Why Are Explainer Videos Expensive?

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Every company that orders video for their web resource is wondering why such a price. In this article, we will find out why explainer videos are not cheap enough.

To begin with, explainer videos are a way to tell more about your business to potential clients. This is an ideal opportunity to show the history of your company, and tell about the main features and benefits of the product. But how much does an explainer video cost? Now we will find out.

There is no doubt that video marketing is one of the most powerful tools today. More and more brands are including it in their marketing plans realizing its potential and the benefits they get. From the advent of YouTube to the exit of other social networks like Twitch or TikTok, videos and images have never stopped gaining followers and engagement. So much so that other social networks like Facebook have been quick to integrate video into their features.

Explainer Videos Expensive

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the use of video to promote and distribute a product or service. It helps a lot to increase public participation in various digital and social channels. But not only that, but it also educates the audience and allows us to speak to them more directly.

The need for responsiveness on the part of users has drawn attention to these streaming or live video platforms. With Twitch or YouTube, it becomes clear that video marketing is the present and future of digital and strategic marketing.

Consider why explainer videos are so valuable.

-93.6% of professionals believe that online video in advertising contributes to the achievement of campaign goals

-Everyone agrees that online video is ideal for marketing campaigns.

-85.1% of professionals believe that video marketing in advertising drives conversions

-Furthermore, the survey found that videos help companies increase brand awareness by 70%, traffic by 51%, and sales by 34%.

With this data in mind, let’s take a look at the benefits of video marketing in our content strategy.

Benefits of using video marketing

Now that we know exactly what video marketing is all about, let’s look at the various benefits of using it:

Longer stay on the site

By embedding videos in blog posts or your site, the user greatly increases the recurrence of the visit. As you know, this factor is important to improve organic positioning.

Increase Conversion Rate

It has been proven that pages that include informational or explanatory videos about their products can increase their conversion rate. Through video, it is easier to convince a potential client. Our product or brand will always seem more attractive than a simple written description.

The user feels more secure and better informed if we show him our argument in video format. In addition, thanks to the number of views and viewing time, we will also know which product is most attractive to Internet users visiting our website.

Explainer Videos Expensive

Tell a story

One of the greatest strengths in video production is the ability to tell stories using one of the most powerful brand engagement techniques, storytelling. By doing this, we ensure that the brand is not intrusive and that the consumer feels like a part of it.

Improve positioning

Videos improve positioning, not only when you embed them on a blog or website, but they can also appear at the top of Google, generating more page or blog visits. Any SEO knows the boost that video can give to a web page to achieve good positions in Google search. This search engine does not like static and flat pages, always preferring websites that offer multimedia content in different formats.

It is because of the above that explainer videos are quite expensive. But after using them, you will understand that it was not in vain, because you will receive high conversions and user loyalty to your brand. If you are interested in this, you can get more info.

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