Are Refurbished Headphones Good?

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We all often try to find a super nice deal on refurbished headphones on the web, but are refurbished headphones good? Mostly we are not sure if we should be hesitant when buying refurbished headphones.

Sometimes the deal may almost look too good and amazing to be true, but it’s difficult to tell if it’s truly the case unless you take a deeper dive into information and do some necessary research into them, so let’s go to discuss a few main points that will help you to make difference between a good deal and not-so-good deal:

Are refurbished headphones good? So, yes. Off course, your idea of buying a pair of refurbished headphones might sound a little icky and risky, but the reality is the full opposite to it – and you’ll easily and safely save a ton of your money too!

When you’re on a strict budget and can’t afford an expensive product, or you don’t want to spend a lot of your money on it, then there is one way for you of getting this product which you want to buy at a reasonable price you can easily handle is buying it refurbished.

But are refurbished headphones good? Are they a legit option for you? Or are you better off saving up for a new pair of headphones?

What Does Refurbished Mean?

When we are talking about refurbished headphones, then we can say the term “refurbished”, normally speaking, it means that the headphones have been returned to the manufacturer, or by a retailer or a consumer, because these headphones had a fault.

Because of the reason that the headphones were returned, so the headphones can no longer be sold as “new” headphones.

After receiving the manufacturer will try to fix the faulty headphones, and repair whatever issue these headphones had, and after repairing it will then sell these headphones to a refurbished tech reseller – somewhere just like Woot, an Amazon company that is particularly in refurbished tech.

But something you need to remember is that, however, the refurbished headphones, while not fully NEW, but still will look and function as good as new headphones: the manufacturer who repair them is legally demanded to restore the headphones to 100% working condition before going to sell them on to an authorized reseller.

And here is a piece of good news for you the headphones are now placed as refurbished, so these headphones can no longer be sold for the normal RRP as a new one. It means there are big discounts for you– you can easily be able to save anywhere from 40% to 50% on a pair of headphones when you buy them as refurbished.

Examples of Refurbished Headphone Deals

You can easily get a pair of Philips Performance Wireless Headphones for $49.99 on discounts – as these headphones are normally $79. Or, if you want to buy something fancier, so a pair of Bose Sound Sport Wireless headphones for $64 – these headphones are normally $90.

Refurbished Headphones Look & Function As Good As New Ones

Shortly it’s simple to say: refurbished headphones, providing and serving you get the pair of headphones through reputable retailers, look and function the same as good as the new ones. There will be no ear wax on them, or the errant hairs hooked up to their hinges.

Yes, all the refurbished headphones, again, ones bought by trusty and proper channels, will look and function as perfectly as brand-new headphones. And with these headphones, you will also get a warranty.

Why Warranties are Important for Refurbished Headphones?

We never recommend you buy a refurbished pair of headphones or a product that doesn’t have a warranty. But why we are saying this? Because nothing is worse and wrong than saving your money for a product that stops working just after a short time after buying this product 🙁 It’s an unhappy and bad feeling ).

Warranties, in reality, are a surefire way that will tell whether you’re dealing with a good legit company or not. If there’s no warranty on products that you want to buy, then take your business elsewhere.

Finding the Cheapest Refurbished Headphones

Price is the first and main factor that you will always look at, how much does the cost of your searched product on the website you found vs. the cost on other websites on the web? It does not matter how much you may have trust in a marketplace, this is an instinct to look around and try to evaluate how good the deal is. But you need to go deeper or dig deeper when it comes about to refurbished headphones or comes to any other refurbished product for that matter.

It’s a reality that Refurbished headphones are much cheaper than the new pair of headphones but keep in mind that not necessarily as cheap as using the headphones. Because of the reason that used headphones aren’t commonly renewed at a factory before the headphones are sold, and there are no warranties that come with them or they have no money-back guarantees.

So, we suggest that you should spend a little more money from your pocket to get such headphones that must have an extended warranty as well as a money-back guarantee.

Why are your Buying Refurbished Tech?

Every single year, almost billions of tech items are shipped and sold. It costs money to create this item and also ship them. But it’s right that there’s an ecological cost as well: carbon’s millions of tons every single year.

When you buy a refurbished tech, just as a phone or a pair of headphones for you to meet and satisfy your needs, then it will reduce or lessen the amount of carbon and the materials needed. Just imagine this, if 10 million people decided to order refurbished tech instead of buying a new tech?

It’d create a massive difference, right? And in this process, you’d rightly save a ton of money. So everybody wins!


The idea of buying a refurbished pair of headphones will seem not good but in reality, it’s good for many reasons. So, if you want to ask, are refurbished headphones good? Then our answer is yes, by reading above you have to know all about refurbished tech. They will function as well as new. So, save your money and enjoy!

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