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In this article, We’re talking about Open Back Gaming Headset. There are a lot of options when it comes to Open Back Gaming Headset especially today from in-ear to over the year to on-ear headset as well as close back open back and noise-canceling and other options like that including blue cheese. In this article, I’m specifically going to be talking about three different types of headsets and three different models of headsets with a couple of bonuses as well. There are three main types of headsets that you should consider if you do any sort of audio work at all.

  • One that’s a much higher level and kind of fits for the audiophile style of person.
  • Another one is more functional you can record with it you can work in a coffee shop with it.
  • Then the third option is just a more consumer even though they’re expensive to consume are noise-canceling Bluetooth style of headsets.

There are only really two types of headsets. If you’re in the market to make a decision. It’s a pretty good idea to understand the basic differences between the two so there’s

Types of Headsets

  1. Closed Back Headsets
  2. Open Back Headsets

Closed Back Gaming Headsets

The most Headset you’ll see are closed back and that’s because most of us listen to the headset to just hear our music and not anything else. So, whether we’re on a commute or we’re working out or whatever we’re doing listening to music. We just want to hear the audio and not our environment. So, closed back headsets do this by creating a seal around your ear to isolate the noise and separate the inside from the outside.

Open Back Gaming Headsets

In a studio or some other quiet solo listening environment, you don’t need that isolation between yourself and the outside noise because there is no outside noise so that’s when you might explore Open Back Headsets.

So, open back as the name implies means the back of the headsets is open. There’s no barrier between the drivers and the outside world. Sometimes in some pairs, you can see straight through from the inside to the outside of the Headsets.

Image Product Feature Price
# 1

Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X Open Air High-Fidelity Gaming Headset

This is an open-back gaming headset. You’re getting the best of both worlds with that high-end audiophile-grade driver paired with an awesome mic in this gaming headset. Check On Amazon
# 2

AKG Pro Audio K702 Over-Ear, Open-Back

There are the AKG K 702 reference studio headphones. This is an open-back gaming headset. You get the headphones a three-meter long detachable headphone cable which has got a quarter-inch jack connector that can be unscrewed and underneath. Check On Amazon
# 3

Open-Air Dynamic Headphones

This is an open back gaming headset. This is a headphone that retails as MSRP retails for $5.99 however you can very easily find this headphone for around the 250 to $300 range. Check On Amazon
# 4

NUBWO Gaming headsets

This is an open back gaming headset. This is from this company called new boo. This is the n7 gaming headset he goes for 25 pounds on Amazon. This will work with your phone PC Mac PlayStation Xbox anything. Check On Amazon
# 5

MSI Gaming Headset with Microphone

They’re generally known for their motherboards and graphics cards but they’ve got a full range of my keyboard and gaming headsets. Check On Amazon
# 6

Cougar Immersa Ti Gaming Headset

They are a relatively new brand but they are taking on all the big boys like Corsair and cooler master no problem. So, the product I’m going to review is there a merger gaming headset. Check On Amazon
# 7

Air Wireless Surround Sound RGB Gaming Headset

This is an open back gaming headset. It’s selling for about a hundred US dollars and at that price point. It’s offering really good value for money. So, let’s check it out for anyone that doesn’t know rocket. Check On Amazon

Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X Open Air High-Fidelity Gaming Headset

We’re going to be reviewing the audio Technica a g 1x high fidelity gaming headset. This is an open-back gaming headset. You’re getting the best of both worlds with that high-end audiophile-grade driver paired with an awesome mic in this gaming headset. This headset has open-air dynamic 53 mm drivers. This product output sound pressure level is 99 dB/mW.

The frequency response is 5 to 35,000 Hz. This product has the capacity of maximum input power is 1,000 mW. The impedance of this product is 48 ohms. The weight of this product without cable is 285 g. There is a view of the AG 1x headset. The headset itself looks pretty nice. The cable length of this product is 1.2 m. Dimensions of this product are 12 x 6 x 8 inches. It has a 3.5 mm gold-plated stereo mini-plug with 4 poles.

