Will My Alarm Play Out Loud with Headphones In Android?

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Most people use alarms for waking up early in the morning and setting the alarm on their android/iPhone. So, you think about it, will my alarm play out loud with headphones on Android? Set an alarm is a need for almost everyone to stay on schedule, and making it sure you’re on time and not late for your work.

But the alarm you have set up must be loud enough to wake you up, but what do you wake up if your phone is too far out from you? Or if you don’t want to disturb anyone with the alarm else in this room? That’s the right to use your headphones or where headphones come in.

The plurality f people merely set a traditional alarm or use an app on their phones to Houston to help them wake up on schedule. But what you can do if you don’t want to disturb your roommate or bedmate? Then a thing comes to your mind, will my alarm play out loud with headphones in android? Or if you’re the one who enjoys going down sleeping with headphones on?

Alarms Play Out Loud Sound With Headphones on Android

If you are playing your alarm through your headphones then it will give you the advantage wake up early in the morning but it will guarantee that the alarm through your headphones will not disturb or annoy anyone’s sleep in this room. But keep in mind to wake up this way, you must have a pair of comfortable sleeping headphones because wearing uncomfortable headphones for a long period can be greatly painful to your ears.

Playing alarm with headphones is beneficial as you only listen to the alarm tone without teasing others in your room but for this, you have to wear your headphones for a long time or for the whole night. So, it can disturb your rest time or sleeping and can also cause pain.

And if you choose earbuds for this purpose, you have to select the one that comfortably fits into your ears to confirm that earbuds won’t fall out

because of your moving around in your sleep. It is also important to keep in mind that you have to wear your earbuds perfectly.

Methods to Play Alarm Just Through connected headphones

By insolvency, an alarm tone plays from both the speaker as well as headphones/earphones of your phone. Following are useful methods to make sure the alarm tone plays via just your headphones/earphones instead of both headphones and speakers.

If you do it then it will be extremely helpful if you want to wake up without disturbing others in your room or home at the oddest hour of the night because of a few reasons and don’t want to be late according to your schedule.

Method 1

You have to use Sleep as Android:

  1. First of all, you have to Install Sleep as Android from Play Store
  2. After doing that you have to open Sleep as Android app > Settings > Alarm default settings > then (scroll to last) Alarm output
  3. Now you have to set this to “Force headphones only”
  4. Pr0fit!

Method 2

You have to use Sound About

  1. First of all, you have to Install the Sound About app from your Play Store
  2. After that installation you have to go to the Sound About app > Settings > Alert Behavior > Wired Headset behavior > Notifications to
  3. After that, you have to set it to “Wired Headset (override)”
  4. Pr0fit!

Important Note: Sound About app allows you a trial before you buy the Pro version for $3.1USD

Is it Possible to Set Up an Alarm Through Headphones without Android?

Luckily there is an option to wake up to an alarm through your headphones. So, You have found multiple excellent smart alarm clocks. These Smart alarm clocks exist in Wi-Fi facilitated and such clocks are s can be secure with your Bluetooth-stimulated headphones.

You can also download an app for alarm clocks. Your phone may already come with a pre-installed one. If your phone doesn’t have it, so don’t worry numerous alarm clock apps work with both iOS and Android.  Alarm Mon, and Alarm Clock for Me, Good morning Alarm Clock are some of the most popular apps.

Will Your Alarm Still Go Off Even When You Are Listening to Music?

Yes, your alarm will still go off even when you are listening to your favorite music. The clock app produces sound even you are listening to music. The music will at once pause for some time when your alarm is triggered until you keep turning the alarm off. Music will again automatically play as you turned the alarm off.

Can You Change the Sound of the Alarm on Android?

Yes, you can change the alarm sound. You can do it easily. First of all, you have to tap on the option of sound, after that you have to go

through the tracks’ list that will start or play once your alarm is activated. So, once you have selected a preferred track, just tap on the back option.

Which are The Beat Alarm Clocks for Android?

Alarmy, Alarm Mom, Early Bird, Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers, Challenges Alarm, Shake-it Alarm, Puzzle Alarm Clock, and Sleep as Android Unlock is the best Alarm Clock App for Android.


To conclude we can say that alarm has a lot of importance in almost everyone’s life as alarms are crucial tools to wake up from a deep slanted rest fast. You must need to set an alarm when something is very important and you have to wake up on time like you have to attend an important meeting or an important final exam. If you’re an Android user then you can play alarm through headphones.

However, you have to opt to just play the alarm only via your headphones and not through the speakers if you don’t want to disturb your roommate. Hopefully, you have got an answer, will my alarm play out loud with headphones on Android? It is our hope our article has helped you to come to be more knowledgeable about alarm sets.

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