Why Do My JBL Headphones Keep Turning Off?

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If you are a JBL Headphone user then often you have to face and think about a problem why do my JBL Headphones keep turning off? Many JBL headphone users have been facing this problem lately. Many users complain that their JBL headphones are turning on randomly, even when the headphones are not in use. So, in this post we’ll try to explore a few possible causes of this problem and will try to provide solutions to help you fix your issue, why do my JBL headphones keep turning off?

In audio equipment, JBL is considered a major player. They have popularity in making headphones, speakers, subwoofers, and earbuds.  And they’re also best known for their good and high-quality subwoofers, as their headphones are considered top of the line too.  But it does not mean that they are without issues. Such as you might observe your JBL headphones turning off on their own and you become tense, why do my JBL headphones keep turning off? So, for the solution, stay tuned!

Why Do My JBL Headphones Keep Turning Off?

There are many different reasons for your JBL headphones and any other headphones to turn off. Sometimes your JBL headphones keep turning off because of disconnecting from Bluetooth, from a low battery, and also leaving the range of the connected device.

So, continue reading this post to learn more about why your JBL headphones keep turning off on their own, to know about its causes, and exactly what you need to do to fix this issue.

JBL headphones are designed to save battery life as these headphones are equipped with an auto-off feature. When this auto-off feature is enabled, your headphones will automatically turn off after 10 minutes if there is no activity. However, if your headphones are regularly being turned on and then off in just a short period, this can reason the auto-off feature to become activated ahead of time.

Why do your Headphones turn off by themselves?

If your JBL headphones turn off by themselves then there are chances that the battery is going too low. Mostly the headphones work due to the way the batteries are inside the headphones, so the headphones will definitely shut down and will not turn back on if their battery drains.

However, sometimes when the battery slowly depletes, you might observe that the device turns off. So, your JBL headphones will turn back on and then will work for just a few minutes before shutting off again.

We are not saying it’s necessarily an issue with your headphones themselves. It means that it’s a necessary time for a recharge. When you see that your JBL headphones turn off, after that work just for some minutes, and then turn off again, then simply you have to charge your headphones for a few hours, and after charging they should function as they normally work.  It can be said there’s no serious reason for concern; just need to charge your headphones.

Do Your JBL Headphones Automatically turn off?

Some devices have an energy-efficient mode such as certain Bluetooth speakers. It just means that if there is no audio playing for an extended long time then these go into sleep mode.

However, JBL products and almost the majority of Bluetooth headphones do not have this energy efficiency mode. So, simply there is just the option to power off fully after minutes of non-use.

The JBL headphones have the feature of auto-off and which means that your JBL headphones will automatically power down after five minutes in a situation of inactivity.

Happening this can be troublesome for the user that is the time taking off their headphones and putting the headphones back on, but it is for the good. Because of the technology’s limitations, the just option would be to allow y hour headphones to persist powered on, reducing battery life and making recharging more recurring.

Why do your Bluetooth Headphones keep stopping?

Besides thinking why do my JBL headphones keep turning off? You may also face the problem of your audio cutting out without your JBL headphones powering down. This is common because of the leaving the range of Bluetooth. Range differs from headphone to headphone, and it doesn’t always remain static.

You will observe that sometimes when you are moving just 15 feet from your connected device that it will cause audio to cut out; and other days, you may easily leave your phone dozens of feet away without any involvement. This is because of the reason Bluetooth isn’t always exact.

Keep in mind, there’s no certain distance that the signal of a Bluetooth can travel. It means you have to count on trial and also error to learn rightly how far you can easily get from your connected device without experiencing involvement or interference.

If you are continually losing your audio in the JBL headphones and you are sure that there is not a battery or distance issue, then it might be the right time to try resetting your JBL headphones. This resetting could fix many different problems and will make your headphones work as new.

How do you reset your JBL Headphones?

Bluetooth headphones offer the users an experience that’s simply not offered by wired headphones, but there is a reality that these headsets can be quite a glitch and mishap at times. However, don’t worry a simple and easy reset is just enough to perfectly fix the issue.

Resetting the different JBL headphone models differs for each one, but still, the process for it is almost the same. Just follow these simple steps to reset your JBL headphones:

  • First of all Power down your JBL headphones. You can find the power button on the right side of your product in most cases
  • After that, you have to hold down both the buttons volume up and down just for 20 seconds
  • After 20 seconds you will release the button, then you will hear a beeping sound that specifies that your JBL headphones have been successfully reset
  • Now you will pair your JBL headphones back with your phone and with the other audio devices
  • Now test them out and check if the issue has corrected itself or not

Finally, if after resetting your JBL headphones didn’t work properly and keep turning off, then it’s time to update the drivers. There are many headphone brands such as JBL that offer software updates on their website or other places and options online. This firmware will frequently correct known bents and add some features to your device. So, doing this is very important to keep your firmware up to date in order if you want to get the most out of your device and want to keep the device working as intended. You might be dealing with a usual issue that can be easily fixed through an easy and simple firmware update.


Hopefully, you have gotten the complete answer to a question, why do my JBL headphones keep turning off? And also have to know about its causes and their fixes. So, we can say your JBL headphones keep turning off for several reasons such as disconnecting from Bluetooth, from a low battery, and also leaving the range of the connected device, all these are possibilities. But after reading this post we expect, you have learned about their fixes!

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