On the side of the ear cup, you have a very fingerprint magnet of the sign of the driver which is covered in a very glossy but sparkly black material. You have the Audio Technica logo on the side and this metallic polished-looking red veneer which looks pretty nice. On the bottom of that left driver, you have the very flexible gooseneck microphone. So, you can fit it to where you want in front of your mouth and the mic is also made to move up and down along the ear cup again. So, you can fit it in front of your mouth to pick up your voice the best than working your way down.

 We have a three-foot-long rubber cable that has inline controls. So, you can you know mute the microphone if you want and use the volume wheel to adjust the volume of your headset kind of disappointed it at being only three feet but all your Technica also includes a six-foot-long splitter. In case you want to use both the headphone jack and the microphone jack for plugging into no the front or back of your PC.

Now on to one of the most unique things about this headset and it’s kind of unique to audio Technica as a whole with their ad 700 and 900 X headphones that is a 3d wing support headband or lack thereof or headband. It’s different than what you’re used to instead of a typical headband that’s going to physically lie on the top of your head.

You just have two pieces of supporting foam pretty much. It’s going to rest on the side of your head to kind of balance the headset overall and help it fit best while it feels like it’s kind of floating there’s nothing good resting on the top had you to have you do at least two support beams up here which is going to kind of keep the drivers in place. But altogether the 3d wing support. It makes us feel very very lightweight. There is zero pressure with this at all. It feels like there’s nothing on my head.

Reference Studio Headphones

There are the AKG K 702 reference studio headphones. This is an open-back gaming headset. You get the headphones a three-meter long detachable headphone cable which has got a quarter-inch jack connector that can be unscrewed and underneath. You’ve got a 3.5-millimeter jack connector and you get various bits of paper one of which is a warranty card. The headset itself is of an around-the-ear design.

So, your sitting inside the pads and the pads rest against your head and not against your ears. There’s also an open-back design. So the sounds not only are projecting towards your ears but also bleeds out from the headphones. This gives you a much better overall stereo sound.

The headband is self-adjusting. So, you only have to put the headphones on and the band ultimately adjusts the cable is a very simple clip design and just simply clips into the headphones by pressing a little button on it. You can unclip it again.

The thick foam padding on the ear pads means that these are a pretty comfortable pair of headphones to wear the pressure that is put against your head isn’t too firm but it is firm enough to get to keep them in place quite reasonably.

They are though almost entirely made of plastic except Robber sees the metal speaker components and the leather headbands. So, I’m not 100% sure just how long these are going to last but I would say they would last a lot longer. The rated impedance of this gaming headset is 62 Ohms. The net weight is 235g. The wearing style is over-Ear.

If you use them in a static situation like in a studio and using them of your door then perhaps if you start throwing them in the bag and try to type take them out with you and listen to stuff on the go. They are pre-tested and the speakers in these are matched from what I’ve seen or heard. The price of this headset is 349$.

So, are these headphones worth by well the sound spectrum on these is very flat? It’s probably about as flat as you’re going to get them for this kind of money and give you as good a reflection of the recording. This headset’s dimensions are 4.45 x 7.83 x 8.35 inches.

They run from 10 Hertz to 39.8 kilohertz. So, there’s nothing in the mix. There’s no added bass or treble and there are no dials to allow you to have bass or treble but for the purpose, they’re designed that’s a good thing.

Open-Air Dynamic Headphones

The review time of the Audio Technica. There ad1000x model. This is an open back gaming headset. This is a headphone that retails as MSRP retails for $5.99 however you can very easily find this headphone for around the 250 to $300 range. It feels quite nice there is an aluminum band inside that I don’t believe will break very easily at all. It can handle it without breaking or doing any damage to your headband or Benza.

