Can Headphones Change the Shape of Your Heads?

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When you use your headphones for a long time, you may feel the use of headphones has changed the shape of your head. So, can headphones change the shape of your head? The skull of your head is very strong, but your headphones do press much more tightly against the head. So, is it true and possible or is this just your imagination and just a thought?

On the internet, there are a lot of horror stories about the use of headphones. A group of people thinks about the headphones that wireless headphones cause a great danger as cancer.

Some people believe that the use of anti-noise canceling technology is bad and harmful to the human brain. We can say that it is possible listening to audio at high volume can be the reason for your permanent hearing loss. But question is, can headphones change the shape of your head?

So, read this article to find out, if can headphones change the shape of your head. It’s true or not and what to do about it?

Can Headphones change the shape of your head?

Can headphones change the shape of your head? It’s a very common question asked by people, especially on Reddit and Quora. Most people are worried that if they will wear their headphones for long periods then it could be changing their skull’s shape. This question is mostly asked by the gaming community who have to use headphones for a long time. 

No, don’t worry your headphones won’t change the shape of your head, however, the headphones can leave an impression on the skin of your head when you wear your headphones. But of course, it will make you seriously feel as if your skull has been dented.

What Can Headphones Do To Your Head?

Your headphone can cause you to do different things to your head. The following are the common ones:

1. Dent your skin

When you use too tight headphones, especially if they build with metal rims, then your headphones can cause a few slight impressions on your skin. And because of the impression, you might feel as if the shape of your head has changed.

However, you do need to worry as these dents should disappear after passing a short while.

2. Dent your hair

It is a possibility, you can experience a headphone hair dent if you have plenty of hair. As the name signs and suggests, the headphones can be caused to change the shape of your hair leaving the impression there is an issue with your head.

This problem is commonly found among those people who typically wear their headphones for extraordinarily long periods.

When Should You Seek Medical Attention?

It’s a general understanding that you shouldn’t worry about the shape of your head when you are using a headphone. But is it important for you or should you see your doctor when you are convinced that you are not experiencing any of the two conditions that have been discussed above?

So, we recommended you on the safe side, as soon as you feel a strange change in your skull’s shape, you have to seek the advice of your doctor.

You could be experiencing the following conditions:

Congenital skull indentation: Keep in mind, when you were born, there were 4 main sutures on the head’s top until you were about two years. But with passing time as you grow, these four joints move and allow your brain adequate space to expand as it grows.

If the joints close prematurely, the brain puts pressure on your skull if these joints close prematurely, giving your head such as a dented look.

There are also a few people who can also be born with an indentation on their skulls. The baby’s birthing process or position in the womb can be a reason for this.

Gorham’s disease: It is a rare happening skeleton condition that occurs because of the bone loss

Paget’s born disease: This disease reasons the irregular replacement of the tissues of the old bone.

Cancer: Bone-destructive cancers can reason depression of the skull.

Trauma: If anybody has past head injuries then they can become visible after a while, which often must demand urgent medical attention.

Can Headphones Make You Bald?

Yes, if you have too tight headphones and you use these tight headphones excessively and for long hours, then it can surely reason severe loss of your hair (it is known in medical just as terms as traction alopecia). Though hair loss from your headphones is very rare, we recommended you should do due diligence as soon as you notice or suspect that the band of your headset is pulling your hair from its root.

If your headphone becomes the reason for making you bald, then the shape of your head might appear to change until you treat this condition.

How Long Does It Take For a Headset Dent To Go Away?

Typically if you get a headphone dent then it will last for some minutes to go away. But in a few difficult situations, it can take as much as some hours to disappear.

How to Fix your Headphone Dent on Your Hair?

You have the following two options to get rid of this:

1. Prevent it from Happening

If you carefully consider the situation then you have to try to avoid wearing your headphones for an extended period to prevent this. To fully enjoy your headphone experience and much more without any need for actual headphones, you have to go for a Bluetooth beanie.

2. Reduce the risks

You have to use one or more of the following tips to reduce the risks of a dent and fix it:

  • You have to wear a hat below your headphone
  • You have to loosen the band of your headphones
  • You should wear your headphones at the back of your head and not on the top of your head
  • You have to wet your hair using water spray bottles to remove the dent
  • Use hair styling products whenever you wear or put off your headphone then you should use your hair styling products
  • You should use looser pair of headphones


To conclude we can say your headphone won’t change the shape of your head. So don’t worry about it, you just have to follow some tips to prevent it if you feel a dent. You can also seek your doctor’s attention. However, before doing that, you just need to be sure that it isn’t a skin or hair dent.

Hopefully, you have to know very well about headphone dent and have gotten the answer, can the headphone change the shape of your head? So search your issues and remain tension free!

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