How To Stop The IPad From Overheating?

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The iPhone and iPad is an important pocket-sized device but it does not have a heat sink that can regulate the operating temperature and keep them cool this device. If your iPhone or iPad remains hot all the time then you need to stop the iPad from overheating.

This is a piece of good news that you can easily stop your iPad from overheating and you just need to change your usage habits and the ability to focus on it. But on the other hand, this is a piece of bad news that an overheating iPad can cause battery damage.

So we will discuss in deep detail, why your iPad gets too hot and how to stop the iPad from heating. Learn more about the operating temperature, and how to stop the iPad from overheating.

Why iPad getting too hot?

If you want that why is my iPad getting too hot? You should be concerned about the iPad overheating. When we use devices for much time, it will get hot. That’s totally fine don’t worry about that but getting too hot should be a concern.

You should notice this heat in the corners of the device, especially when it comes to the new iPad or iPhone. So, let’s talk about the basic reasons why is iPad getting too hot.

1. No fan and small vents

As it is a fact that your iPad unlike a laptop and desktop computer, has no fan. So, the iPad has no way to dissipate heat. Moreover, the vents on the bottom of your iPad are also small.

So when the heat rises, it will need to build up to the point where the only place for speaker vents and through the metal chassis. But unfortunately, these vents are so small to do this.

2. Environment

Overheating will affect the internal components of the iPad. If it’s a hot summer day or leaving your iPad in the sunshine that will heat up the device. So, the environment does matter.

3. Charging problem

Your charger might be another reason for overheating your iPad. If you’re using a fast charger for the long term, you may damage your iPad and become the reason for overheating. If you use third-party power supplies despite Apple, then it will also be the reason for the battery to overheat.

4. Long Processor

Are you spending a lot of your time playing games on your iPad? Or do you edit videos for much time? Or do you spend on Netflix for hours at a time? If so, you do so for the long term then the long process causes your iPad to heat up.

When the iPad’s whole processor runs at full capacity for a long term then the heat starts to build up from all those firing circuits of the system of your iPad. As we mentioned above there are no fans on the iPad. And then your iPad starts to overheat.

How to stop your iPad from Overheating:

Don’t worry, you can stop your iPad from overheating very easily. All these tips are really easy to do. Simply adopt some new usage habits and stop your iPad from overheating. So let’s have a look at these effective tips:

1. Stop charging and Use only Apple-certified chargers

One of the most important things that can help you to stop your iPad from heating is that if you are not using apple certified charger that will not alright. So the best way is to plug in your iPad with an apple charger. And if you’ve got it plugged in with the charger and it’s getting too hot, so you have to unplug it and let it cool down for some time. In this way, you can save your battery from overheating.

2. Decrease the brightness of the screen

Another thing you should try is that use only the brightness that you need when you go outside in the daylight. So, you have to use a screen dimmer and it will help to reduce the heat building- up inside your iPad. So must try this and check the result.

3. Use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth only when they are required

Turning on your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth all the time is not good. They may affect your battery and also make a big reason to devote energy to constantly scan for a signal. If you’re not using your iPad, then you should turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This trick will also help you to stop the iPad from overheating.

4. Give your iPad some rest time

If you want to reduce the amount of heat that is generated by your iPad, then you must have to give some rest time or a short break to your iPad. If you use Netflix for six hours, then you must have to give break for some time after every spending hour. It is necessary to give a break both to your eyes rest and iPad.

5. Close all unnecessary apps

If you have opened many apps, then keep in mind that, the processor gets hot and will make the reason for overheating. So if you feel that, your iPad is getting hot then you must have to close all the apps and let your iPad cool down otherwise it will start overheating.

6. Remove the case

Another thing that you can do to stop the iPad from heating, is to remove the case of your iPad if you see that it’s getting too hot. After this, the heat will dissipate through the walls and let your iPad cool down faster.

7. Turn off the background refresh

Another thing that you can do to stop the iPad from overheating is to turn off background refresh. You can turn off background refresh in this way:

• Go to settings
• select General
• Go to Background App Refresh
• Turn off the Background App Refresh

8. Check to charge cables

You have to check the charging cable because improper charging can be the reason for overheating. It might be a fire hazard. If you find out that there is a fault in the charging cable then you should replace it first.


If you would not stop the iPad from overheating, then you have to face the issues of app slowdown, display dimming, and slow charging. So, you just need to keep cool down your iPad. It can also damage your battery. You must keep in mind that when you notice that your iPad is getting too hot then you should not put your iPad in the freeze or don’t put it in front of the air conditioner.

But don’t worry you can stop the iPad from overheating by using the above tips and you will not have to pay for a new iPad. We have tried our best to explain that what are the reasons for iPad overheating and you can stop the iPad from overheating.

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