Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Vizio TV?

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If you want to ask, Can you connect Bluetooth Headphones to Vizio TV? Then yes, you can connect Bluetooth Headphones to Vizio TV, and people also want to know how can do it. Then don’t worry you are at the right place, here you will get each solution that you want to get. Bluetooth is known as a wireless technology of the modern era and this widely used technology allows you that you can stream your favorite music from the Vizio Smart TV to your Bluetooth headphones.

If you need to stream music from your Vizio TV and did not want any blasting at your home with a louder volume or high sound pitch, Bluetooth connectivity comes in handy, especially in this situation.

If you have to face a sound issue and can’t be able to hear the sound of your TV clearly, then you have to pair your Vizio TV with your Bluetooth headphones. As you pair your Vizio TV to your Bluetooth Headphones then you will have a crisp sound while enjoying your favorite music.

But everybody does not know how they can pair their Vizio smart TV rightly with their Bluetooth headphones. It can be tricky for you to connect your headphones to Vizio TV if you have never connected your headphones before.

So, the following guide will teach you all about the steps that you’ll need to take to pair your Vizio TV with Bluetooth headphones. So, for the right connectivity, you need to be sure to read this article for further information about the process of pairing them perfectly and successfully!

Process for Connecting Your Bluetooth Headphones to Your VIZIO Smart TV

Both the process built-in Bluetooth as well as without built-in Bluetooth for connecting your wireless headphones to your VIZIO TV is a little different from each other.

First of all, you know whether you have a Vizio TV with built-in Bluetooth or without built-in Bluetooth. So, if there is no Bluetooth on your Vizio TV then you have to use a Bluetooth transmitter.

Method of connecting Your Wireless Headphones to Your VIZIO TV with Bluetooth

The process is very simple and quick for connecting your wireless headphones to your Vizio TV if it has Bluetooth connectivity built-in, as compared to such a TV that does not have a Bluetooth option.

Following are some simple steps for connecting your Wireless Headphones to your VIZIO TV with Bluetooth:

  • First of all, you have to turn on your Bluetooth headphones and then get the headphones in the pairing mode (you can check out the headphones’ pairing process online, as this varies from continually model to model).
  • After that, you have to go to your Vizio TV’s Menu Setting through your TV remote
  • Now you will click on the Menu Settings, and then you will go to the Sounds Menu.
  • Here you have to select the Speakers tab, and then will search for your Bluetooth headphones.
  • After that, you will select your headphones from the available list, and that’s it, you are perfect to go.

Method of Connecting Your Wireless Headphones to Your VIZIO TV without Bluetooth

If your VIZIO TV is without a Bluetooth option or has no Bluetooth on-board, then you will use a Bluetooth Transmitter device to connect your headphones wirelessly to your Vizio TV properly.

Following are the steps for connecting your wireless headphones to your VIZIO TV without Bluetooth:

  • First of all, you have to connect your wireless transmitter to the power source properly, and then you have to connect the 3.5mm audio cable of this Bluetooth transmitter to the speaker jack (3.5 mm) on your VIZIO TV.
  • After that, you have to put your Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode.
  • You have to keep both the headphones and the transmitter in pairing mode until both of these get connected rightly.
  • Happily! Now you have succeeded in connecting your Bluetooth headphones to your VIZIO TV without any difficulty.

How can you connect your wired headphones to your Vizio Smart TV? 

Even if they are not wireless headphones, that you have, then still it is possible to stream a crisp sound even with the help of your wired headphones. You wonder, how is this connectivity possible?  So, it’s possible through only an audio adapter that is APEKX Clip Bluetooth.

This Bluetooth adapter has a 49 feet’s range. This means that you can receive crisp sound streaming properly by using your wired headsets in this range away from your TV. And this adapter of Bluetooth has a battery that is rechargeable with a capacity of 100mAh.

The capacity of 100mAh is perfect to provide you successfully up to 7 hours of music playtime! And it will only take one and a half hours to be fully charged. 

For your headphones jack, it has a port, giving your wired headphones the same capability just like your wireless headphones! Remember this you have to use this type of Bluetooth receiver if your headphones are wired headphones.

Can You Connect Multiple Headphones to Your VIZIO TV Wirelessly, is it possible?

If your question is, can you connect Bluetooth headphones to Vizio TV, then yes it is possible, but keep in mind you can’t be able to connect more than one headphone to your VIZIO TV wirelessly using the Bluetooth connectivity on your TV. However, it is possible in just one way if use a wireless Bluetooth transmitter for this purpose.


So, it’s right we are willing to enjoy our favorite TV shows and music in a private space, and not disturb others. Then we say the connection of Bluetooth wireless can handle this situation of teasing and blasting the whole of your neighborhood with such disturbing sounds. You will be able to stream the music from your TV to your Bluetooth headphones if you have properly known the method of pairing both devices.

 Hopefully, you have completely known, whether can you connect Bluetooth headphones at Vizio TV, and also how can you do it. Just read this article carefully and find the solution!

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