How Global Game Studios Impose Their Ideas n other developers

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The gaming industry began its journey in the distant 90s, and many projects that originated and developed had an impact on the games that appear now.

For example, a long time ago, the Diablo project appeared from Blizzard, the studio that gave the gaming industry World of Warcraft.

global game studios impose their ideas on other developers


Diablo brought a new format to the games – a mixture of a quest system, adventure, and farming potential.

You create a character, destroy monsters, get or buy valuable items and strive to go through several locations simultaneously and defeat the final bosses. If you win, you will move to a higher difficulty – where the monsters will be stronger and have resistance to certain types of attacks – you need to prepare in advance and develop the hero so that you have several types of attacks, the ability to impose negative effects and good equipment and weapons.

This summer, the world will already see Diablo 4 – a project with the same concept, but updated graphics, reworked character balance, and a strong cooperative mode.

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Blizzard laid the groundwork for the next generation of their own games and added inspiration to other studios who either took the project as a basis and added their own chips and ideas, or use individual concepts in projects where the spirit of the same old Diablo is clearly guessed.

If we take storytelling, then Diablo holds on to its canons and continues to develop a story that began back in 1996, when players explored the dungeons of the city of Tristram and first encountered Diablo. Blizzard then developed the story with the release of three archdemons and the player’s fight against them to free the world from the demons.

The third part took a simpler path and tells about the struggle of the protagonist with a sorceress who challenged all creatures and attacked Deckard Kane – a character that exists in every part of the Diablo world. The player must collect relics and eliminate the enemy.

How the storyline will develop in Diablo 4 will become completely clear on the day of release – in the summer of 2023, when the project will receive its final release.

global game studios impose their ideas on other developers

Path of Exile

A good example is the Path of Exile. A project that inherits the best traditions of farming and storytelling, but with a strong emphasis on co-op from the first minutes of the game.

Firstly, the developers came up with a system of leagues and wipes. This means that every certain period, all game achievements are reset and the season starts over.

Secondly, the current system of leagues and seasons requires players to quickly complete the same storyline, and the faster you can complete the main tasks and bring out as many good equipment and weapons as possible, the faster you will go to the league system to farm important orbs for enhancing legendary equipment or selling them to other players.

If Diablo follows the principles of rather a single passage, but it is also possible to play with friends with the strengthening of monsters, then PoE from the first minutes offers a cooperative game for any number of players.

The main aspect is that the monsters will be increased in number and strength to match the total number of players who participate in the game session.

It will be more difficult to play, but also more interesting. There will be more drop, the experience is shared among all participants, but due to the increased number of monsters, the situation will not differ much from the solo passage.

The main aspect will be an increased chance of dying when playing carelessly, but globally the situation will not change for a company of friends.


If you end up comparing Diablo in the first and subsequent fourth versions and Path of Exile, then you can clearly trace the legacy, or rather, inspiration from the project from Blizzard Entertainment.

We can see similar gameplay, with some of its features, from following the storyline with the opening of the game map and the checkpoint system with the ability to quickly return, and the monster system where you need to monitor not only the number but also the type of monster attacks.

What are the main similarities between PoE and Diablo?

  • Similar character and class system
  • Talent system
  • The general concept of pumping and passing
  • Artifact and Enhancement Stone System

It is worth noting separately that common similarities do not mean that it is bad, or that developers borrow other people’s ideas instead of implementing their own, quite the contrary. Path of Exile holds the bar with confidence and has a huge number of gamers-fans, who number as many and almost more than the fans of the original Diablo in all its new variations.

The main thing that PoE has gone further than its predecessor is the league system and regular seasons to add interest to the players and an element of excitement and luck.

Each time starting all over again, players go through speed quests again in order to quickly reach the final leagues and start farming the most important orbs, which provide the main boost for the character at high levels in PVP and PVE.

As Diablo enters its final stage, PoE is constantly updated, reimagined, and players rush to the updated servers with renewed vigor, relying on their own skills and luck.

With the release of the new, fourth part of Diablo, the developers from Blizzard will rethink the class system, update the graphics and add a more advanced customization system and the ability to unique your hero.

Time will tell how the development of Path of Exile will change after the release of the new part of the legendary Diablo – perhaps he will take some mechanics for rethinking and adding to his worlds, or PoE has already become so independent that Diablo can already take some chips into service. Time will tell when Diablo 4 goes into full release in the summer of 2023.

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