Top Gadgets And Tools To Amplify Your PC Gaming Experience

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Gaming is not all about passing your free time. It is a hobby, a passion, and even a source of income. An increasing number of gaming enthusiasts turn to professional streaming or show off their skills in various tournaments.

So, gaming is a full-fledged industry that’s rising at a rapid pace. All players have one wish: to find titles ideal for them, defeat enemies, and enjoy themselves. However, this is impossible to do without a proper setup. Luckily, many tools and gadgets can uplift your experience to new heights without much effort.

So, let’s see which options are the best for you. Some will improve your overall gaming, like ensuring better video quality or boosting internet connection. In other cases, it will help you be comfortable and get the best sound quality!

List of the best gaming gadgets

Many gadgets are available, and it is easy to get lost with all the offers online. However, the following setup includes some of the essential tools to consider.

Graphics card

A good graphics card is key to a good gaming experience. It should be able to handle high-resolution graphics and provide smooth gameplay. Some of the high-performance graphics cards in the market are from Nvidia, and they are called GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, RTX 2080 Ti, and RTX 2070. Also, this is just from one company; there are many other incredible graphic cards for gaming available on the market.

Gaming curved monitors

Another essential tool for enhancing your gaming experience is an excellent curved monitor. Curved monitors have become quite popular in the last few years, and for a good reason. They provide a much better viewing experience than traditional flat monitors.

It is because curved monitors wrap around your field of view, providing a more immersive experience. They are perfect for gaming if you want to be absorbed in the game world. And curved monitors offer that.

Plus, many of them have a high refresh rate for a much more immersive experience. So, if you’re looking to get the most out of your gaming, you should get a curved monitor. They fill up more of your peripheral vision, meaning that distraction around you won’t be a bother. Of course, if you have perfect flat monitors, there are better options for you to invest in before getting a curved monitor.

Gaming mouse and mouse pad

A good gaming mouse is another vital tool for any gamer. It’s much better than a regular mouse when gaming as it provides more buttons and better tracking. It allows you to perform complex actions quickly and easily.

A gaming mouse has customizable triggers that help play combat games with maximum efficiency. Apart from that, a gaming mouse has a high DPI or dots per inch count. It means that it can track more movement points on the screen, resulting in better accuracy.

And to go with it, you need a good mouse pad. A good mouse pad helps in two ways. First, it provides a smooth surface that allows the mouse to track better. Second, it has a lot of padding, which helps absorb the impact of your hand while you’re gaming. It prevents fatigue and allows you to play for more extended periods.

VR headsets

A VR headset is a must-have for any gamer looking to take their experience to the next level. With a VR headset, you can enter the game world and experience it as if you were there. You can look around and explore the virtual world in all its glory.

Plus, many VR headsets come with motion controllers that allow you to interact with the virtual world. It makes the experience much more immersive and realistic. So, if you want to get the most out of your gaming, make sure to get a VR headset. Also, consider the tricks for minimizing motion sickness when using a VR headset. Not everyone experiences this inconvenience, but it can be a big turnoff. So, it is always recommended to test a VR set before buying it.

Best in class gaming tools

Only hardware is not enough to perform well in the gaming world; you also need some tools.

Streaming app

To share the gaming experience with the world, you need a good streaming app. There are many to choose from, but Twitch is one of the best. It’s a popular platform with millions of users and allows you to stream your games in high quality.

Chat app

To communicate with other gamers, you need a good chat app. Discord is one of the best and most popular chat apps for gamers. It has many perfect features for gaming, such as voice and video calling, server, client voice chat, and more. Additionally, you can join various channels discussing the newest games or giving tips for better gameplay. There are some Discord gaming servers that will help newbies feel right at home!

Game Booster

You need a good game booster to get the most out of your hardware. Razer Cortex is one of the best and most popular game boosters in the market. It allows you to optimize your system for gaming and provides many other benefits, such as game recording and more.

Specifically, Razer Cortex is ideal for running games requiring a large amount of RAM. The booster can recover several GB of memory from background procedures. Thus, more can be dedicated to smooth gaming.

Virtual Private Network

Gamers need to consider protection against DDoS attacks, price discrimination, and throttling. A VPN for PC can be a lifesaver for ensuring that you get the best internet connection for online gaming. It means that Internet Service Providers won’t be able to detect when you engage in bandwidth-heavy actions (like gaming).

Additionally, it can help you mask your IP address and, in turn, prevent game distribution platforms from adjusting prices based on your location.

Display adjusting app

You need a good display adjusting app to get the most out of your monitor. Display Calibration Wizard is one of the best and most popular apps in this category. It allows you to configure all display settings on your monitor to get the perfect picture for gaming.

There’s one more such app known as f.lux. It adjusts the monitor’s color depending on the time of the day and the amount of light available.


These are some of the best gaming tools and gadgets that you can use to improve your experience. These are the essentials of every gamer’s life. So, make sure that you have these apps to boost your skills the next time you enter any arena.

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