Can Wearing Headphones Cause Hair Loss?

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Are you wondering about, can wearing headphones cause hair loss? I think you have heard it you’re your friend, or you will notice minor hair falling off. It sounds odd, and that’s why many people don’t think it’s right and true. Headphones are considered rightly one of the most impactful and useful audio devices ever created. But many people are concerned about the use of headphones and their hair loss, but we can say hair loss through wearing headphones is another thing that the users worry about.

So, can wearing headphones cause hair loss? Yes, the long-term and excessive use of headphones can lead a user to hair loss. In medical terms, this hair loss is called traction alopecia. When your headphones are too much tight then the band of the headphone is constantly pulling your hair from its root and can cause hair loss.

However, Hair loss from wearing headphones is rare and is also treatable. So, you no need to much worried about it. Now try to solve your worry, can wearing headphones cause hair loss, so let’s clear things up.

Can Wearing Headphones Cause Hair Loss?

There is no concrete scientific research that has been specially done on the link between the use of headphones and experiencing user hair loss. Still, we can say that a quick internet search on this issue shows us much evidence from people who use headphones and then they feel this has happened to them.

When you used headphones with a band that’s not adjustable perfectly then you must feel how much it is an uncomfortable thing. When you use a headphone that is too tight, the band of the headphone will pull your hair.

People with long hair must find this relatable. When wearing your hair in a ponytail has the same effect as you are wearing too-tight headphones. The band’s friction pulls your hair from the roots when you wear tight headphones.

Shortly, headphones can be a cause of hair loss when their band is pulling your hair. And It’s called traction alopecia.

Traction Alopecia

The condition is called Traction Alopecia when you lose your hair from constantly pulling them. This is quite rare because you will get strong and high headaches before it gets a serious condition. It means that it’s easy to feel and notice it. And so, you’ll be able to recognize and figure out why you have a headache.

Commonly, people that have to face this condition wear their hair in a tight ponytail, tie in braids, or bun continually. If people consider and caught it in the early stages, then it’s very treatable. Because damage can’t be reversed easily if you ignore it for years.

Wearing your headphones can also cause traction alopecia. However, it’s very rare for someone to develop and face the condition from using their headphones. Because nowadays the headphones that people wear are the most comfortable and quite good with an adjustable band.

Commonly musicians have their headphones on tightly when they are recording. Or, it can happen to someone who likes to wear tight headphones like that.

How To Avoid Losing Hair From Headphones?

There is nothing for you to be worried about in this hair loss condition or about this hair loss issue. Thankfully, nowadays most of you have comfortable and easy headphones with adjustable bands. Also, placing your headphones in the right place so they won’t pull your hair is an intuitive and healthy action.

So, you do need to be worried if you’re wearing your headphones normally. We know most of you do it. You’ll lose your hair only in the condition if you wear too tight headphones on regular basics for more than an hour or two.

Following are a few steps you can adopt to avoid traction alopecia while wearing headphones.

Placing the Band At The Back Of Your Head

Can wearing headphones cause hair loss? Yes, but this condition is rare and easy to control. One of the easiest and no-effort ways to avoid hair loss from wearing headphones is to place the headphones’ band rightly at the back of your head. If people do it then they will find this more comfortable.

You just have to place the band at the back instead of the top of your head, and can use headphones without any worries about hair loss. Placing a band like this creates no traction and does not cause traction alopecia. And the speakers still sit right over your ears. Even if the band of your headphone is not adjustable, there’s no way you’ll lose your hair.

Switch to Earbuds

You can go to use earbuds as earbuds are the go-to device for casual use. If you are not gaming, then you can use Bluetooth earbuds because by using these you have no weight on your head, and moving around is very easy. The most important thing is that there will be no band to pull your hair.

When you’re worried about developing this hair loss problem traction alopecia, we recommend you switch to Bluetooth earbuds.

Don’t Use Headphones Excessively

Developing traction alopecia is not common and it’s really rare. As some people have shared their experience with the issue, it’s not a lie. If you use headphones and then wear headphones for long periods, then your hair can go lost. The period you use headphones in a day matters too. Just for an hour on daily basis, shouldn’t cause your hair loss. So, don’t use your headphones a lot, if they are too tight and you feel some hair loss. 


Thankfully, hair loss by wearing headphones is rare and not a common issue. Because it’s true we can’t avoid using headphones, and use them for long times. So, if we use our headphones carefully adopting the above precautions then we can avoid this problem. Now by this article you fully know, can wearing headphones cause hair loss, and also have known about its solutions.

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