Why Do Pro Gamers Wear Earbuds And Headsets?

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All-Pro sports players or gamers wear a pair of white headphones in their ears in gaming tournaments, along with a professional set of headphones. There are several reasons why these gamers or sports players wear the second set of headphones.

We can say that Sports players wear two headphones for in-game sounds and also for communicating with teammates. One of the reasons is the crowd noise, it can interfere with gameplay, so professional sports players use noise-canceling headphones to block the interference of crowd noise.

When the players or gamers accidentally click the DPI button during intense gameplay, this mistake ruins their match and they can’t continue playing their match unless they fix it.

Also, when the players or gamers try to configure the DPI settings in-game or during playing, most of the time it goes wrong. Therefore, to avoid this issue gamers always prefer to disable the DPI button when they are gaming.  

Why Do Pro Gamers Wear Earbuds And Headphones?

Following are the main reasons for using earbuds and headphones by sports players or gamers:

1. Better Listening To In-Game Sound

Though the DPI button is very useful and helpful, it can also be pretty annoying.  But when you are in the middle of a match and accidentally press the DPI button, then it will be enough to ruin your match. Also, when you try to configure the mouse DPI during a match or game, it may ruin your match. Mostly doing this goes wrong and you get stuck in the middle of the match.

 Therefore, most players or gamers prefer using the software to set correct DPI settings and then also they disable the DPI button on the mouse. But keep in mind, it is not the best solution but it works well. You have to disable your mouse DPI button if you’re facing this issue. Don’t worry, we will show you how to do that in the next section of this article.

2. Avoid Crowd Noises

It’s a big challenge for professional players to play in live gaming events. But the roaring crowd noise irritates them. As we all know, the audience goes crazy when it is a battle royal game like Fortnight and PUBG or a team deathmatch type game.

The cheering of an audience to their favorite team or yelling by the audience when something major happens, mostly destruct the gamers from focusing on the game.

To avoid this situation players have to figure out a way to block out the crowd noises that disturb them and concentrate on the game they are playing. Therefore, to make sure they have to wear an extra set of over-ear headphones that block the noise and help them to prevent this problem.  

To avoid this situation many gamers also use over-ear headphones that feature active noise cancellation. It uses the microphone of the headphones to block unwanted or disturbing noises.

3. Block out Commentators Noises

We can say that traditional sports and sports are quite similar. The role of casters is that the casters talk about analytics and strategies in the match and by doing this, entertain the audience. They keep the audience or the viewers engaged with the match. They talk continuously without any break and also make funny sounds to entertain the viewers.  

So, it’s clear that casters play an important role to bring a high amount of energy to the event, but on the other hand, it may create a bit of a problem for the gamers. It will be quite impossible for a gamer to play with all these sounds

Therefore, to avoid this situation all the pro gamers prefer to wear a set of noise-canceling headphones over the earbuds when they attend a LAN tournament.

4. Better Team Communication

Better team communication is the main and common reason that pro gamers wear both earbuds and headphones. They use outer headphones to eliminate all unwanted sounds and to receive teammates’ calls.

It proves very helpful for the gamers as it is very crucial to maintain proper communication with their team while gaming. Wearing an extra pair of headphones helps the gamers to navigate the landscape and locate enemies more effectively. One of the reasons for bad team performance is poor communication with the team.

We see that there are so many gamers who wear secondary headphones over earbuds for better and clear communication with their teammates, even if they don’t play LAN tournaments. So, we can confidently say that better communication leads the team to success.

5. Avoid Staff and Other Gamers Noises

In a gaming tournament, several players take part to compete against each other. A gamer must keep the focus on his game but in this situation, it is quite difficult. Therefore, to handle this situation mostly pro gamers wear outer headphones to avoid other gamers’ noises.

In addition, behind the stage, the crew members’ working sounds will also distract the gamers. And the movement of cameras and their lights can also become the reason to distract the gamers.

That’s why these are the main reasons that all pro gamers cover their earbuds with headphones as these headphones help them avoid all the unwanted things going around them.

Why Do Some Gamers Wear The Third Headset?

It’s informative that some players also use a third headset during LAN tournaments but it is not very common. The players usually choose flexible headphones for themselves and wrap them around their necks. We can easily observe that mostly CS: GO players are seen to wear the third headphone.

Again, better team communication is one of the most common reasons behind the use of the third headphone in gaming events. We can also say that a large number of gamers wear the third headphone to only use its microphone just for better quality voice chat. Keep in mind that clean and clear team communication is very important for any type of online game.

However, some gamers use third headphones to promote sponsors. They usually wear a headset with large ear cups around their neck which has sponsors’ stickers all over it.


To conclude we can say that gamers often wear two headphones or earbuds to reduce the outside noise. And this issue is often caused by large crowds in a gaming event or normal distractions (such as parents, pets, or friends) in a gaming room.

It’s necessary to wear two headphones if you want to keep 100% focused on your game and win the game. And two headphones are also necessary when you’re casually gaming.

One set of noise-canceling headphones will be ok but We do recommend, however, if you’re in a crowded PC bang or are in an event where you need two headphones, in our opinion, it might not be a bad idea to have white earbuds on you at all times.

But for console gamers, having a good quality pair of over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones will be good when they’re gaming at home.

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