Why Does My Phone Keep Freezing?

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In the coming era, the smartphone becomes a part of human life. Almost everybody using mobile for performing multiple tasks in different fields. But the mobile phone also has some capacity for doing every task. If you face the problem of freezing mobile, there may be multiple reasons for this issue.

Our way of using use mobile under or above their capacity can influence their performance. There may be a problem with ram or anything else. We will explain all reasons and its solutions in this article. If your smartphone is hanging or freezing, there may be many reasons and faults related to hardware or software. In this article, we will discuss and the causes and how to fix them.

There are the following five reasons for freezing your smartphone.

1: Low storage

There is specific storage for every model of smartphone. You can save video images or any other file on your mobile within its capacity. So there is a need for high storage capacity for photos, videos, apps, and games installation. The smartphone works best at the 80% filled-up space. If you install many apps on your phone, then it’s possible that freezing mobile issues raised.

2: Obsolete Software

If you are using outdated software, then it can cause hanging or freezing of mobile phone. There are regular updates available for system software for fixing bugs. Regularly update will optimal the phone performance.

3: Malware Apps

If you install apps games from any website, there is the possibility of virus or malware, which many websites contain and can install during downloading apps. These viruses affect your phone background services. Because of this malware or virus attack, your mobile phone can hang or freeze. Therefore, malware may be harmful to your mobile phone.

4: Overheating

Your phone can hang because of heating. When you continuously use a mobile phone, it will heat up and hang or freeze your system. The standard heat of the smartphone should be between 35-38 Celcius. If there is anything above your phone capacity or can heat your phone above the average temperature, hang your phone.

5: Low RAM

If your phone ram capacity is low, then you can run only a few apps on your phone. Because the ram capacity decides how many apps you can use and install on your phone. If you install large capacity apps and many apps on your phone, it can cause a hanging phone. Many apps cannot run in the limited capacity of ram, so freezing mobile can occur, especially when you want to use apps for a long time.

Solutions to Fix Freezing Phone

Uninstall Unknown Source Apps

If you are not installing any app from your phone’s default app store, the app from an unknown source may have errors that can slow down your phone speed. Uninstall such types of apps and restart your phone. Also, avoid known source apps because such apps contain malware that can affect your phone performance.

Download & install the Latest Software

The system software of your phone and other apps release updates daily. These updates can remove the bugs in your system and enhance performance. However, outdated software can be problematic for you. So you should download the latest updates to fix any phone hanging or freezing problem. Those updates prevent your phone from any fault.

Delete Irrelevant Files From Phone

Your phone needs ample storage to run the system smoothly. However, so many unnecessary files can use the storage and not useful for you. So you should delete all unnecessary files from your phone. You should also delete large size video games and documents for getting the best performance of your phone.

Use Antivirus Software

Some software acts as antivirus software to remove viruses. You can use these apps and remove the virus and can enhance your phone performance. For this purpose, follow the steps.

  • Go to your mobile’s App store.
  • Type there ‘antivirus’ in the search bar.
  • Then download the top preferred antivirus app from there.

In this way, you can remove the virus by scan the phone files. And you can remove the freezing problem.

Avoid Large Size Games for Extended Periods

Games with large sizes can hang your mobile or reduce your phone’s performance. So you should uninstall such types of games. If you use that big game size for a long time, it can damage your phone performance. So uninstall that big-size games and play games that have small sizes. Check your phone storage, then install games according to your phone capacity.

Get External Memory

If you need a large file size, you should delete all unnecessary files because large files cause hanging or freezing. So still, if you want that large size file, you can use some external source space like an SD card. You can save your file on your SD card. This way, you can use your phone smoothly and get the best results for your daily life’s tasks.

Clear Recent Used Data

Many apps store data in the form of pieces and can damage the phone ram in the background. This storage may cause hanging or freezing of the phone. If you want to clear this recent data, then follow the steps.

  • Go to your mobile settings.
  • Now click on the APPS.
  • Now select mostly used app like browser
  • Then click on storage.
  • Now click on precise data.

In this way, you can delete every app’s recent data and free up the phone’s memory. By freeing up your phone’s memory, you can reduce the hanging problem of your smartphone.

Reset Your Phone’s Factory Settings

After applying all the above tips, if there is still a problem of hanging or freezing, you can reset your phone’s software. Before the reset, you should backup all the necessary data of your phone. This reset will give your phone a fresh start and will delete all malware and large files. So backup your data and rest your mobile to get rid of hanging or freezing problems.


Follow the above tips and get rid of hanging or freezing of phone. Sometimes hanging or freezing of mobile can big problem and if you want to remove it, you can read this article and remove that error by following all the instructions.

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