How to Test Surround Sound Headphones?

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Can we test Surround sound headphones? Yes, don’t worry it’s not a big deal! Here is very a simple way for you to test surround sound easily. If you want to test whether they are functioning properly or not? You will find all the necessary steps here, to perform the test.

We can say that Surround sound is a technique, which has aimed to enhance the depth of sound and also the fidelity of sound production. And placing multiple audio sources at different angles toward listeners makes this possible.

Before going through the test process, you must read about some factors which affect the sound quality and performance of your sound headphones.

  • Headphone cavity: It is an important aspect to determine the sound quality of the earphone or headphones. Consumers did not pay too much attention to this aspect of headphones when they buy headphones. So, keep in mind while you buy a headphone.
  • The headphone speaker: We know that the sound quality of the earphone or best ps3 headset is largely determined by their speaker. The sound quality effect is directly determined by the magnet –presented by the speaker, so keep this point in mind while trying to buy a headphone.
  • Bluetooth version:  If you have Bluetooth headphones, then keep in mind that the Bluetooth version is a very important aspect that can affect the sound quality and performance of your Bluetooth headset.
  • Bluetooth chip:  This is very important to know that the signal transmission effect of the earphone or headphones is mainly determined by the chip of your headset or earphone. So this chip is very important in the sound quality of your headphones. Consumers should try their best in choosing Bluetooth headset products using this chip when purchasing.

How to Test Surround Sound Headphones?

Following are the easy instructions for you to test surround sound headphones and this section will cover step-by-step instructions.

  1. First of all, go to the Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound, and after that select Sound. Or you can right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar o desktop and you have to choose Sounds from the pop-up menu.
  2. In this step, you have to select the tab Playback, and after that click on the surround sound headphones which you choose to test. Now select the default button Configure to test your headphones or speaker configuration perfectly.
  3. Select the sound speaker, you will open the window Speaker Setup, and you will choose the surround sound configuration. Keep in mind that If you want to check the 7.1 surround sound headphones, then you have to choose 7.1 Surround.
  4. Now, select the button Test which you can find in the below list of audio channels. In this configuration, You will clearly hear a chime played one by one through all the speakers. 

In case, if you’d like to stop the running process, you have to click the button “Test” again.

When you want to test individual speakers, select all of them in the diagram situated on the window’s right side— you can see it on your window. As you access the speaker, here, you can hear a chime play through the speaker. As a result, you can confirm or figure out whether the speaker is correctly positioned or not.

Now you can close the window by pressing the Cancel or X button and after that close the properties of sound with it. On the other hand, you can also select Next and then you go through a wizard to inform the operating system.

Important Factors to keep in mind While Testing Headphones?

Following are some important factors that you must keep in mind while testing the headphones as follows.

  • Frequency Response
  • Isolation Measurement
  • Impedance Measurement

How can I test my 5.1 surround sound?

You can test easily to make sure that your 5.1 audio is working using the Netflix app. You have to go into Netflix and search for “Test”, there are 4 “seasons” of audio/video tests. It is very easy, just use season 1 episode 1, this will surely cycle through all your 5.1 speakers.

Can HDMI carry 5.1 surround sound?

It is right that technically, TVs aren’t allowed to send 5.1 audio over HDMI. In other words, if you’re trying this your receiver might only be able to get 2.0 audio.

What to do if only one of your speakers works?

Firstly check your speaker’s connection with your computer and make sure that is turned on. If your speakers are both connected to your computer and speakers are turned on and the sound still doesn’t work. Then you might have a faulty speaker to solve this issue.

How to update sound drivers?

First of all, navigate to the “Device Manager” on windows and find out the name of your sound card and look at the section “Sound” carefully. Here you have to take note of your sound card’s name. After that head over to Google and then you will search for “name of your sound card” + “drivers”. For example, anyone can search “Realtek sound card drivers”. Now download and install the drivers. Here you should restart your computer and recheck your sound if needed.
You can also use driver finding software if you want to keep your drivers automatically up-to-date.


So we can say that you can easily “ test surround sound headphones” if you will follow all steps carefully. It’s not very difficult. By following all the above steps you can set up a new surround sound configuration on your PC properly or correctly and can check if any speaker has not connected to the system. 

One more thing that you must keep in mind, it is advisable for you to measure the impedance, isolation, and frequency response when testing your headphones.  

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