How To Fix Black, Green, And Blue TV Screen?

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There are many kinds of TVs, and some issues happen with our TV screens. But the most common issue is to turn your screen into black, green, and blue colors. The question is that “how to fix a black, green, and blue TV screen?” sometimes the TV screen starts to flash different types of colors, such as, black, green, and blue, and it would not turn off. Color problems occur due to the TV’s built-in color settings.

 Other color problems can be caused by screen damage or defects in the internal components of the TV. Don’t worry, we are going to tell you how to fix black, green, and black TV screens in no time. You just need to read the post carefully, so that you easily resolve this color issue on your TV screen.

Why is My TV Screen Flashing Different Colors?

There are many reasons behind this screen color issue, the most common reasons are given below:

1. Diagnostic color test

The TV screen flashes different colors, it entered a diagnostic color test. Now you have to exit this mode, firstly make sure to turn on your TV.

  • Turn on your TV
  • Press and hold the Menu
  • Now,  Enter the remote together
  • Now, press the power button.      

2. Wire connection

You must check that all the cables are firmly connected to the TV, receiver, or cable box. The color screen issue might occur due to a loose wire connection.

3. Magnets near the TV

The sound speakers have magnets inside them, so you must be careful that you should place them away from your TV. Keep in mind that the magnets should not be placed near your TV screen.

4. Faulty or dirty video input

Sometimes faulty, damaged, and dirty video input will make the reason for this screen color issue. So you just need to unplug all video input cables and make sure that these are not faulty or dirty. If they are damaged, then they must replace them.  If you find out that the video input is dirty then you have to clean the inputs and plug them back in accordingly.

5. Bad T-Con board

If the T-Con board is faulty, it might be the reason for this issue. And it depends on that how older is the TV and the type of your TV. So you need to check your TV model to find out the exact issue. If the T-Con board is going bad, replace it to fix this issue.

Why is my TV Screen Green?

A green TV screen usually may cause by a loose or damaged cable connection from a media component. Common problems of a green TV screen:

  • On a CRT TV, faulty or damaged tubes
  • Magnetic interference.
  • On an LCD TV, the loose or faulty ribbon cable.
  • Faulty T-Con board.
  • Improper adjustment of Hue and color temperature settings.

How to Fix a TV Screen that is Green?

If the television screen becomes complete so you can easily fix it. Follow these easy steps to fix a green TV screen:

  • First of all, Find out the input source causing the issue by putting on a DVD or Blu-ray to make sure that the green color of the screen is produced by your TV.
  • Must Check that your cables are firmly connected, if there is a loose cable connection then connect these wires firmly if these cables are damaged then you have to replace these wires.
  • Make sure surround sound speakers are away from the TV.
  • Go to TVs settings to configure the hue and color temperature settings.
  • Replace your T-Con board, if it is bad.

Why is my TV Screen Black?

A black TV screen could be caused by many issues, the most common reasons are given below:

  • Loose connections
  • Sleep timer mode turned on.
  • Defective LED
  • faulty LED strip
  • Faulty TV panel.
  • Bad T-Con board.

How to fix a black TV Screen?

You can easily fix the black screen issue by following these steps.

Loose connections

  • Must check the cable connections between the TV and power source, cable box, or other input sources.
  • Make sure the connections are secure and turn on the TV. If the issue still exists then check the cable box or other input sources. And you can also check if your TV is set to the right input.
  • You can also unplug the cable box or other input sources and wait some time, then plug the cable box again and turn on your TV to check if the problem is resolved.

Sleep time turned on

  • Must check the settings on your TV.
  • Select ion of sleep timer or power saver mode
  • Turn this setting off.

Defective LED or LED strips

  • The task of LEDs is to provide the backlight for the image. So you have to check it by pointing a flashlight at an angle to the turned-on screen of your TV.
  • If you will see a shadow of the picture on the screen of TV, then there is no doubt that the backlight has failed.
  • You have to replace it.

Faulty TV panel

  • Make sure the screen is not cracked or damaged.
  • If it is cracked then there will no picture on the screen, which means the TV panel has failed.
  • So you can call a technician to repair the panel of your TV.

Bad T-Con board

  • Turn on the screen.
  • If there is no shadow of the picture on the screen, that means the T-Con board is at fault.
  • So, replace the board

Why is my TV Screen Blue?

If your TV screen goes blue that means there is a loss of video signal or signal completely. Some common reasons are given below:

  • The completely blue screen means the device has not been set to the proper mode.
  • A blue tint might be caused by failing backlights.
  • No DC power might be supplied to the TV properly.

How to Fix a TV Screen that is Blue?

In this way, you can fix the problem.

Completely blue screen

  • Turn on TVs receiver
  • Make sure cables are firmly connected
  • Now, you have to Navigate to input settings
  • Next, go to another HDMI port
  • If it doesn’t work, then you have to reset the receivers
  • Unplug them for a few seconds.
  • now unplug the HDMI cables
  • now Plug everything back
  • If the issue is still occurring, then there is a malfunction with the TV.
  • Call a technician to fix the issue.

Blue tint on screen

  • You have to replace the backlights.
  • Call a technician to replace it.
  • No DC power supply to the TV:
  • You have to replace the DC supply voltage coil.
  • Call a technician to resolve the issue.


There are different types of TVs. And the issues may happen with the screen of a TV. And the most com issue that happens is the black, green, and blue TV screen.  So don’t be so upset, Just try to find the exact reason for the screen color issue and try to fix it. We have explained everything in detail about “why the TV screen goes black, blue, and green? And “how to fix a black, green, and blue TV screen”. If you are not confident to do so, then get the help of a technician.

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