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These days, video is the best form of content and people will be more receptive to the things that they learn from video. Psychologists ascertain that the visual memory of an individual is more powerful than textual memory. Individuals and brands have realized this, and have taken to video creation for every minute idea. Irrespective of whether your brand is keen on promoting a new product or you want to share glimpses of your latest family vacation, video is the way forward.

In today’s world, thousands of hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every day. To ensure that your creation catches the attention of the public, you need to walk the extra mile and edit it to perfection. InVideo is one of the most popular video editor tools of modern times. In this article, we will review this tool to understand if it is a good fit for your video editing needs.

What is InVideo?

InVideo is a video editing tool that comes with a clean interface and lets you create high-quality videos. There are more than 4000 video templates, thus giving you creative freedom on the type of video that you create.  InVideo is the perfect video editor tool that lets you create high-quality videos even when you do not have technical expertise in this field.

Key Features of InVideo Best Online Video Editor

While the simplicity of use is the key USP of InVideo, let us look at the other key features that set you apart.

Cloud-Based Platform

InVideo is a cloud-based platform, and you do not need to worry about the hardware specifications of your editing device. Unlike most other tools, there is no need for advanced processors and high RAM to edit videos with InVideo.

Easy Access

While using InVideo, all the clips that you edit are saved online. That way, you can log in from any device and complete your editing journey. InVideo can be accessed from any device irrespective of the choice of operating tool or web browser.

Text-to-Video Feature

These days, most search engines give a higher weightage to video. Pages with video content get a better SERP. In such a situation, bloggers prefer to create video content to complement their articles. With the text-to-video feature of InVideo, you can easily convert an article into engaging video content.

Diverse Template

InVideo is one of the few video editing tools to offer you access to over 4000 pre-made templates. The templates are clearly labeled, and you can find the right pick in a matter of seconds. If you are looking for some exclusive form of content such as intros, memes, or outros, you will find dedicated templates for these as well. For those who are keen on creating the video from scratch, there is the provision of choosing a blank template.

Well-Organized Media Library

InVideo has a stock library consisting of millions of images, stickers, text overlays, videos, and GIFs. You may not always have captured wide view shots that you need to get the appropriate transitions between shots. Irrespective of the type of video that you are editing, you will find such relevant images in the media library. These ensure that you come up with professional-quality videos even when you run out of filmed clips.

Clean Editing Tools

InVideo is highly intuitive and has features like split, trim, merge, etc. If you are looking for visual enhancements such as collage making, clipart, text overlays, fonts, and stickers, InVideo should be your go-to tool. InVideo offers you unmatched precision while adjusting the pace of your video clips.

Easy Collaborations

InVideo allows multiple members of the team to collaborate on the video creation. You can get shareable links for every video that you edit and the same can be shared with clients.

Shortcomings of InVideo

Like every other video editing tool, InVideo comes with a couple of shortcomings. Firstly, all the videos that you create with this tool are restricted to a maximum of 50 scenes. Thus, while the tool is a perfect fit for social media videos or promotional content, it may not be feasible for editing full-length feature films with this tool.

Further, InVideo does not let you change between templates. There may be situations where you pick a template, personalize it, and do not like the output. In such a scenario, you will have to redo the editing from scratch. InVideo does not let you change the template during the editing process.

InVideo Pricing

By now, you must have gauged the tool and taken a call on whether it satisfies your editing needs. At this stage, you need to evaluate if InVideo fits into your budget or not. Individuals and brands have their monetary constraints, and InVideo has different plans to cater to the interests of each group.

Free Plan

The free plan is ideal for beginners who are in the initial days of the video-making journey. This plan gives you access to more than 4500 video templates and the basic media library.

Business Plan

The business plan of InVideo is curated for small businesses and offers access to 1 million premium stock images. This is in addition to the features offered by the free plan. Freelancers and social media influencers can also use this plan and export up to 60 videos in HD quality. This is priced at $15 per month.

Unlimited Plan

The unlimited plan is available at $30 per month. It offers all the features of the business plan and also gives you access to 120 iStock images. With this version, you can export unlimited edited videos. In addition, you also get 120 iStock media clips every month, and you can use them in your video.

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, we can establish that InVideo is the perfect tool for hassle-free video creation. By simplifying the process of video creation, marketers can create multiple videos in no time. With the features that it offers, InVideo is the perfect value-for-money buy for all video editing enthusiasts. We highly recommend this tool for anyone keen to weave magic with their videos.

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