Can Headphones Cause Headaches?

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We all indeed get headaches often, and they’re a pain to deal with. But can headphones cause headaches? Is it true, there may be different reasons for a headache? We can rightly say that your headphones could be one of the causes of your headaches.

Keep in mind I’m not saying your headphones will reason you a headache the instant you put them on, but if you wear your headphones for a long time, then definitely they will.

Your intention to work with over-ear headphones and listen to your favorite music through these headphones is a super method to immerse yourself in the music and praise it more, especially if your headphones have a good and high sound quality and it can be said that it’s also a reason why people wear headphones continually.

Here we have to discuss, can headphones cause headaches? So, read this article to find out the correct answer. And will also try to find out how safe it is to spend the whole day wearing your headphones.

Is it True That Can Headphones Cause Headaches?

Almost every audiophile has a dream to be able to wear their headphones and then enjoying through listening to their favorite music for a long time. Simply call individuals who are a lover of their headphones and like to use their headphones to play a game or listen to podcasts, without facing any experience of itchy ears, ear pain, or especially a headache.

However, there is no medical evidence for whether can headphones cause headaches but admittedly, headphones are known as a cause of headaches. Truly, when you have been wearing your over-the-ear headphones for a long period since you’re dizzy and exhausted, with a feeling of a headache to go along with it.

And it will be worse if you have a pair of uncomfortable headphones that come from not a good brand. However, it’s very important to point out that just discomfort isn’t the only factor at play.

According to the information published in 2010, using headphones to listen to loud music for a long time can be the reason to produce a pounding headache.

What causes headaches when wearing headphones?

Several factors contribute to the headaches caused by the use of your headphones.

One of the reasons is that headphones put pressure on your head by squeeze head too tightly and after some time, you feel a headache. After removing the headphones you notice this headache and after removing headphones from your head you feel your head very light.

That’s why it’s right to say yes as the answer to, can headphones cause headaches? So, the one thing you can do to avoid the headache is to avoid using too tight headphones because the ear cups and headband of tight headphones can mess with your head.

Having the improper size ear cup and wrong ear tips are the second main issue that causes a headache; because when they don’t fit rightly in your ear canal, then you can expect ear soreness and a headache.

There is also a cause that your headphone’s ear cups can be the reason to create an air vacuum within your ear, putting pressure on the inside area of your ear. And it’s my opinion that loud music is the foremost thing in this case.

When you listen to a piece of loud music for a long period with your headphones then there is a possibility that it can heart your hearing and cause a headache.

When you use your headphones regularly for a long time and feel a headache or notice that it is becoming a problem for you that is unable to handle, then it’s a good suggestion for you to must consulting a doctor.So, you should take care of your ears and overall health; on the one side headphones have also have some drawbacks. So, now you have to consider, can headphones cause a headache.

How do you get rid of a headache caused by your headphones?

You can do the following things to avoid getting headaches from your headphones.

1. Remove the use of headphones from your daily routine

The first thing you need is that do not to overuse your headphones.

Yes, it’s understandable that you have to use your headphones with your work and you have to use your headphones for a long period, but as much as possible try to remove them from your daily routine, try to take breaks, avoid loud sound volume, and all that.

Surely the headaches will gradually begin to go away as you start using the headphones less. Try to do this and fix your headaches issue. As you will avoid using your headphones for long periods regularly then you will not think again, can headphones cause headaches? Because maybe you will not feel headaches after that.

2. Avoid loud sounds, and lower the volume

By lowering the volume and avoiding all the things that are loud and harsh to your ears you can get rid of your head from headaches. You should consider that this is in reality a vital factor that also plays an important role in hearing loss, surely you don’t want to have the problem of hearing loss and a headache issue at the same time.

You can save yourself from this danger by following the 60/60 rule, this rule means that you will listen to your music at 60% volume for just 60 minutes.

If you can’t avoid using your headphones most of the time then you must lower the volume as much as possible.

3. Ensure that you have the right headphones.

Headphone discomfort is considered a serious issue and it occurs frequently. You have to feel discomfort if your headphones are from a reputable brand.

As its true the head size and ear shape of everyone are different from each other, so, try to understand if a headset is comfortable for a person, but it doesn’t mean it will also be perfect and comfortable for you.

So, try to choose a pair of headsets that sits gently on your head and don’t put much pressure on your ears and also according to your head shape.


So, in this article you have to know, can headphones cause headaches? Using headphones causes headaches for different reasons, sometimes they are too tight, and cause headaches. Loud volume can also be a cause of headaches. But don’t worry just follow the above tips and tricks and you can avoid a headache through headphones.

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