What Type Of LED Monitor Provides The Most Accurate Color For Video Editing Workstations?

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There are many options available for video editing monitors, especially with the advance in technology. The main question that most video editors may wonder is, “what type of led monitor provides the most accurate color for video editing workstations?  So, it is a fact that you will not be able to use the same monitor for all types of video editing workstations.

So choosing the perfect monitor for your video editing workstation is the most important buy decision.  In the digital era, we need digital screens to do so.  Whether you want to edit videos on your own, it’s just an amazing experience to use that LED monitor that can accurately represent colors.

You need the best monitor for video editing to make the masterpiece of your videos work.  We have tried our best to cover all the important things. So let’s have a glance at the detailed guide!

Best LED monitor that provides the most accurate color for video editing

For the best video editing experience, IPS monitors are the best. They stand for In-plane switching. These kinds of monitors use liquid crystals that are parallel aligned to facilitate the creation of amazing colors. Their slim design and high-quality color production, make these monitors much more popular among professional editors. 

IPS monitors make it possible to get much better angles of the screen. These monitors have consistency and accuracy in color. These monitors are a good choice when color performance is required for video editing.

Whether you are a filmmaker, YouTuber, or blogger, these are best for editing your videos, or their viewing angles make them the best monitors to deliver color.

 ISP monitors provide great color accuracy, this quality makes them the best monitors for video editing workstations. These monitors can improve color accuracy by offering much displayable colors compared.

Video editors, pro photographers, CAD engineers, and graphic designers can easily purchase these monitors for their work if they want to see much importance in their video editing. They can have many benefits from these ISP monitors.

Factors to Choose the best LED monitor

There are a lot of specifications for the best monitor when you plan to buy a new one for video editing. You have many options in this regard, but it is not always easy to select one out of the many available LED monitors. With the spending times, these specifications of monitors always keep changing, this fact makes it more difficult to understand.

So, we are covering the most important specification that you have to need in your monitor for video editing workstation. This important specification will help you a lot to find out which monitor is ideal for color display compared to other monitors. You just need to understand the following:

1. Screen resolution

One of the most essential factors is Screen resolution when it comes to video editing. If the resolution is good, the visuals will be automatically perfect.

2. Screen size

The screen size is also very important for video editing. The size of the screen should be matched to the footage’s resolution. Because it brings much difference in how the footage you are editing will look. 

In order to comfortably view during your video editing process, just look for a big screen monitor.  The result may be stretched when the screen of the monitor is so big, but low resolution.

3. Panel Types

This is totally wrong thing to think that LCD monitors can be used just for editing. IPS panels are much more versatile and these ISP LEDs support more color spaces. These monitors provide amazing viewing angles as compared to TN.

The contrast and brightness ratios are also amazing, which can make them ideal for a wide range.  OLEDs are the most advanced which provide wider viewing angles, better contrast ratios, and true blacks. They are expensive but offer excellent picture quality.

3. Calibration

This is a process of calibrating the color of the LED light.  It can be used for any purpose. This includes controlling many display brightness, displaying and reading text, and making all other electronic products are working perfectly.

Some monitors come with calibration software, that provides to calibrate the color setting but you need a tethered calibration device for multi-monitor setups. It is very important to understand the above specs that will help you determine how color will be displayed on the led monitor

4. Color range

Color gamut or color space is a set of parameters for accuracy a monitor can display color or color model. It is a range of colors displayed on the screen of the monitor. Our eye perceives different colors by analyzing the light. 

Infect, we do have not such a screen that shows all the colors our eyes can see. So the One-color gamut is sRGB. It is the most commonly used option. When we have the power to make an amazing system for it, then we will expect that it will be perfect in the first place.

5. Color depth

Color depth is called dynamic color range. 8-bit color depth is good enough and there are many advanced options available. If you try the best color during the video editing workstation, then you should invest in 10-12bit monitors.


As we told you that there are a lot of options available in the market, some are cheap and others costly. When you plan to purchase an LED monitor for video editing, then there are a lot of factors to consider, as we mentioned above. There is also a lot of color management software in the market.

But the best among them is that which comes with a color monitor. Because it will allow you to adjust the setting of colors of your monitors. The above information will definitely help you to find the best IPS LED monitors in the market for all video editing needs. We hope so, this article on “what type of LED monitor provides the most accurate color for video editing workstation” will help you a lot!

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