It was a nice aluminum finish but it is just a high tear plastic and very premium is that as well. It continues with the grill. Now the grill is aluminum. It’s quite nice like I don’t think this will break or have any issues. We use the audio Technica ATH ad1000x as one of our two pairs of reference headphones.

The ad1000x are open-back headphones. They do offer up an exquisite and very natural sound in listening. The experience they offer up a frequency response of five to forty thousand Hertz an impedance of 40 ohms and wages 265 grams inside the box. You get a detachable 6.3-millimeter adapter and AHT generous three-meter cable. They do also look a little bit different from a regular pair of headphones. It’s quite large.

When we look at the headband this is where the real difference comes into play Audio Technica calls this a 3d winged support housing claiming. They offer a vibration-proof mechanism that provides comfort or support for a better listening experience. Well, In my tests it does live up to the claim.

It’s very very comfortable and super light on the head offering pretty much. No pressure for prolonged periods of listening. We’ve also got this left-right axis movement on each of the ear cups which happens in a house of 53-millimeter diameter driver. When we look at build quality they are hard to be super comfortable and very well made audio quality is what it’s all about and with a direct connection to an iPhone.

The mid-tones and high frequencies are delivered with a great amount of detail and clarity the lower frequencies are delivered equally as good with no muddled sound just an awesome listening experience taking things to the next level we connected these to a Pheo extra high res audio player and that extended the detail even more.

Then we connected them to a laptop with an audience HUD mx2 headphone amp and they do come alive the soundstage seems to open up. You’re delivered this sort of airiness to the sound and then last but not least we connected this to a desktop computer with our Cambridge Audio DAC magic plus.

We were blown away by the audio Technica ATH ad1000x just sounded exquisite. You have to hear these to believe how awesome your music can sound. So, that’s it for our look at one of our reference pair of headphones the audio Technica ATH ad1000x are worth every penny of their asking price.

NUBWO Gaming headsets

We’re going to check out another great gaming headset. This is an open back gaming headset. This is from this company called new boo. This is the n7 gaming headset he goes for 25 pounds on Amazon. This will work with your phone PC Mac PlayStation Xbox anything. We got a user menu user guide that’s quite included so we’ve got a when she’ll cover for your microphone which is nice and then you’ve got your PC inputs.

 If you want to split to your audio and mic for your PC or your Mac. You can do that okay that’s this is the headphones themselves and they are pretty big yourself to say that so first what goes into a 3.5 million bits cable so that will go straight into your PlayStation controller you exposed controller if you want to use it again turn the switch you can do that as well.

If you want to play on your Mac or Windows. You just want to use this cable plug that in making sure it’s tied in and you’ve got your microphone and you’ve got your headphone. So that’s nice and the cable is nice and long and it’s a braided cable. So that’s probably good with that found out and let’s have a look at the microphone itself.

So, you can see it adjust very well to put in any angles. You’ve got you to switch off and on. So, very nice you can see no we’re just going in there. So, we can block off wind noise, any fans if you got running in the background which is always nice just take that off see ya let’s look at that for themselves.

So, you’ve got the logo there which is nice in the matte black finish you’ve got left logo there quite some padding at the top. It’s nice the other side is the same and the ear cups are really big. You can control it up to you just Carbonic control there. So, to turn off the volume and down which is always nice to see.

The ear padding is comfy. They’re soft and they’re big. So, these are over the ear starts. So, you’re going to be isolating a lot of sounds so that’s great and its flex is not going to break anything either as you can see is very sturdy which is always good on this budget and price for you guys.

It’s got 50-minute drivers are doing a very great job that it’s nothing fancy boy is that very decent quality you can hear the workers and everything on games and sounds very well. It works on everything so that’s where we good the mic. It’s decent. It’s not something Marie really good but it’s a good job.

It’s not something noise cancer but it’s a great job of just isolating the background noise which is always great you want to be focused on your game and you don’t want any other background noises into playing with you so that’s very great the top heading it’s thin but the headphones themselves are pretty light.

