How To Fix The External Hard Drive Beeping?

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You are facing the issue and tried to fix the external hard drive beeping. It is a common problem to which no hard drive has been produced to resist this beeping issue.  External hard drives create different noises, and these beeping sounds totally depend on what activity is running.

When you boot up the hard disk, when you are searching your specific files or you are storing any files, there might be a slight whirring sound that is absolutely normal. But the beeping sound might be due to an internal problem.

 When the components of the machine malfunction, then it will start to make an unusual sound. There are also many reasons behind the issue of external hard drive beeping.  Today we will discuss the things that cause make beeping sound in your hard drive and also some easy ways to Fix The External Hard Drive Beeping.

What does a beeping hard drive mean?

As we all know that the Hard disk drive does not normally beep. The beeping sounds you create by the struggles of the mechanical components of the hard drive.  A hard drive beeping is a reason for concern and frustration. The hard beeping sound is a short, high-pitched beeping that signals a set of possible errors within your hard drive. A beeping hard drive also warns the users that the data is at risk.

Why is My External Hard Drive Beeping And how to fix it?

“Why is my external hard drive beeping?” And how I is a natural or common reaction due to any kind and sudden change in the device. So we are going to discuss the basic reasons behind this issue.

So, when you hear the beeping sound from your hard drive, then you have to follow the steps mentioned below in this helpful post to resolve this beeping sound issue. Here are some most common causes and ways to fix the beeping sound in your hard drive:

1. issue with Power Supply

If you see that the hard drive is not making any kind of sound of spinning and rather beeping, it might an issue with the power supply. The external hard drive is supposed to gain power through a data cable from your PC. The USB port of the PC should be able to provide much power to create the drive spinning. When it fails, it becomes faulty then it leads to beeping.

How to fix a problem with the Power Supply?

To fix this issue, first of all, you have to identify the exact ports on the PC.  You have to upgrade the USB port. You can also make use of a USB Y-cable that will help to get power from two ports of your PC. In this way, you can fix this beeping issue due to the power supply.

2. Broken or stuck heads

As we all know that the hard disk always comes with delicate segments with write heads or read heads and the primary function of your hard drive is to record and retrieve your PC data. And all this data is stored on these magnetic platters of hard drives but it requires read-and-write heads to access it.

Sometimes it might be an issue with the heads when they get stuck on the platter of your hard drives because these read-and-write heads are delicate and ultra-precise instruments. The issue with these heads led to the beeping noise.

How to fix the stiction of write or read-heads?

  • First of all, you need to have tools around.
  • First of all Open the drive
  • turning the platter of hard drivers
  • now, Pull the heads back.
  • When this assembling process has been done, plug your drive back into the PC.

The beeping sound issue due to the broken head has been resolved.

3. Faulty Cable or Port

A broken and faulty USB cable or port might be another potential cause of the hard drive beeping. When the beeping sound comes after the hard drive is moved that means the broken or faulty cable created similar sounds to a seized spindle motor.

This issue is occurring due to the version of the USB port, basically, it’s about the issue of the port itself. When the port gets damaged, faulty, or broken then it can cause beeping.

How to fix a faulty cable or port?

After determining this issue, now you have to try another PC or a different port. If the drive will stop to create the noise of beeping after trying on a different device, then this issue was occurring due to a broken or faulty cable or port. Then you have to place a new port and see if it stops beeping. If it doesn’t stop beeping then get a new cable.

4. Spindle Motor

A motor issue is another main reason for this hard drive beeping issue. So it is a common culprit for hard drive beeping due to a defective spindle motor. Basically, the spindle includes four parts the grip, the spacer rings, the core, and the motor. 

The spindle and motor are just like a part and parcel of a hard drive. In this way, the platter stops moving if the motor is faulty. Then this damaged motor will make the reason for the beeping issue.

How to fix a broken Spindle Motor?

If you want to fix this issue then you need to contact a professional hard drive repair service to deal with this issue. Please don’t try to do it yourself because it is so tricky you can’t do that.

5. Typical Drive Failure

When the external hard drive is damaged, it starts to create different strange noises. When your hard drive gets too older or has been used for much time, then this beeping sound issue occurs.

How to fix a typical drive failure?

If the hard disk is recognized by the PC properly, but it’s consistently creating beeping sounds that means you have to move all your files or data away to another drive or upload them to a safe place for backup in your PC. Because it leads to hard drive failure and your data is at risk now.

6. Hard Drive Beeps 5 Times

If a notice that the hard drive beeps five times, that means it is a significant malfunction. So, the failure might be one of the reasons that we have mentioned above. And your device needs immediate attention, as the prospect of permanent data loss increases with continued use. So be careful about that.


That is all you must know about external hard drive beeping. We have covered all the basic reasons and also their simple and easy fixes so that you can easily resolve this issue after reading this helpful guide.

But we must say to Hire a hard drive repair service is not so bad idea if you can’t handle the issue but following the easy methods mentioned above. Only try that fix that you can do, don’t even try that fix that you can’t do.

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