How To Get 240 FPS On PC Games?

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It is true, it is not difficult to make your game run at more than 60 frames per second and then get the game run at 144 frames per second. But if we talk about to get 240 fps on PC gaming, it is tough to run the gameplay at 240 frames per second because it needs some hardware investment.

Our post will defiantly help you to know how you can get 240 fps on PC gaming and also which gaming PC you should buy for gameplay at 240 fps within your budget. Keep in mind that, mostly the requirements of recommended games are not designed with high frame rates.

There is no issue for single play at the run game of 60 frames per second. But for competitive shooting challenges in gaming, you require at least 144 frames per second.

Most experts use a 240Hz configuration that makes the game run at a high standard refresh rate but it is so expensive, everybody can’t afford it. So, we are going to tell you some basic info that you need to get 240 fps on your PC gaming.

Get 240 fps on PC gaming

If you want to get amazing performance in your PC gaming or to get 240 fps on PC gaming, then you must need a good PC with a powerful processor as well as a graphics card. 

Gamers should have a powerful combination of CPU and GPU with applicable RAM so that their gaming PC will be able to reach a sable 240 fps while gaming.

In this way, many gamers are wondering about that gaming PC that can run games at 240 fps or above. Because the best gaming pc allows games to play the games without any issue of frame drops.

So if you want to enhance your gaming experience then you must need to upgrade your gear. The PC that supports 240 fps will do just that. 

Things that you will need to get 240 fps on PC games:

  • 212 GB solid-state drive
  • Core i5 CPU
  • 2.8 GHz clock
  • 16GB DDR4 or faster RAM
  • 1660 graphics card
  • NVidia GB solid-state drive
  • Windows 10
  • DirectX 11
  • Monitor, preferably 240 HZ

However, there are some reasons why your PC games not getting 240 fps while gaming. Some of them are given below:

  • That game you want to play may not be designed at run game higher fps.
  • Fps might be gaming specific that not have any feature to reach the level of 240 frames per second.
  • The specification of the monitor is much important so you have to check the display specification of your monitor first.
  • RAM of the PC also does matter so must check it out.
  • Your CPU may not have so powerful cores that can support higher frames per second.
Get 240 FPS On PC Games

How to have 240 fps on pc games?

These hardware and software tips help you to get 240 fps or high frames per second. Before making some changes to your PC, you have to check out the capabilities of your pc.

  • To verify the system requirements you have to do this:
  • In windows, type there ” system information” in the search bar
  • Here you can see, the specifications of the CPU, GPU, and memory
  • You have to click on GPU
  • Here you can check out the refresh rate of your monitor.

Optimize Your PC

The software can occupy the system resources that a game needs to render frames. This can adversely affect your favorite game FPS. You have to adjust system settings and make sure your software is up to date.

You must have to update to the latest versions of Game-related software. How you can update your OS?

  • In Windows
  • Click on the option to Start
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Update & Security
  • Your Windows will update

You should update your graphics card and drivers. You just have to Turn on auto-updates or download the most recent graphics drivers directly from the website of the manufacturer.

Reduce the game’s Load on Your PC

Once you’ve come to know that software issues aren’t holding back the frames of your games then the next step is to calibrate your in-game settings to improve gaming performance and for higher FPS.

  • Now you have to navigate the video setting tab with the monitor icon—in the game’s settings menu.
  • Play games in Full-screen mode:  Don’t select the Windowed Full screen or Windowed. This will help to reduce your average FPS.
  • Reduce Games resolution:  Resolution can affect performance. The more pixels in every frame, the mush rendering the system has to do.
  • Resolution:  you can Lower the Resolution setting to 1600 x 900, even 1280 x 720. It will improve the smoothness and playability of play game.

Improve Gaming PC Hardware

After changing the gaming loading, if it did not work then the issue might be to your hardware. So you just need to replace underperforming components and must check out that the PC isn’t overheating.

  • Sometimes you put an overload on your CPU, so when your CPU is overtasked and cannot be able to create the rendering data promptly then comes a bottleneck and will drop your FPS.
  • Then you have to upgrade your CPU. Upgrading your CPU will let the FPS count higher. After upgrading it will provide high-level performance by increasing your fps, so this easy processor can boost your FPS higher.
  • Upgrade your GPU. If your current system is integrated graphics then you must have to upgrade GPU, so that it can increase your FPS.
  • Keep your gaming PC cool:  when the PC becomes too hot then it may also be because your FPS count to wilt. If your PC starts overheating like fan noise and sluggish responsiveness, ventilation, and CPU cooler for dust and proper installation. So you need to keep your gaming PC cool so that you would not have to face the issue of dropping fps.


If you want that your frame rate will not drop while gaming then you should get that gaming pc that supports 240 fps. The high refresh rate is much better for an incredibly smooth and fluid gameplay experience. 240 fps can give you an amazing gaming experience.

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