You’re not going to notice that so that’s a good thing given the makeup look big but they’re not that heavy in the headphone only weighs like 275 grams so they’re pretty light headphones but overall the sound quality is great you for this budget price you’re getting a great headphone design is nice and sleek is where we sleek headphone it’s not going to bring a lot of tension it’s going to be on you and you’re just going to playing around with it so that’s great for the price it’s very great it is a great job.

NUBWO Gaming headsets v2

The actual price of this product is a whopping 19 000 rupees or 250 us dollars but you know what all those people who rated this as worst or said not to buy this. It’s because they were not able to set it up, unlike stereo headphones. This comes with five different audio input jacks. So, it works only on systems or motherboards that support 5.1 or 7.1 audio. So, in this article, I will talk about this headphone why I bought this even after reading and watching so many negative reviews? And how I made it work on my system which has only three audio output jacks at the back on my motherboard?

So, this article will help you decide if you can purchase this particular headphone for your system. If you are a gamer this could be the next headphone that you might want to buy.  The headphone has five 3.5 mm input connectors.

Now let’s talk about the headphone build. This is one of the most premium headphones that you can get for less than 5500 rupees or 80 dollars. This is an open back gaming headset. It comes with an audio control unit that can be used to adjust volume and each surrounds the sound channel including the mic individually. So, you can control the rear channel front left and right channel side channel the subwoofer, and the center channel.

You can also switch between the 7.1 surround sound and stereo mode or mute and unmute mic or volume with just a tap. Now in case you want to connect a different headphone or external speaker to your system you don’t need to disconnect this headphone or any of the audio jack. Just connect your headphone or the audio device jack to this audio control unit.

It comes with 4 passes through 3.5 mm output jacks where you can connect any headphone or speaker and then tap on the button that will pass the audio from the system to your external speaker or a pair of headphones besides this particular audio control unit makes your desk look cooler both headphone.

This unit supports razer Chroma which means you can sync or change the RGB color on the control unit and the headphone. Now, this is completely an analog headphone. It will work only on pc with 7.1 or 5.1 audio output. It won’t work on any other device such as a smartphone or even on your laptop. This is strictly built for gaming and enjoy movies with true surround sound.

You can also use this in stereo mode to listen to music on YouTube or any other music player but it sounds too bad in stereo mode in 7.1 it just blows your mind with so much bass even when you listen to the music. But again you can adjust the bass and all the other sound channels on the go to have the best experience or the best sound as per your interest or liking.

MSI Gaming Headset with Microphone

MSI has recently started moving into the gaming peripherals base in a pretty hefty way. They’re generally known for their motherboards and graphics cards but they’ve got a full range of my keyboard and gaming headsets. We’ve been lucky enough to check out their new gaming range of Lights. This review was going to be concentrated on the new MSI immerse GH 50 gaming headset. This is an open back gaming headset.

The MSI GH 50 gaming headset has a very simplistic approach. There’s no button surrounding the ear cups instead MSI relies on an inline remote a few inches down the cable which has the volume will mute button 7.1 noise activation and vibration activation however due to its size and position down the cable it does make it a little more of a hindrance than useful.

Now the cable is braided and makes the inline remote twist and turn and it would be better if the remote was further down the cable and could stick to your desk. During intense gameplay especially in something like the call of duty modern warfare warzone that you’re not going to be changing many settings on the fly. It’s non-removable and has a USB type at the end to plug into your device 80-pound it should have been wireless or at least have some kind of Bluetooth capability. The headset itself is built well although like some premium touches seen from other gaming headsets at this price point.

However, the MSI immerse G 850 looks good it’s covered in gray plastic while the air caps accent is a glossy blank which helps with the projection of the RGB sidelights which fall in line with MSI’s mystic light effects. I kept it on its lighting effect due to the issues that I’ve found with the mystic light software the two large folio that air cups have sufficient enough padding to make this headset feel nice and snug as well as the country for long periods of gameplay. Now, the crown padding is also thick and spongy. The padding also isolates outside noise and although the GH 50s don’t have active noise cancellation.

