Content is King: How Website Creation Can Be Truly Educational?

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When it comes to websites, content is king, useability is key, and attracting traffic is essential. From back-end programming to coding, to selecting the best CMS (Content Management System) and creating the most eye-catching images to carefully crafting compelling copy, website design, and management is a complicated process, but does not necessarily need to be prohibitive to learn, stressful to execute or difficult to access.

At first, educating oneself in the world of website development and design could seem daunting for the newcomer. That said, learning programming languages, be it html, CSS, Drupal, or JavaScript, Python of one of the profusions now being deployed, is being taught both at school and as a more mainstream qualification. With more options to take courses, creating content from scratch is becoming more accessible and more cost-effective too, making the quality of such content even more important among exponentially growing online competition.

Gone are the days where the so-called geek or nerd were the only ones doing any programming or setting up websites, as more people create online shopfronts for their business using online tutorials and virtual instruction. With so many online destinations vying for attention and trying to gain your custom, content is critical when it comes to attracting, engaging with, and keeping potential and existing customers, readers, or visitors.

Whether you’ve created a profit calculator for crypto investors, or a bespoke site to advance academic learning online, it’s all about driving traffic to your site with content that hits the appropriate tone, delivers what people are looking for, and does so without sending the site visitor looking for better options. Content can capture, but it can also deter.

Increase in Website Designers Driving Content Quality

As we touched on earlier, the opportunities to take courses that teach programming, web design, web development, or graphic design, to name but a few, are both more numerous. Moreover, they are often more cost effective and valuable than people may consider. Be they online or in person, these courses and tutorials have opened the field of content creation to the masses, and ensured a more accessible marketplace for those who want an online presence.

From blogging to political commentating, opening further education courses to starting a business to running an online store for software, the internet is now awash with those who are not professional web designers, but can create their own online destination. More to the point, online companies that teach all this offer options for learners that can be done in an agile manner.

As well as ensuring that any static content performs either organically or via PPC options, their content creation can be educational, instructional, or purely for entertainment purposes. Speaking of the world of education and as alluded to earlier in this article, courses that teach computer programming and web development are now mainstream in secondary schools, further, and higher education, as well as being widely available by many independent companies online.

Educational Content Becoming the Mainstream Model

During the global Covid-19 pandemic, online learning was accelerated. Even before this global event, the use of online content, be it for classroom-based learning or teaching web design and related technical skills, was becoming much more mainstream. During this time, however, the exponential growth of online content became both essential and entrenched.

Previously, for example, the only degree courses one could pursue online would be through the Open University, a distanced based learning establishment that almost pioneered the online education option. Fast-forward to today, and a substantial percentage of people versed in web design, content creation, programming and IT related fields will have availed themselves of what is not becoming a mainstream choice, learning online, remotely in a hybrid form or entirely within the virtual realm.

On an egalitarian level this has changed the learning landscape, allowing those who could neither afford, nor have the geographic location to go to a physical course to enjoy the benefits of those who can. Much the same has happened with second language acquisition, where online apps and courses are now the go to option for millions.

In terms of online options, web content design and creation are a leading light. Whether it is part time or full time, the chance to learn every aspect of getting your online presence live can be done remotely these days, from the basics of computer languages and coding to the advanced elements of agile content and ongoing development. When it comes to levelling the online marketplace playing field, this has been key.

With the dawn of AI, the continued emergence of virtual reality and the unstoppable evolution of technology, content remains king. It can educate, instruct, inform, entertain, generate sales, deliver news, and so much more. With all this and more to gain, learning how to create premier content for any website is an education in and of itself.

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