Can You Get A Dent on Your Head From Headphones?

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Almost everyone loves music and likes to listen to their favorite music all the time for this they have to use headphones, but the use of headphones for a long time arises the question of that Can you get a dent in your head from headphones? So, here in this article, we will try to give you the best answer to this.

Whenever you’re listening to your favorite music or an album you like and love or are playing your favorite video games that have you obsessed, then it becomes very easy to lose track of time. While it is good and beautiful to become too absorbed in a hobby that is your favorite, when you take off headphones from your head to come back to your real world, then you might feel and notice something a minor different about your head.

Bulky headphones and other noise-canceling varieties of headphones put huge pressure on our heads. Then this question comes to our mind, can you get a dent in your head from headphones? You can feel that after you’ve worn your headphones for a long time, then there can indentations from where the ear cups of your headset rested on your skull.

So let’s know about the side effects of wearing headphones in long term.

Can You Get a Dent on Your Head From Headphones?

During your serious gaming sessions, it is a must to wear your headphones, especially in this situation when there are other disturbing noises and distractions that disturb you during playing your favorite game and you need to drown out. Headphones for gaming tend to be large enough to completely cover your ear and stay in place, and your headphones fit and are placed snuggly.

These all necessary features of headphones have one harmful thing ad downfall, this downfall is known as headphone dent. If you are a headphone wearer then you can get a dent in your hair or your skin but keep this in mind these headphones dents just last a short amount of time.

Can You Get A Dent on Your Head From Headphones

It’s understandably worrisome to get off your headphones from your head and see a strange change on your head, but unless you do not feel pain, you don’t need to worry about your headphones. Because most distortions which are caused by your headphones will resolve within a few minutes or it can take some hours.

We can say that if you wear your headphones, but you have an indentation on your head every time you wear headphones then it will be a sign that your headphones don’t fit correctly on your head. Headphone dents can be caused by different headphone issues if your headphones are too small in size, too tight, or ill-fitting to your head then all these reasons can contribute to headphone dents.

While if you get creased skin or messed up hair from the use of headphones then don’t worry it isn’t anything to worry about. But when you truly feel or believe that you feel a headphone dent in your actual skull, you must seek medical attention for this right away. As this situation can be a medical emergency and you should not ignore it.

How to Fix a Dent in Your Head from Your Headphones?

If you’ve got a headphone dent from your headphones and you need to get rid of the problem as soon as possible for you, for this there are some things that you can do to get rid of it.

To resolve a headphone dent you have to do a gentle massage on the dented area or you can take a hot shower for it, it will help the headphone dents resolve on their own quickly without any harm.

If the skin indentations have happened then don’t try to fix them, instead preventing them in the first place will be much more effective.

Following are some helpful tips to avoid your headphone dents in the future:

  • You have to loosen your headphones and make sure that your headphones fit your head properly.
  • Never wear the band of the headphones on the top of your head instead wear it on the back of yours.
  • You have to wear a beanie under your headphones so that it prevents direct contact between your delicate skin and your headphones.
  • You should switch back and forth between traditional headphones and earbuds especially.
  • If you feel, the dent is in your hair and not in your skin, then you have to wear your hair up while wearing your headphones.

Do Your Headphone Dents Go Away?

Yes, if you get headphone dents in your skin and hair then they can go away on their own, commonly within an hour.

Gratefully, your headphone dents aren’t permanent, so there is no need to worry about them. Our skulls are much harder in reality than you might think about that, and it would take a lot more to headphone dent our skulls than only a pair of small and tight headphones.

But if you feel that your headphone dents don’t go away within a few hours, or if you observe that these headphone dents may go deeper than the skin, then it will be a good suggestion for you to seek medical attention for them.


We can rightly say for headphone wearers, that their headphones can cause temporary dents in their hair and skin, and these headphone dents are more usual and longer-lasting when the headphones are worn excessively and for a long period. So, hopefully, you have to know about, can you get a dent in your head from headphones.

And also you do not need to worry about these dents usually such dents resolve within a few minutes and are nothing to be concerned about medically.

As we have mentioned above, to avoid such headphones dents, you have to wear looser headphones on your head, switch to earbuds, or you have to wear a beanie underneath your headphones. Whichever option you want to select, you can freely listen to your favorite music or play your favorite video games as long as you’d like with less headphone denting.

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