How Much RAM For Gaming And Streaming?

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If you want to stream, gaming, or watch any interesting show online, so you need to have good RAM for fast browsing. But how much RAM do you have for gaming and streaming? And to measure the RAM you need for a game is tough enough because the streaming will have more variables involved. There are many programs that you must have an idea for streaming, so you have to count each one.

So, this article will teach you about the quantity of RAM that will be needed to use in live streaming and also “How much RAM do you need for streaming?” if you are still confused about the RAM, don’t worry, this article is all about the RAM requirement for gaming and live streaming. So, let’s have a look at this useful guide!

How Much RAM Does Streaming Consume?

As we all know, there are a lot of factors that you need to understand about streaming, even when you are going to measure the RAM or memory usage. The first and the main thing is the streaming application. And the most popular is Open Broadcast Software.

1. Streaming Software

So, you will need about 150 to 300 MB of RAM  for the Open Broadcast Software (OBS). So, this ram of 150-300MB counts toward the total memory usage that you need to have to compute.

2. Web browsers

Now, the next thing is the web browser. If you are going to show some videos, clips, and photos, then you just need to open them. And this will take 50 to 300MB of your ram when you open them. And it depends on what source you are streaming.

3. Live broadcast window

Now, the next thing is to open your stream or broadcast. It is just like that if you watch the stream of another person.  For it, you must need this one up so that you will come to know what your stream looks like.

Is 4GB of RAM enough for gaming or streaming?

No, we will not recommend that 4 GB RAM for gaming and streaming because it is not enough for live streaming. As usual,  many games require more than 4GB RAM. Whether it is taking into account the Open Broadcast Software streaming software, Discord, and other applications you are running,  4GB of RAM is barely enough for streaming and gaming let alone. 

So we can say that 4GB RAM is out of the question for gaming or streaming today. It’s not enough memory for you to run all the necessary applications properly that you need to produce a good quality stream.

Is 8GB RAM the Best for gaming Streaming?

No, it is not good for good streaming, but we can say that 8GB of RAM is enough for streaming or gaming in many cases. It is good than having 4GB RAM, but it is limited for your streaming. Because you cannot use many applications in the background, nor you can handle multitasking at the same time.  Apart from it, you will also experience lagging and witness average streaming quality. 

So, we can say that 8GB RAM is enough for live streaming or gaming, but you can face some stream issues during live streaming or gaming when streaming more demanding games. And you will be limited in the number of other applications that you want to run while streaming.

Is 16 GB RAM the Best for Streaming or gaming?

Yes, we can recommend that 16 GB is the perfect RAM for streaming or gaming, and it will become the standard for any amazing game or even quality streaming.   You can easily stream games and videos at 720p and also 1080p without any kind of interruption.

At this speed, you can also keep any application running in the background because you are experiencing a lag. So, we must say that 16GB RAM is enough for live streaming or gaming. It allows you to run more applications at a time without any issue with the quality of your streams.

Is 32GB of RAM the Best for Streaming? 

Yes, 32GB is an ideal RAM for the perfect streaming experience. Although 16GB is good and also suitable for big games, with the use of 32GB RAM, you can play many multiplayer games at the same time. Yes, it is said that to take 32GB RAM could be overkill because of its massive amount of ram but don’t worry there is no harm to use it.

Note: in this case, we must suggest, that when you have the budget then you can use 32GB Otherwise, 16GB is more suitable than 32GB for a great gaming setup.

Can RAM Overkill Destroy your PC?

No, it is not true. Infect, there is no kind of harmful effects of overkill RAM on your mobile and PC. Many people have 32GB RAM because they want the more, the better. We must suggest that if you have the amount and want the perfect gaming experience or have amazing fun or live streaming without any kind of streaming issue then you can go for it. It is highly recommended.


The quality and quantity of RAM that you need to have during live streaming and gaming totally depend on your requirements.  Yes, there is no doubt in that it will be difficult to measure how much RAM you actually need. Because a lot of people do not have any idea about how much ram they need. We have explained a detailed guide about it.

You just need to read this helpful guide carefully so that you can come to know how much ram is for gaming and streaming. But we must recommend you, it is good to invest in a good RAM for an amazing experience. We would generally recommend 32GB RAM if you plan on streaming multiple games. We hope so, this article will help you a lot!

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