What Does FPS Mean On Tiktok? [2023 Update]

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Before knowing about FPS mean on Tiktok, you just need to know about FPS. FPS is also called “Frame rate” and it stands for Frames per second, a unit that is used to measure display device performance in your video captures, your video games, TikTok videos, and also playbacks. Simply, the frame rate is measured by fps. Both playback and recording are referred to by fps when we talk about video.

If we talk about the fps part in shooting or making a video like TikTok videos and other than frames per second measurement means how many images or frames, can be taken easily in only one second.

As per EarthWeb if you want to achieve more natural playback then it’s possible with a higher fps count and this higher count is merely between 30 fps and 60 fps. It is an amazing feature that allows and offers an amazing option for shooting Super Slow-mo Videos, especially on GALAXY S9. And these slow-mo videos can easily be recorded at 960 frames per second.

FPS mean on Tiktok

Simply fps on TikTok describes as you have to select 1080p video quality while creating video and 30 frames per second or higher is the maximum your TikTok video quality or perfect quality. If your video setting has become right you can easily create high-quality video content for your channel in no time.

Keep in mind that if your recordings are in low light settings, then the lower resolution of your videos 720p or 480p may be good or better that is suited to your video.

As we know that the feature of Frame rate is used to measure your video device performance. If we talk about its performance in TikTok videos then we say that it is about your video quality. Sometimes TikTok makes your video blurry and of low quality.

At some times your TikTok video upload quality is automatically changed by Tiktok. And bad quality video content is never suitable to grow or to be popular the role of frame rate is very important to know about your recording quality. Don’t worry here are some easy tips and tricks for use through which you can easily create high-quality video content and can upload it without any hassle in no time.

How do you get the frame on Tiktok?

See on the left of your screen, now you have to a pop-up of a question mark above the word 2021 to enter ” ask on TikTok ”. Now you will add a frame to your profile, here you will need to ask or answer a short question that must include 2021 or 2022.

After that, you will choose a question and answer that, and now you will be free to film your response. The perfect Tiktok frame size is 1080 multiply 1920.

Fix poor Tiktok video quality while editing your video

As we have read about what FPS mean on Tiktok, now there is a need to know how can we get high video quality while we are editing our TikTok videos.

Following are some easy tips to correct your TikTok video quality and understand the fps mean on TikTok videos

1. Correct your Tiktok video dimensions and specs

While you are starting to record your TikTok videos on the camera of your smartphone and a professional camera, then there are some specifications for you to follow to avoid blurry videos.

Keep in mind TikTok strongly recommends your uploading videos always in:

  • The size of the clip should be 250 MB if it is uploaded from an IOS device.
  • If uploaded from Android then is 75 MB.
  • Must H.264 codec.
  • The aspect ratio should be 1080px  x  1920px.
  • Should be MP4 or MOV types.
  • The video format should be Vertical.

2. Your Device Screen resolution is too high or low

As you know 1018p is the maximum resolution available for Tiktok uploads, so mind that if you make a 4k video, then it will still drop to 1080p. When you want to upload your TikTok video make sure to always resize the 4k video to 1080p. After following this trick you will find your video of better quality.

3. Server capacity is limited

In simple words put, hosting your high-quality video files must require a large amount, of computing both space as well as power. It always influences the quality of your TikTok videos. But keep in mind that if limited server volume is one of the main reasons for your video looking blurry, then there is nothing for you to fix this issue.

4. Video specifications don’t suit your Tiktok videos

It is a reality you need to know, Tiktok does not change the video quality if,

  • Firstly if you’ve selected the right recommended size for your clip or TikTok video
  • If the format of your uploaded video is according to the required format
  • When you pick the right codec type for your uploads

But if you are using the Tiktok camera to shoot your TikTok videos then there are no resolution issues because it has already been set by this app developers in the exact specifications.

But your video quality might change the situation if you’re trying to upload your content from your phone library and if the media file you choose is not edited.

People Also Ask

What is a good FPS for TikTok videos?

A good FPS for TikTok videos is at least 30. This is the minimum frame rate at which video appears smooth and fluid to the human eye. Higher frame rates, such as 60 or even 120, can result in even smoother video playback.

Can I change the FPS of my TikTok videos?

Yes, you can change the FPS of your TikTok videos by using a video editing app or software. Many apps and software allow you to change the frame rate of a video by selecting a new value in the settings.

How does FPS affect the quality of a TikTok video?

FPS can affect the quality of a TikTok video in several ways. A higher FPS can result in smoother, more fluid video playback, while a lower FPS can result in the choppy or jerky video. In addition, a higher FPS can capture more detail and movement in a scene, resulting in higher-quality video overall.

Can FPS affect the size of a TikTok video?

Yes, FPS can affect the size of a TikTok video. Higher frame rates generally result in larger file sizes, as more frames need to be captured and stored. Lower frame rates can result in smaller file sizes but may sacrifice video quality.


To conclude we can say that FPS Mean On Tiktok is known as frame rate which is related to the quality of your uploads on the TikTok platform. The video quality of your videos must be high quality. If your video quality shows low then you just have to follow our above instructions to fix the poor quality of your uploads. As of now, you have to know what the FPS mean on Tiktok. Make sure you are not recording your content in low-light settings. So as once you set your setting rightly then you will not face any quality issues related to your TikTok videos.

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