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Are you wondering to know the best Apps to learn programming? Here are some of the best smartphone apps to help you learn programming and web development. We think there’s no need to explain why you need best Apps to learn programming using a smartphone at all.

 It is clear that this is a promising profession, and it is easier to get knowledge from a smartphone or tablet than from a PC. Besides, for many students, it is a convenient learning format that saves time as well as financial resources, e.g. for the essay writing service in order to get good grades. So let’s move straight on to the review of best Apps to learn programming.

Best Apps To Learn Programming


The first candidate for the title of best apps to learn programming is Mimo, a comprehensive system for teaching different programming languages and real-world development in a mobile software environment.

Mimo combines the theory behind HTML, CSS, JS, Swift, and other languages with comprehensive and tangible tasks that effectively test layout and algorithm development skills. Moreover, at the end of each block of lessons, Mimo offers to develop a real working project, such as your homepage, a voting function on your homepage, a shopping cart, and so on.

The app keeps statistics on the classes and evaluates their effectiveness. This helps you to stay motivated and keep practicing daily, developing the habit of programming. 

All in all a great solution for novice coders. Mimo is constantly evolving, getting new features and learning new languages together with you.


One of the best apps to learn programming on a smartphone or tablet. Py is relatively new to the App Store and Google Play, but it has already gained the trust of many users. 

The app promises to teach not only basic HTML markup, CSS, and basic JavaScript, as many competitors do, but also more advanced languages. For example, Swift or SQL.

All lessons are interactive. As you learn, you will have to write real code and immediately see the consequences of implementing it, not just read the theory. 

Py teaches how to collect data, create functions to process and return that data, design complete web resources, set up web servers, connect RESTapi and even develop functioning applications for mobile devices. In other words, do everything that real developers do, not just change the color of text and the font size.

Swift Playground

Revolutionary software from Apple, immediately becoming one of the best apps to learn programming on iOS and macOS. The goal of Swift Playgrounds is to make learning interactive and fun for all types of users.

Learning the basics of code and basic Swift syntax is done through fun puzzles. More challenging tasks, developed by Apple and well-known developers with proven track records in the App Store, open up as the skills are developed.

Swift Playgrounds teaches you how to work with real code, functions, variables, parameters, and more. No abstract and incomprehensible tasks. Only practically applicable knowledge and skills.

The application can be used to develop simple applications, video games for iOS, and even for programming real robots and drones (Parrot, LEGO, Sphero, and other popular brands).


Enki is not just a programming app, but a highly specialized digital learning platform. Experts from Enki teach people to work with databases and popular programming languages.

Like any modern interactive tutorial, Enki offers users a list of interesting tasks and interactions with code that can be used in practice. 

Along the way, Enki students design their calendar, design pages, learn how the Python language behaves, and so on. And it’s all accompanied by professional mentors. 

Even though Enki app just recently hit the App Store and Google Play, users have already appreciated it and left a lot of positive feedback, calling Enki the best programming app they’ve ever had the chance to test.

Codeacademy Go

Codeacademy Go is a mobile app that complements one of the most advanced programming education schools. Using Go, users can practice writing code, perform simple tasks, read articles and stories from experienced coders, and grow in their chosen direction.

Codeacademy Go mobile app has everything you need to learn to program on the go. The app supports languages like Python and Javascript. It teaches HTML and CSS markup, and some work with databases. However, most of the features are hidden behind the Pro subscription.

One of the advantages of Codeacademy is the introductory part of the course, allowing you to decide which programming language and which stack of technologies suits you best before you start.

Codeacademy and Codeacademy Go are in high demand. Hundreds of professionals have graduated from this school, now working for GitHub, Apple, Google, Amazon, and hundreds of other top IT companies on the planet.


This app stands out from most in this selection. Apart from programming courses, Udemy has about 130,000 more tutorials in various fields of knowledge. 

Instead of interactive exercises and tasks, a standard lecture format mixed with homework given by mentors after they learn the theory is revered here. 

Many students find this approach to learning easier. The interaction with real people, the opportunity to ask questions to a live person, and advanced assignments from mentors provide a unique experience.

In addition, you can find a course in any programming language on Udemy. Leading developers from big companies act as teachers. They cover all relevant technologies and teach how to use them correctly in their work. And they do it well because later on, they look for trainees and future employees here.


Another exclusive app for the Apple platform, but this time not just for Swift, but for other technologies as well: Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL databases, etc.

Knowin’s main advantage over its competitors is that it has a consistent educational strategy for learning the language, algorithms, layout, and even working with the command line. 

Users praise Knowin for its user-friendly design, advanced tutorials with different variations of tasks, and examples of code used in existing products. It is also inexpensive compared to most similar apps. 

Knowin shows programming for what it is, demonstrating all the charms of the profession and the peculiarities of working in the field of application and website development, administration, server management, and so on.


Hopscotch – one of the best apps for teaching children programming. The developers of this program have tried to gamify the process as much as possible and make the result of the work interesting for the child and feel like a nice reward. 

Therefore, most of the activities in Hopscotch are presented in the form of games. Right from the start of the learning experience, children will be engaged in developing full-fledged projects. It could be a Mario-style platformer or an uncomplicated puzzle game. But they will all be working games that can be played immediately after development in Hopscotch. 

Thirty-five million games have already been developed using the app. That number continues to grow, as does the number of interested users creating new projects using the Hopscotch tools.

Despite the focus on children, Hopscotch is suitable for programming beginners of any age. All it takes is a love of simple video games and a willingness to pay for a subscription.

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