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HDMI splitters vs HDMI switches, what is the main difference between them? A lot of people want to know the difference between an HDMI splitter and an HDMI switch. So we are going to tell you about the difference but we must want to know that are you frustrated after knowing that you can’t connect another gaming device to your TV due to one HDMI port, right? Is it irritating now and then the swapping of HDMI cables? Yes, we can understand that you can’t swap out HDMI cables every time you play a game.

Don’t worry, here is a simple solution, we are talking about an HDMI splitter and HDMI switch. They can give you relief over your lack of HDMI ports, but there is a big confusion between the HDMI splitter and the HDMI switch. The HDMI splitters and HDMI switches are inexpensive ways to make the present T.V.

The system is more useful. But, which one of them to select?  Don’t worry, you will find the answer in this detailed guide, we are just going to differentiate them in detail. So if you are planning to purchase one of them then you must have to read this post so that you can easily choose one of them.

What is HDMI Switch and how does it work?

The HDMI switch is an electronic accessory that allows the swiftly run multiple HDMI devices through a TV. We can easily use the HDMI switch to get rid of everyday headaches when the number of inbuilt ports of the T.V. set is less than the HDMI devices when we need it. With the use of an HDMI switch, there is no need to unplug one device to plug in the other HDMI device.

This is a simple device that allows multiple devices to receive the signal from a single input from the TV. While the HDMI switch comes in many types, there is only one difference between these types of HDMI switches which is the number of devices that can be connected.

The most commonly used HDMI switch has three devices. Now the question is how to place it. Putting an HDMI switch is an easy process. The switch should be plugged into your power outlet and the HDMI port of your TV, in order to get access to your devices. Now you have to connect the HDMI cable of your devices to the ports on the switch. Now connect the HDMI cable from the switch to the TV. Now check that the audio and video are clear and the process is finished.

Cons of HDMI Switches

There is no doubt that HDMI switches are so useful, but they have also some drawbacks. Such as, the HDMI switches do not compatible with all devices. When you left turned on your device, then the HDMI switch may not recognize this device.  Another issue is that after connecting some devices you will also lose image quality. In this way, you’ll watch DVDs, Bluray, and play games with poor video quality.

What is HDMI Splitter and how does it work?

The active HDMI splitter is commonly used when you have long cables or when you want to output the signal to other devices. HDMI splitters are a common alternative to an HDMI switch in this way. It is best for sending signals at a longer distance. So it is a better idea for individuals who don’t want to connect more than one HDMI device.

The HDMI splitters come in two different types, one that might be installed with the use of the network cable, and another type that uses the HDMI cable. So, in order to send HDMI signals over long distances, then we must recommend that an HDMI splitter installed through the network cable is a good choice. Otherwise, the HDMI splitter via cable is better for a shorter distance.

So if you want to add much power to the HDMI signal then you have to use a power outlet. Here you have to use a transistor to pass the original signal to connect your device.  But keep in mind that, it increases the power and also reduces interference. The active HDMI splitter is the better option for longer cables and also for sending the signal across multiple devices.

Cons of HDMI Splitters

There is no doubt, HDMI splitters are so useful but there are also some downsides to using HDMI splitters. Such as, the signal will weaken when it’s split, and the weakened signal put an effect on audio-video quality. With the radio interference, the audio starts to sound so choppy and there will appear green and red dots on the screen of your TV.

Which One is Best-Suited?

An HDMI splitter accepts one source while the HDMI switches to more than one source. An HDMI switch labeled 3:1 simply means there are three source inputs and one output, while the HDMI splitter is labeled 1:3 which means one source input and three outputs.  If you need to broadcast one device over many screens then you have to choose an HDMI splitter. On the other side, the HDMI switch is well-suited, when you want to combine inputs from two different devices on one television screen.

So, if you don’t want to purchase another screen, and you are sent to swapping HDMI cables, then an HDMI switch is a better idea. So we must say that both the HDMI switches and HDMI splitters are easily cost-affordable. You just need to make sure that before you go to the market to purchase either the HDMI switch or splitter, the one you have selected to buy must be compatible with your device’s resolution.


This is totally a headache to have one or two HDMI ports and multiple devices to connect.  In this way, you can only connect a single device every time when you need to use it but this is not a good idea because constantly connecting and unplugging your devices might damage the HDMI ports. In this situation, you need to use either an HDMI splitter or an HDMI switch. With the help of this help you to connect multiple devices if your TV has more ports on the TV. We have already explained how you can find a compatible or better option to choose one of them. So you just need to select one of them and get rid of the issue of swapping cables. We hope so, this article will help you a lot on “HDMI splitters vs HDMI switch.”

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