How Many AMPS Does A Gaming PC Use?

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Are you excited to know how many amps a gaming pc use? So don’t go anywhere because you have just come to a fine guide, we will be giving you the answer to this question in a simple and detailed manner.

As we all know, there are a lot of people who use their PC for gaming. There is no doubt, that gaming PCs are power hungry. And a lot of people run many systems at a time. In this situation, you must have an idea about that when you use your gaming PC then how much amps are used on your personal computer, just because this is not good if it blows the circuit by drawing more power than your circuit provide its supply.

If the same circuit will run during your multiple tasks then you should know if your circuit will manage it or not. Otherwise, you will damage your pc. So let’s talk about this question how many amps does a gaming pc use? So let’s have a look at the detailed and helpful guide!

What is a Gaming PC?

Before we begin to talk about how many amps does a gaming PC use, we must know what a Gaming PC is first? A gaming PC is a special computer that someone has built mainly for gaming purposes. The main difference between a home computer and a gaming computer would be the GPU/VGA. And the gaming PC has a dedicated GPU. That is perfect for gaming. Your monitor must be high specs and the PC should be higher for gaming purposes. If these are cheap components then your system would bottleneck.

What is an amp?

The word “amp” is the short form of “ampere”. An amp is a unit of electric current in the international system of units. And “amperage” is the power of strength of the current.

How many Amps does a gaming PC use?

Modern gaming PC required a ton of Amps to run multiple tasks and games. When we talk about the total AMPs a computer uses then it depends on the usage time and the components in a pc. You can easily calculate the amps that your setup draws by the number of volts. If we talk about PC gaming then the wattage depends on the setup and the usage of pc. It is fact that games and applications draw more watts than any other task.

The amps in regular home computer fall between 0.25 and 2. A pc that runs about 8 hours per day, needs up to 5 amps. A pc use up to 1.67 amps per hour and a gaming PC uses up to 6.25 amps per hour.  In short, a gaming pc with a single CPU and GPU will use about 250 watts of power consumption which means it pulls over 240 volts times 35 amps.

What Factors Influence the Amp Consumption of a Computer?

Above we gave a general estimate of how much amp a gaming computer consumes. Now we are going to tell you that this figure is influenced by several factors. Here are two main factors that influence the amp usage of a computer.

Configuration and Components: 

 The main factor that affects the amp usage of a computer is its configuration. A computer’s configuration will be from low-end to higher-end. Lower-end computers always use less amp as compared to higher-end computers. But the reason is not that, they are cheaper or low but because they have less power intrinsic parts.

On the other hand, the high-end pc has more fans, coolers, GPU, and several other components compared with the lower-end pc, so all of that is added to the amp requirement of the pc. Also, your gaming pc will use more amp if you use an LED monitor, as it needs more amp than an LCD monitor.


Another factor influences how much the gaming PD needs and how the user operates on it. If you are using the computer for what, that influences how much amp it requires. For instance, the pc tends to draw more amp when gaming on pc or doing any graphics task.

Must be careful with amperage?

We can say that the computer takes a certain amount of power from PSU. But how much the power depends on the PSU? But if PSU can’t handle the power of pc then there may be a few implications and some of them are mentioned below.

Blow up the electric circuit:

Sometimes pc demands more power than the capacitors can blow up which can damage your motherboard, PSU, and other components that are directly connected to the power supply. Your PSU can catch fire.

So be careful because PSU fir can destroy your system.

Malfunction parts:

It is true if the pc draws more power than the power supply that means the output voltage dip to zero and parts drawing the voltage can stop working just because of overloading. The power supply can detect the overloading by letting it down for a limited time. In most cases, PSU can cause to kill the unit and other devices that are directly connected to your pc.


Now, you can easily understand how many amps a gaming pc use. And now you have also an idea that the more powerful the gaming PC is because it polls many amps. That is all about the gaming pc amps guide. To recap, we must say, by the estimates, the gaming pc uses 300-600 watts at 120 volts supplied which is between 2.5 and 5 amp.

You must be careful about wary of the power consumption of your pc and must ensure that the power supply handles it or not. Otherwise, you can face many issues, even a fire in your system also. . We hope so, you have learned much from our guide on “how many amps does gaming pc use”? Hopefully, this article will help you a lot in this case!

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