Can You Use Apple Headphones For PS4?

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If you love to play PS4 games like others, then you must want to know, can you use apple headphones for ps4? As you play PS4 games, so you’ll consider how much having a set of headphones that are suitable for the game can increase its enchanting nature. Unfortunately, we’ve all been in the same condition where we’ve to get damaged our regular headphones but own Apple headphones and might be amazed if the pair of Apple headphones work on PS4.

Can you use Apple headphones for PS4? Then the answer is yes, the Apple headphones work properly and reliably on the PS4 for audio through a direct cable connection. But keep in mind, the microphone will not work because of the reason Apple uses and supports the CTIA standard headphone jack connector, whereas on the other side the PS4 controller just supports OMTP standard connectors.

In this article, it will be clear to you, can you use Apple Headphones for PS4? And I will guide you about connecting your Apple headphones to your Sony PS4 by the following three simple steps. Here is also a hack for your use that will make your Apple headphone microphone able to work on your PS4. Intrigued? So, continue reading.

How to Sync Your Apple Headphones with a PS4?

  • First of all, you have to find Your Apple Headphones and then connect these headphones to your PS4 controller. Before connecting Apple headphones, make sure that the audio jack is fine and not damaged and that both headphones operate perfectly.
  • After that, you have to plug your Apple headphones into the PlayStation 4’s audio input port carefully. You can find the audio input port on the bottom side of the PS4 controller. Always make sure the jack is plugged in rightly and it doesn’t bend at a stressful angle.
  • Automatic Setup, Now your Apple headphones should start to offer you sound automatic.
  • Sometimes, there is a setup required which is a Manual Setup. You can be able to do this by going to the settings menu of your PS4 and then turning on the headphones under the section of Audio Devices.

How to Sync Your Apple Airpods with a PS4?

Sometimes Apple AirPods and the PS4 do not sync properly but don’t worry both of them can link up with some easy hacks. As we know most certified Playstation parts dealers sell reasonably priced Bluetooth adapters. So, the most important thing is that once you have the dongle or adapter, then you can connect it easily to any Bluetooth device.

To link your AirPods to the PS4 using a Bluetooth dongle or adaptor you have to follow these easy steps.

  • Firstly you will turn on your PS4.
  • After that, you have to connect the Bluetooth adapter to the PS4’s front USB port.
  • After plugging it into the PS4, you have to put the Bluetooth adapter into pairing mode.
  • You will put your AirPods into pairing mode as well by pressing and holding the pairing button that is placed on the back of the charging case.
  • By doing this, your AirPods and PS4 will properly and automatically connect. At this point, you will see the pairing light on both of your AirPods and the Bluetooth dongle will stop flashing.
  • Now a pop-up message will appear on the screen of your PS4, you have to confirm this massage. This confirmation message will display on the screen after when the AirPods and Bluetooth dongle stop flashing.
  • Now after that, the setup will be complete and you can now be able to play your game while wearing your Apple AirPods.

How to Talk Without a Mic on PS4?

If you don’t have a microphone, then you have to install the Remote Play App on your phone, it will be the best option for you because this app allows you to use your phone as a microphone and is also free.

How to Use Remote Play App as a MIC on PS4?

  • First of all, install the “PS4 Remote Play” app on your phone, you can install it from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • After that, you have to go to Settings on your PS4-> Remote Play Connection Settings-> Add Device.
  • Now a code to connect your Device to your PS4 will be shown to you.
  • However, keep in mind you must first connect your phone and also a PS4 controller.
  • You will disconnect your PS4 controller now.
  • After that, you have to put your PS4 controller into pairing mode by simultaneously pressing and holding down the PS4 button and also the Share button until you have to see your controller’s LED start blinking.
  • Now you will find your Device’s Bluetooth list in the setting section of your phone.
  • Now just click on your PS4 controller to pair it correctly with your Device.
  • Here the LED that is on your controller will present a solid color when you connect your Device.
  • Now you will open the Remote Play app on your phone and after that log in using your PS4’s credentials.
  • Now you have to choose Register manually, and then type in the code, this code will appear on your TV screen.
  • After that, you have to click the Settings button in the bottom corner of the right side of the remote play app on your phone.
  • And now last you will turn on the microphone.
  • That’s it! Now after this setting you can use your phone as a microphone for all your gaming endeavors.

Quick Tips on Use Apple Headphones For PS4

Take Care of the Connection Chain: They can break if not properly taken care of and maintained. So, the Users must avoid putting a huge strain on the PS4 controller’s connection cables, jack, and input port.

Remote Play: You can use Remote Play if your phone supports this app.

Use Appropriate Equipment: When you are using your PS4, you have to avoid cheaper alternatives and replace headphones or converters. Because cheaper products can cause damage to your gaming and other playback devices.

Seek Professional Help: If your components are in the right working order, but still you have connection issues then for this you can contact a professional technician at either Sony or Apple to assist you in rightly connecting your Apple headphones.


Hopefully, this article has cleared you, can you use your Apple headphones for PS4? And also taught you how you can get your Apple Headphones to work on PS4. I tried my best to cover each method and every instruction for using your Apple headphones properly on the PS4. Hopefully, through this article, you have also learned how to use the right wireless, wired, and mobile phone connections on a PS4.

So, Users of Apple headphones can enjoy a highly engaging gaming experience on a PS4 with the help of their Apple headphones!

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