10 Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

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We’ve all had an experience when we’re out and about with a few minutes to kill. You could be traveling, commuting to work, or waiting for friends to arrive. Fortunately, we hold a vast amount of potential entertainment in our hands with our smartphones. There are countless entertainment options that can fill any amount of time, from a few minutes to several hours. 

You will usually need to tailor your entertainment options to your setting. For instance, watching a film with an 18 rating might not be appropriate on public transport. It is also a good idea to have headphones handy, as many of these options feature audio. Ensure you keep an eye on your battery level, as some of these options may cause it to drain faster. 

1. Read

You can read on the go using a wide range of apps on your smartphone. The most popular and well-known option is Amazon’s Kindle, which has an app you can download to your smartphone. This allows you to access countless titles at the touch of a button. It is important to note that you’ll need to have books downloaded if you won’t have access to Wi-Fi or mobile internet. 

2. Social Media

Checking social media is most people’s go-to when they have a spare few minutes. It can be easy to get sucked in with social media, and its use has been linked to poor mental health, so it is a good idea to use this option sparingly. One key benefit of social media is keeping in touch with loved ones, so consider using this time to check in with friends and family. 

3. TV And Film

All major film and TV streaming services have mobile apps you can download. Streaming video on the go can eat up your data quickly, so it may help to download some options using Wi-Fi before you leave home. There are many streaming services you could use on your smartphone, so ensure you do some homework and find the one with the most content you will enjoy. 

4. Meditate

Meditation is an excellent practice that can help you relax and reduce stress. There are guided meditation videos you can watch to help you learn the skill and apps dedicated to providing the perfect soundtrack to meditation. Consider downloading a few options to find the ones with the ambient sounds, sleep casts and podcasts that suit you best. 

5. Games

Gaming on the go is one of the best entertainment options that smartphones have brought us. You can play anything from action video games to classic arcade-style games. Online casinos are an excellent choice, where you can play a range of games that simulate the excitement of a casino environment. Always choose a reputable online casino like Play Live Casino to get the most out of the gaming experience. 

6. Podcasts

Podcasts are a relatively new medium and offer content on a stunning variety of topics. Whether you’re in the mood to learn, laugh or cry, there’s a podcast out there for you. You should sign up for a few different podcast hosting options or look at the range provided by popular streaming services like Spotify.  Recording a podcast is also relatively easy to do, especially if you’re using your smartphone. You can record high-quality audio without too much difficulty and there are plenty of apps out there that will help you edit and produce your podcast before you publish it.

7. Video Calling

Having a video call with a loved one can be an excellent way to spend a few minutes you have spare. It is best not to try this on public transport, as the signal may be patchy, and you run the risk of disturbing other passengers with your conversation. You could download a dedicated video calling app to ensure you get the best quality video and a smooth experience. 

8. Recipes

Planning the week’s meals can be an excellent productive use of your spare time. There are apps you can download that let you browse thousands of recipes, saving the ones you want to use. You could also use an app that lets you easily create a shopping list from the recipes provided. If you don’t know what you want to make, you could also use websites and apps that generate recipes based on the ingredients you already have at home. 

9. Vacation Planning

If you have been planning to organize a vacation, there’s no better time to get the ball rolling than when you have some time to kill. You could download some holiday package aggregators like Expedia to help you find the best options for your next trip away. Ensure you use a private browser when comparing the prices of different accommodation and flights to ensure that your search history doesn’t drive prices up. 

10. Colouring

The popularity of adult coloring books has exploded in recent years. Colouring is no longer just for children, with adults seeing excellent benefits in relaxation and stress management through colouring. There are options for colouring apps that give you a huge range of images to colour in, depending on your taste. Many of the colouring apps available will charge for additional pictures or colours, but plenty of excellent free options are also available.

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