Can You Plug Headphones into A Guitar?

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Well, are you worried about how loud your guitar can be, without frustrating others? And think can you plug headphones into a guitar? However, you are a guitar lover but unfortunately, your parents, neighbors, and especially your roommates are not agreed with you about your vision of music.

As you plug in and start to strum, your roommates and neighbors become frustrated and start arguing with you, then you feel so worried and the first thought came to your mind is, can you plug headphones into a guitar, so that you can simply practice your guitar quietly without disturbing others and can be able to establish peaceful ground rules in your adobe.

If we see it, can you plug headphones into a guitar, on a technical level, then we say, yes you can plug headphones into a guitar, but it will be a fruitless strive.  And you can be able to hear anything that you want. Because the manufacturer doesn’t design such guitars where a jack for headphones is a featured selling point.

So, you will need electricity to create and make the pickups work, and it is a big reason why you can’t just plug headphones into the guitar.

Following are a few easy ways through which you can plug headphones into a guitar while you want to practice your guitar. 

Get Quality Headphones First

First of all, must be sure to do your research and get a top-notch pair of headphones before trying to plug them into anything. You will always want and need ones that must have studio-recording quality with a standard jack. They should be 3.5 mm with a ¼ inch cable.

And keep in mind you can afford these quality headphones too. The prices of these can start at a minimum of around $30 and be as much as $1500 or more, as it’s depending on their style and the model that you want to buy.

Also, check out this if the cord length will suit your purposes or not, and make sure to check the space you intend to play in.  So, you should get quality headphones such as Beyerdynamic DT 770

Guitar Headphone Amplifiers and Pocket Amps

Through Guitar headphone amplifiers you can be able to plug a pair of headphones right into the guitar. Because they provide the electricity that is necessary for the pickups to work and are also small in size enough to fit in your pocket easily.

You just need to attach them to the body of your guitar and plug your headphones in at the other side of the opposite end. And that’s it! 

Plugging into the Amp

If there is a socket for the set of headphones in your amp, then you’re rightly in business! This is one of the most obvious and great ways to achieve Zen with those who are living around you and find your taste in music offensive to their sensibilities like your roommates.

For the amps without it, you will need a few kinds of adapters so that they will fit right and properly. Anywhere from 3.5mm to 6.5mm is considered typical. 

We have to talk about two kinds of amps: solid-state and tube. So, you should be fine to get the adapter, if you have a solid-state amp. One thing you should keep in mind is that you will just have to get one designed for your headphones so that the jack will fit perfectly. But if you have a tube amp, then you have to face problems plugging your headphones in. 

For Bluetooth Headphones, Use Your Smart Phone

If you want to plug your guitar into your smartphone, then the answer is No, you can’t do it and you shouldn’t even begin to try this. But, no need to worry, you can buy and use a guitar amp simulator that is available on the market but carefully looks into each one before buying one.

The guitar amp simulator consists of software that gives you an amp-like interface for perfect use with a smartphone. You have to plug the simulator into your phone at one end and after that your guitar into the other. Then after doing that you have to activate the Bluetooth mechanism. However, there are also some downfalls with having this though. Android users just have fewer options than those who have an iPhone. 

This type of setup can also be pricey, but not too “expensive.” But you can also use your regular amp with it. But keep in mind if you want a specific sound effect when you are playing your guitar, then it may not translate and work well when you do get to play your guitar through using it. So, when you thought bout, whether can you plug headphones into a guitar, then instead you can do these tricks to resolve your issue.

Try Using a Digital Effects or Multi-Effects Pedal Processor

Several guitar enthusiasts who love and can experiment with sound and loud noise will more than likely have one of these that are lying around. The manufacturers keep this in mind while designing these headphones, guitars, and pedals. So, it will be a perfect and easy solution.

You have just to plug it carefully in with a standard jack and, voila! Quite and peace for all else while you get to jam out.

Keeping Yourself Open to All Possibilities

Playing the guitar is rewarding, and enjoying and making music you love connects and leads you to something is that larger than yourself in an almost like the way as religious way. Therefore, you must need consistent and regular practice, it is very important to get a good grab on it and also become fluid with little effort.

Unfortunately, it’s true our living situations and the people who are connected within them may often not agree with all these. So, in such a situation it can be downright difficult to find the necessary practice. And then this comes to your mind, can you plug headphones into a guitar? Using your headphones can be more useful and helpful in your pursuit and prove an effort toward domestic bliss.

But keep in mind, this isn’t guaranteed to you, so you’ll have to keep yourself open to all options and situations – even you have to make a guitar out of paper if you have determined enough.


So, here are all tips and tricks for you, and hopefully, after this article you are now feeling more clued up on can plug headphones into a guitar, and how to do it. Whether your guitar is electric or acoustic, you are feeling better after getting a solution for your problem. Be careful in choosing a guitar and headphones.

Godspeed you! in your eventual journey of audiophilic.

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