Why Use Animated Videos For Business Marketing?

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Animated videos are now a powerful tool for businesses. With the right animation techniques, you can craft competing scripts and create custom videos that can convey your message and reach your marketing goals.

Creating an impactful animated video will not just grab the attention of your target audience but also communicate your brand’s image. It will make it a lot easier for consumers to understand and remember what you offer. Use it across different platforms. For instance, you can share your promo video on your social media profiles.

Whether you are thinking of creating a video that explains your offerings or educates customers, attention-grabbing animations will elevate your marketing strategy to newer heights. And there is a better way of creating your business marketing videos – hiring professional video production companies.

What are Animated Videos?

Animated videos use animation techniques to bring static illustrations or images to life. They are a good mix of three elements – sound, motion, and visuals – to create an engaging and dynamic storytelling experience. They offer a limitless range of great possibilities. You can have 2D animations to 3D renderings to convey your message in a memorable and visually-compelling way.

Top Reasons to Use Animated Videos

Humans are naturally drawn to visual stimuli; thus, there is a significant rise in the use of platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where videos and images dominate the feed. With that said, incorporating videos into your marketing strategies will help grab and retain the attention of your intended viewers.

Animated videos are a valuable asset in your marketing toolkit for the following reasons:


An animated promotional video has a way of capturing and holding the attention of viewers. The vibrant colors, dynamic visuals, and storytelling keep viewers hooked. Thus, they will most likely remember your message and brand.

Also, they can help simplify complex ideas to make them easily understandable for your viewers. It allows you to create digestible animations so your customers can grasp the ideas quickly.


You can easily customize your animation video to fit specific messages. Easily convey what you want to say, such as explaining a concept or promoting your new products and services.

Brand storytelling

Create a story that best represents your brand. Make animations that will resonate with your target audience so you can cultivate powerful connections that will strengthen brand loyalty.


Live-action explainer videos can be costly and time-consuming. But with animations, you can craft videos that are efficient yet more affordable.

Tips for Creating an Effective Animated Marketing Video

Harness the full potential of animated videos with these tips:

Understand your target audience

Your marketing efforts will only become successful if you create animated videos tailored to your target audience. Thus, you must get a deep understanding of their interests, pain points, preferences, and demographics.

Define the purpose of your video

What is the purpose of the business animation videos you want to create? Would you like to promote your new offerings or educate your target audience? Defining your business goals and objectives allows you to create a compelling message that grabs attention.

Create a persuasive script

The script you create will be the backbone of your animated business video. Make sure to start with something that will hook your viewer’s attention. Make it concise yet informational. Focus on the key points and emphasize how your brand will solve their problems.

Make your video visually appealing

The visual aspect of your video is key to attracting and maintaining the viewer’s attention. Use eye-catching graphics, vibrant hues, and appealing animations.

Moreover, choose an animation style. You can select from 2D, 3D, whiteboard animation, or motion graphics. When deciding, consider factors like storytelling potential, visual appeal, and complexity.

Aside from visuals, add compelling music or voiceover also. This element will boost the video’s emotional impact. Choose a music or voiceover artist that creates your intended atmosphere and complements your brand. It must also align with your video’s message and tone.

Get professional help

If you don’t have the right know-how and equipment, you can always hire video production companies to create your animated marketing videos. Their services may entail a considerable cost, but the output you get and how it represents your brand will certainly outweigh your expenses.

Test and refine

Once your animated explainer video is done, test it with a small group of viewers. Gather feedback and make the necessary edits to make the final video content more compelling and effective. Share only polished videos with a wider audience.


Animated videos are a powerful marketing tool. They can be used to showcase product features, educate customers, entertain viewers, explain complex concepts, and more. They can be created through different animation techniques. Since each technique varies, pick one that aligns with your brand identity and marketing goals.

If you do not know where to start, or perhaps you don’t have the resources to create animated videos, seek professional help. Video production companies like Dream Engine are well-equipped to provide you with animated videos that convey your brand message and convert viewers to loyal customers.

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