat?

Your Acer laptop starts overheating due to insufficient cooling. As pc has become more powerful, they start to generate more heat. So, the Laptops are so compact because they have less space for all their components. So the temperature may rise in your Acer laptop when you do some difficult tasks such as:

  • Playing any kind of video games 
  • Streaming movies
  • Video editing task
  • Multi-tasking

When you doing one of the above tasks then heat starts to generate and the Internal fans in your Acer laptop will try to cool everything down, but the laptop still gets too hot and start slowing down.

causes your Acer laptop to overheat

Multiple factors may also cause overheating. And one of the most common reasons for overheating in your Acer laptop is inadequate airflow within the device. Some other potential reasons are given below:

1. Blocked air vents

Many people use a cushion, or pillow of soft things under the laptop, when they start work, when you place your laptop on a soft surface like that, this surface can reduce airflow as the vents are covered or entirely blocked. And the air vents stop working and the overheating starts inside your laptop.

2. Clogged-up fan

Sometimes the Dust, stubbing dirt and grime may cause severe airflow restrictions and they can easily stick to the cooling fan which will create friction and heat. When these fans stop to pull the cool air then your Acer laptop starts overheating.

3. Excessive Temperature

Basically, the safe temperature of a laptop is about 10 – 35°C. 

4. Decaying thermal paste:

Thermal paste can stop overheating by transferring heat. With the spending time, this substance starts to degrade and dry out, then reduce its effectiveness. And now it can help to stop overheating of your laptop.

5. Battery Degradation

It is also a common reason for overheating, if the battery is too old or becomes faulty, then it starts to generate more heat. If you see that your laptop becomes too hot than usual and takes longer to charge. Then you need to consider its time to replace it.

How to fix ACER laptop overheating?

Here are some easy fixes that you can try to resolve the overheating issue. Let’s have a look at these super easy fixes that will not take much of your time:

Fix Acer Laptop Overheating

1. Clean out the Vents

Cold air is the main thing that stops overheating of your Acer laptop, so you just need to make sure that there should be enough cold air circulating through your laptop. When the internal components aren’t crammed into a stuffy space, then these parts get hotter and hotter.

As in the result of overheating. Acer laptops themselves had designed built-in vents to aid with the airflow situation. But it is fact that these can quickly get all kinds of stuff clogged up in them with the spending time, and in this way, it makes the overheating issue more badly.

So you just need to blow the dust away from all the vents on your Acer laptop thoroughly. Dust can getting block the vents too. So, you have to take the hoover and suck out any of the remaining dust that way.

You must have to keep some distance between the end of the hoover and the vent.  Because the powerful hoovers can move the internal components with their power if you get it too close to vents. Here is how to clean out the vents properly.

  • First of all, turn off your Acer laptop
  • Now you have to unplug wires to clean your vents and fans. 
  • You can compress air to blow away any dust and debris from the laptop.
  • Here you can Use cotton swabs to wipe the dust out of your vents.
  • After cleaning the vents and fans, now you can easily power your Acer laptop back on.
  • You must keep in mind that, you have to clean regularly, as vents and fans can quickly become clogged with time.

2. Power Troubleshooter Menu

If the root reason for your Acer laptop overheating is faulty software, then running Windows Power Troubleshooter can fix the issue of overheating. To resolve this issue, you need to go through the following easy steps:

  • First of all, you have to Press the Windows Button + I 
  • Now you need to choose the Update and Security
  • Next, you have to click on the Troubleshoot option on the right side
  • Now click on the Power option
  • Choose the Run the Troubleshooter option

3. use a hard and flat surface

A lot of people, place their laptops on cushions, pillows, or beds when they work, Placing your laptop on a soft surface can reduce airflow as the vents are covered or entirely blocked. And the air vents stop working and the overheating begins.

Many Acer laptops have intake vents on the bottom that will allow cool air to have to access the internal components. So, a soft surface, like a sofa, bed, rug, cushion, or mattress can block these vents and cause the laptop to overheat. So you should always use a hard surface under your laptop to allow the vents to stay clear and air to circulate more easily and quickly.

4. Elevate the laptop at a comfortable angle

You should always use a laptop stand to elevate your laptop at a proper angle use can also use a book there. Leave some inches of space on all sides of your laptop to keep it cool and avoid overheating.

5. Use the correct charger

The battery or the charger of your Acer laptop might be an issue of overheating. When the heat rises, the battery sensor will misfire. This can be charging issues. If you notice that the battery is getting too hot, you have to remove it from your laptop and let it leave for a few minutes to cool to room temperature.

You should always use a genuine charger to charge your laptop. An improper charger can damage your battery and the faulty battery becomes the reason for overheating. If you see that your battery is faulty then you need to replace it. Because a genuine or certified laptop charger and battery are the main keys to your laptop. They must be compatible.

6. Keep your laptop out of the sun

Don’t keep your laptop under the sun because the laptop might raise its internal temperature. High temperatures may cause overheating due to an expansion of the hard drive as well as battery damage. If you keep the laptop in extreme temperatures, then small plastic parts can warp. So, avoid keeping your laptop in the shade at high temperatures.

7. Check your Windows power settings

The Windows settings may help to resolve the overheating issue.

  • Try to lower the brightness of the display. 
  • Must Change the setting of the power plan to Balanced
  • You can also Change the System cooling policy for Plugged In


In this article, we have mentioned some different ways to go about this particular overheating problem. So after reading this article if you have come across the solution that we have mentioned above, then you must try it to resolve the issue. If you are not confident to do so, or none of them work then you can get the help of some expert. We hope so, you found this helpful guide helped you out.

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