The isolation is enough to keep background noise to a bare minimum. Now because the headset is also built with plastic it keeps the weight down. It’s an absolute feather there is a metal band running through the headset though to give it some kind of reinforcement. It does fold down for long storage reasons and to fit inside the felt bag that’s supplied to keep it free from scratches during transport. Now underneath those padded ear cups are 240-millimeter neodymium drivers capable of virtual 7.1 surround sound and to be honest with you sound is a bit of a mixed bag.

If you’ve got a condenser microphone set up on your desk for gaming but if you’re just wanting something to jump into a discord party with to play with your friends then it’s not too bad at all. The MSI immersed GH 50 gaming headset is a mid-range headset at best it sounds great but has some issues with the post-processing effects. It’s pressed on the MSI website at around 79 pounds or $79.99 which is a little steep and some of the post-processing effects removed and the price tag dropped a bit to around 5060 pounds although saying that the build quality is very nice and it is comfy to wear for long periods.

Cougar Immersa Ti Gaming Headset

In this article, I’m going to review another product from Cougar gaming. If you don’t know anything about Cougar don’t worry. They are a relatively new brand but they are taking on all the big boys like Corsair and cooler master no problem. So, the product I’m going to review is there a merger gaming headset. You can find it for about 50 dollars on Amazon but with that let’s get into the review.

When first looking at the immersion notice the big ear cups and the two orange head straps. Now the design cougar Wentworth won’t be for everybody but if you do like the design of the immersion. You might want to look into getting one. Because this headset is a mid to low-range gaming headsets. This is an open back gaming headset.

Let me take you over the design and features of the immersion. Firstly the head strap you get the two orange support frames that also house the cables that connect to each of the ear cups which is a very nice design along with that. You get the synthetic leather suspending head strap that is soft but also lights this headband design cougar went with actually allows it to the tree fit almost any hate size.

You’re able to stretch open their headband quite far so if you do have a massive head then you won’t have to worry about the immersion not fitting. But with that being said it was a bit sight at first but did get a bit better after a few days of use. The tightness did however help prevent the headset from falling off too quickly. So, it does have a purpose

Next, let’s look at those big ear cups that went with a nice thick leather padding for the ear cups which works very nice but does also have one small drawback.

Why I like the ear cup so much like I said kuru went with the nice big leather padding that sits completely over your ears. This gives you enough room inside the ear cups for your ears. So, you don’t have to worry about them being squished to fit inside. Now with most gaming headsets, your microphone is fixed to one of the ear cups but some say it’s like the emerg extract the mic out one of the ear cups.

When you want to use it and then just push it back when you’re done with this type of design. you’re able to wear the headset in public without looking like a total idiot with a big microphone attached to your head but now does this type of design reduce the quality of the microphone isn’t bad. It does sound a bit muffled and you do get the occasional volume spike but as for North’s cancellation. It does a pretty good job at keeping the background noise to a minimum.

The headset itself the control unit allows you to mute or unmute the microphone and also adjust the volume levels up or down with the volume wheel at the end of the cable.

You get a single trrs 3.5-millimeter jack that works with smartphones tablets consoles and small notebooks but you do also get a dagger that splits the trrs to normal stereo and microphone 3.5-millimeter jacks. So, you won’t have any trouble connecting it to your gaming PC.

Air Wireless Surround Sound RGB Gaming Headset

We got the brand new road ELO 7.1 wireless gaming headset. This is an open back gaming headset. It’s selling for about a hundred US dollars and at that price point. It’s offering really good value for money. So, let’s check it out for anyone that doesn’t know rocket. They’re a brand offering pc gaming peripherals and accessories.

