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Becoming famous is more attainable than ever, thanks to the Internet. It also means there’s significantly more competition, as anyone with an internet connection, a smartphone, and something new to offer can reach heights of stardom, provided the quirks of virality go their way. With people consuming more content than ever before, there’s space for everyone to achieve and grow an audience.

Getting Internet famous isn’t as simple as posting great content – though that is important. You’ll need to manage your social media following and keep updated on the latest trends. You’ll need to manage and curate your brand and reputation carefully. You will also need your finger on the pulse of what your audience wants and doesn’t want. 

Learn To Brand Yourself

Branding is critical for any business, and you should think of your goal of stardom like a business owner. You’ll need a coherent idea of who and what you want to be and why people should be interested in what you have to offer. 

You should decide what tone you want your content to have, whether you want it to be playful, knowledgeable, serious or comedic. Getting professional branding can be a good idea for anyone who wants to build a solid and memorable brand. 

Be Open And Honest

People love others that take the leap and share the issues they’re facing. Doing so makes it easier for others to identify with you and open up themselves, even if on a smaller scale. Many of the viral meme stars of the early 2010s have since opened up about the impact those memes had on themselves and their mental health, resulting in a massive positive turnabout in public opinion. 

Of course, if you are shooting for fame, it is critical not to post anything you aren’t ready for or that could limit your options in the future. But being honest and authentic can be invaluable in helping you in your quest for stardom. 

Post Regularly

To be popular on the Internet today, you need to be near constantly engaged with your audience. This means posting regular, quality content and reaching out on social media through comments, likes and shares. This can be a challenging schedule to maintain, particularly if you have another job to hold down at the same time. 

An excellent way to manage this could be to schedule your content releases. This allows you to create a larger quantity of content at one time that can be released during times when you’re busier. For instance, you could write a few additional posts or make several videos over the weekend while you have free time and post these throughout the week. 

Boost Knowledge Base To Come An Influencer 

If being an influencer is the route you want to take, you’ll need to find a niche to serve. You’ll also need significant knowledge on the topic and a new and interesting take to offer followers. Influencers can make good money, and they can also benefit from free products and services from businesses once they have a good following. 

Become The Best At Online Casino Games

Finding success in a specific area can be a great way to generate internet fame. Popular and timeless games like casino games can be a great option. If you haven’t played many casino games before, starting with one of the simpler options like slots can be an excellent place to start. OnlineCasinos has a great directory where you can find free spins on online slots games to get started. 

Once you have a good groundwork in online games, you could try some of the higher stakes and higher skill options like poker and blackjack. Becoming a dab hand at these can open up opportunities to compete in leagues and competitions. The more you win, the more recognition you’ll get from the online gambling community, and the more your fame will grow. 

Embrace The Opportunities That Come Your Way

If you get the chance to be interviewed or featured on someone else’s social media, you should take it. Even if the opportunity seems small, every little helps. The more exposure you get, the better and the more likely you are to see the result you want. 

Dedicate Your Time

It takes hard work to become successful in anything, fame included. You’ll need to make pursuing internet fame your top priority, and generating engaging quality content can be a full-time job on its own. If you have a day job, this can make it even harder, but it is best to avoid giving it up until you’ve started gaining traction with a fanbase and are making some money from your internet endeavours. 

Cover All The Major Social Media Platforms 

No matter what channel you’re going down to achieve Internet fame, you’ll need to ensure you’re connected on all the big social media platforms. Different demographics are attracted to different platforms, so covering all your bases is critical. You may need to focus on some platforms more than others. For instance, if your target demographic is younger, you might need to focus more on Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. 

Try Out Podcasting

Podcasting is a medium that has exploded in popularity in recent years. More and more podcasts are released each day, and even the most modestly popular ones can make their creators some significant money. In many ways, it is like a more accessible form of radio hosting. 

You’ll need the right voice for audio and a gift for telling a story. You’ll also need material you can discuss week in and week out. This is why true crime podcasts, in particular, have become wildly popular – there is no shortage of true crime news stories to dissect in a podcast. 

Network With Other Internet Stars

Making connections with other internet stars can open up significant opportunities to help you in your rise to fame. For instance, you could write a guest post for a famous blogger or be a guest on a podcast. It can be hard to connect with other internet stars, but not impossible. Reach out and offer to partner with them, allowing you both to provide the other exposure. This will be easiest with smaller stars if you aren’t yet a big name yourself.

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