How To Pair Plantronics Headset To Computer?

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you have the need to Pair Plantronics Headset To Computer and must have the need to know how you can do that. Plantronics headsets allow the freedom to move and help to sit in any way that is comfortable and multitask by helping to eliminate the issue. Using a plantronics headset allows your hands for other tasks and you feel free for other tasks.

Recently Microsoft selected Plantronics’ headsets and preferred plantronics for headsets because it allows the voice recognition to use in all fresh Microsoft programs comfortably and also in headsets for gaming, Audio Headsets, Internet chat/telephony, and speech/voice recognition.

How can you pair Plantronics headset to computer?

Following are some steps to pair your Bluetooth headset to a Windows 7 computer easily:

  1. First of all make sure that the Bluetooth chip of your computer must support the Headset or headphones Bluetooth profile (but keep in mind if your computer has a data-only Bluetooth profile, then you cannot pair your headset to it).
  2. Now you have to place your headset into pairing mode.
  3. After that on your computer, click the Start icon, and then you will click Devices and Printers. Note:  you may first have to click on the Control Panel signs, and then Devices and Printers, it depends on your computer’s configuration, you should know about that.
  4. Here you will click on Add a Device. The Add Device windows appear on the screen, and it will immediately start searching for your headset or headphones.
  5. When your headset appears on the screen, you should select it, and then click Next. And here your Window connects to your headset.
  6. Now, If prompted for a passkey, you have to enter “0000” (four zeros), and then you will click Next.
  7. Here Click to Close.
  8. If necessary, right-click the headset icon, and then click Connect.

Tip: If your headset pairs successfully connect to your computer, but still you do not hear any audio in your headphones or headset, then you turn your headset off and then back on it again. Also, you can select your headset as the default audio device for your Windows.

Connect your Plantronics earpiece to your cell phone

Start your phone and go to the Settings menu on your Android phone. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled, and then tap on Bluetooth to access the settings for the connection. After that tap Search or Scan ( it’s depending on your phone) so your phone can locate the headset or headphones. As your phone finds the headset, once tap on PLT Legend to complete the pairing process in your android.

Why Did My Headset Stop Working PC?

Dust, lint, and dirt are the factors that may block the connection between the jack and the headphones. You should check these and must clean the jack to get the dust and lint out clean it with a cotton swab damped with some rubbing alcohol, or you can use a can of compressed air if possible. After that plug the headphones back in and see if they work.

Can we Connect Plantronics CS540 to Laptop?

First of all included a phone cord with your CS540, after that plug this cord into the square box of the D315. Then Plug into your computer plug the other end of the D315 adopter, ad wait for the drivers to complete the download through this process you’ll now be able to use your Plantronics CS540 on your computer.

Where Is Call Button On Plantronics Bluetooth?

On the Plantronics Voyager 5200 Bluetooth Headset Overview you can find the black button easily on the back of the microphone boom arm, and it is your call control button. You can observe that when your phone rings your headset will make a beeping tone and you can just press that black button or call control button to answer or end your phone calls easily.

How do we Pair Plantronics Bluetooth Headset To our Phone?

At the start of the process press, and you have to hold the headset’s call control button. You can see, that the LED will begin to flash an alternating red-blue. After that, you have to go to the Settings menu on your Android phone. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled, and then you will tap Bluetooth to access the settings.

Can You Play Music through Plantronics Bluetooth, is it possible?

It is right that both the mp3 device and the headset must support the Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP) Bluetooth profile, to listen to music in high fidelity stereo. For playing music you can use an mp3 device with Bluetooth stereo headphones to listen in high fidelity stereo if your mp3 device supports the A2DP profile.

Why is Plantronics headset not connecting?

First of all must check if the headset that is listed in your cell phone’s list of paired devices, but still will not connect to your phone and you are facing the problem, please try the following process:
-At first from your cell phone’s list of paired devices, delete the headset.
-After that power off your phone.
-Here you have to remove the battery from the phone, if possible.
-Again restart your phone and try the process to access the connection.

What do the buttons on the Plantronics headset do or what for?

If you want to increase the volume, then press the volume button up (down, in case if wearing the headset on your left ear). And if you want to decrease the volume press the volume button down (up, in case if wearing the headset on your left ear). To mute/unmute the headset, you have to press or push the volume/mute button.


We can say that headsets from Plantronics have great ergonomic comfort for us. They keep in mind the growing effects of ergonomics in the workplace when these products have been prepared.  It will not be wrong to say that look the same way they feel; they are outstanding and wonderful with features that you can’t find anywhere else. Plantronics’s headphones are great and easy to use, they are allowing superior comfort while multi-tasking because they are hand free.

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