They’re owned by turtle beach for all. You console gamers out there. They’re pretty huge over there on that side of things the rocket brands the same sort of thing offering the same type of products but over here on the pc side. We get a small quick start guide, the USB wireless receiver dongle. a USB to the USB charging cable, the detachable microphone, and the ELO air 7.1 headsets. The weight comes in around 350 grams with the microphone and with the recent trend of ultra-lightweight gaming headsets. It’s pretty safe to say that these don’t quite make it into that category but they’re also not the heaviest coming in somewhere in the middle of the pack.

 The build’s mostly plastic the entire outer shell of the ear cups. The hinges the connection points are all made of plastic but the outside headband arches metal which is nice to see and just below that we’ve got a fabric suspension band. It’s actually pretty comfortable and we’ll talk about that a little bit more in a minute and we also have these wires that come down and connect to the drivers. They’re braided fiber cables and they feel like they’re really good quality

Overall the build quality just feels solid and excellent. This is one of the best-built headsets that I’ve held in a while.

There’s always something that tends to stand out on gaming headsets and usually, it’s around the hinges where the ear cups join the headband but that’s not the case with this one. It’s just really solid and well made all the way around I feel like I could take this and throw it up against the wall. I’d be more worried about what would happen to the wall and maybe my floor as opposed to something happening to the headset. It’s seriously that solid there’s a ton of adjustability and flexibility built right into the headset and that means it’s going to fit a lot of different head shapes and sizes. That’s a good thing. These ear cups have both tilt and swivel motion which is awesome.

There’s no telescopic extension for adjustment here on the ear cups like you see on most headsets instead that’s built right into the suspension headband. It’s really easy to move and adjust and when you put it on your head it just kind of finds its positioning you don’t have to do anything. It’s almost self-adjusting if you will and it’s made of this super soft and plush fabric material.

It feels comfortable when you’re wearing it on your head but unfortunately, we didn’t get that same treatment on the inside of the ear cups instead we just get that fake leather hot and sweaty type of stuff. That’s too bad because this type of material would have been nice in there and on top of that the actual ear cushions aren’t all that thick. So, unfortunately, these aren’t the most comfortable ear cushions but they could have been that type of material there that we have on the headband and that would have just put this headset through the roof in terms of comfort. But that said it’s not all bad because these are pretty big ear cups.

The build quality on this thing is just excellent I can’t stress that enough sounds delivered by large 50-millimeter drivers with a frequency response of 20 to 20 000. These things sound really good. The sound’s nice and punchy. It can get super loud if you want to crank the volume up.

The battery lives rated at 24 hours on a full charge and I feel like all these newer wireless peripherals that are coming out these days all have stellar battery life.

If you can get 24 hours out of a gaming headset or pretty much anything else without having to charge it again that’s pretty good this is what the microphone sounds like on the ELO air without any adjustments or effects applied or anything like that. The audio is being recorded from the headset wirelessly onto your computer behind you.

The quality is pretty good. It’s going to get the job done.  It’s going to be perfectly good for in-game communications or voice chatting video conferencing and all that sort of stuff. It gets the job done without any issues. Keep in mind its wireless headsets. So, there are going to be bandwidth limitations. It’s never going to be perfect or as good as a dedicated plug-in microphone that’s just the way that wireless is but considering all that. It’s doing a pretty good job and on top of all that, it is a removable microphone.

So, if you don’t want to use it you can just detach it and just have yourself a nice-looking pair of headphones at 100 us dollars. The ELO air is offering amazing value it’s delivering audio quality as good or better than headsets that sit at much higher price points and the build quality is excellent. They’re also throwing in a little bit of RGB lighting on the ear cups. It’s not without its downsides you know. Let’s be fair it does have those lackluster ear cushions and kind of middle-of-the-pack wireless range but still, for a hundred us dollars it’s going to be pretty tough to find a wireless gaming headset right now in 2020 that offers as much as this one it’s.


In this article, there are pros cons and top open back gaming headsets which are available on amazon. You can get open back gaming headsets information from this article. And you can buy these headsets.

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