Why Are Not My Headphones Charging?

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I think there’s nothing more frustrating than you are ready to listen to your favorite music, and finding that your headphones are not charging. Then it comes to your mind, Why are not my headphones charging? If you frequently effort to charge your Bluetooth headphones, but can’t then don’t worry I am here to help you out.

The following guide will help to uncover the main causes and popular quick fixes for your headphones’ charging issues and will get you back to listening and enjoy to your favorite music in a short time.

Why are not my headphones charging? Here are some different ways, how to troubleshoot and fix your headphone not charging issues, so that you can easily solve this not charging issue yourself no matter what type or brand of headphones you have.

Why Are Not My Headphones Charging? Causes and Fixes?

Headset Faulty Battery: There are possibilities that the rechargeable batteries of your headphones might be defective by the manufacturer, so if you are trying to charge headphones for the first time then you could think about this possible cause for this issue.

Long Time Headphone Batteries Not Being Charged: When your headphone’s battery was empty or your headphone was kept for a very long time without charging then it could reduce your headphone’s battery life or drive the battery to death this is what that is called Over Discharged, so if you think, why are not my headphones charging? Then you must keep this possibility in your mind.

Faulty Charging Cables: A faulty charging cable can also be the reason for your headphone not charging issue, so you also have this option in mind and must check the cables.

Faulty or Malfunctioning Charging Ports: It can be rightly said it is a very common cause behind your headphones batteries not being charged, mostly you think that the charging cable has defected therefore headphones are not charging but unfortunately, sometimes the charging port or charging socket has damaged, So, the damaged socket to that the charging cable is connected can also be a reason.

Low or High Charging Environments: It’s very important to consider the environment of that extremely high or low temperature put a negative impact on the batteries of your headphones as well as your headphone electronics, and this condition could lead to your headphone batteries either not being charged, slow charging, or your headphone’ batteries malfunctioning. So when you feel relaxed and comfortable in an environment then you should charge your headphone’s battery as it’s a suitable environment for charging your headset. Shortly we can say the 5 °C – 35 °C (41 °F – 95 °F) temperature range is perfect and suitable to charge your headsets batteries perfectly.

Tips To Fix My Bluetooth Headphone Not Charging Issue

Following are a few simple and easy steps on how to fix your Bluetooth headphone issues:

  • First, check Your Computer Status and make sure your PC/laptop is turned ON, If you want to charge your Bluetooth headphone through your computer or laptop via the USB charging cable because if your PC/laptop is turned OFF then there will be no chance of power source to charge your Bluetooth battery. If your PC or laptop status changed to hibernating then the charging will not work perfectly.
  • You have to try Charging with the use of a Wall Faceplate Power Source. You can try this option when you have tried different USB ports on your PC only to make sure whether a problem exists with the USB port of your computer.
  • You have to check out the entry points both (headphones and power source). You must check whether each point is fully clear of any debris and dirt, as this becomes the cause to prevent clear communication between both devices.
  • You have to check that the USB is perfectly inserted into your headphones and the power source ports.
  • You have to try a different USB Charging Cable that is suitable to properly connect to your Bluetooth charging port so that you can clarify whether the issue occurs from your current charging cable.
  • You have to check the charging port of your headphones and make sure that it is functioning properly, it’s not loose or has no damage, maybe inside the headset charging port is broken and this usually happens especially in case your headphone is not branded. So, when you are charging it the port from the inside area might get broken or damaged.
  • – You should carefully keep your headphone connected to the charging source properly. When you did not charge your headphones and used them for a very long time in (over-discharged condition), believably into the battery, you will not sense a charging indication, thus you have to need to keep your headphone connected to the charging power source properly for a long time then you will see the battery is starting to charge again.
  • Keep in mind the ambient temperature exceeds the charging temperature range. If you charged in the environment temperature range of 5 °C – 35 °C (41 °F – 95 °F) then this could be a cause of your question, why are not my headphones charging?
  • Make sure your Headphone is in Programming Mode. As a few headphones have a programming mode, and this programming mode might be turned on accidentally. So you have to apply a simple fix for it just by re-plugging your headphone into your computer or PC and then repairing it again.
  • You can a hard resetting of your headphones because sometimes headset resetting can solve issues including the charging issue.
  • You need to update your Headphone Firmware as a few Wireless or Bluetooth headsets have updatable firmware which just by updating can easily solve your issues like why are not my headphones charging?
  • It is also possible that there is a different Problem such as the battery is fully charged but your headphone itself is not working.


Truly charging problems are incredibly frustrating but commonly fixable and can be handled. If you have to face this charging issue and you think, why are not my headphones charging? Then you just need to follow the above instructions carefully. As the useful tips mentioned in this article will help you to find the proper solution to your problem. So, enjoy an easy life with an easy solution.

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