How To See Video Call History On Instagram?

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How to see video call history on Instagram? Instagram users need to know it and sometimes you want to know who is chatting with you on Instagram and want to check your call history on Instagram.

There is no built-in way to check your video call history on your Instagram, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible, there are some workaround procedures that you can use in this way.

You can be able to check the recent video call history by going to the phone application and tapping on the current tab, you have to apply this if you are an iPhone user.

If you do it, it will display a list that contains all your recent video calls and phones. When you find a video call tipped here, you have to tap on it to see more details.

Same as this, an Android phone user can also check your recent video calls, for this, you have to open the Phone app and then tap on the History tab.

Is it possible to check call history on Instagram?

A few years ago, Instagram did not have built-in features that allowed users to check their calls but after the 2022 update by Instagram, you can do so. Basically, checking call history on your Instagram typically refers to veiling a list of audio or video calls that you have made through your Instagram app. Call history features allow you to see whom you have called when the calls were made and even the duration of the call. However, this feature is often used for keeping track of communications or reviewing past interactions.

Instagram Call History Check

Instagram call history Check follow the below steps carefully.

  1. Open your Instagram app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the message icon at the very top.
  3. Now, on here tap the name of the person in the conversation header that you want to see all audio calls and messages.
  4. But if you want to see all the call history click on the camera plus icon in the top right corner, and here is all the call history you see at once.

Check Call History On Instagram

To check call history on Instagram follow the step-by-step instruction

  1. Ensure that your account is set to a personal account, not a professional account.
  2. After ensuring that your account is personal, go to your DMs via your Messages icon, and tap on the camera app to see your call history, including both audio and video calls.

The process to Check video call history on Instagram

Following is an easy way to see video call history on Instagram:

  1. As mentioned above, there is no built-in way available to check video call history on Instagram, but as a helping tool, there are third-party applications are available that can be able to do it, and through using these apps you can see video call history on Instagram.
  2. A few of the most famous choices include Call Recorder ( by Recast ) Call History (by FoneLab), and Call Tracker (by Phone Radar).

Where you can Find Your Call History on Instagram?

If you’re wondering where your call history is on Instagram, the answer to finding your call history on Instagram is a bit tricky and complicated. As Instagram does retain a call feature, it doesn’t indeed store any call history within the application.

So, it’s clear that you won’t get the record for your past calls within Instagram itself. Yet, it doesn’t mean there’s no way to find your call history on Instagram.

Several methods are available to access call history for different devices as it is depending on which devices you utilize for receiving or making calls on Instagram.

Video Call History On Instagram

How can you call a video call on Instagram?

The video call feature is functional on Instagram, so, you can start a video chat by swiping into your Direct inbox. Firstly, you have to swipe into your direct box and after that, you have to open any message thread. 

Then you have to tap the new camera icon, which is placed in the right corner, and that way the video chat will ring your friends’ phones.

Are Video Calls Save on Instagram?

You might be wondering about saving your Instagram video calls. So, the answer is depending on the video call’s type, the method is simple. As we know the video calls are created directly from your Instagram app, so you do not need to download any other extra apps for this purpose.

You can both talk and scroll simultaneously while chatting. You only have to open the video call in the app’s Direct Messages section. As your call is started, you can be able to scroll down to continue your chat without any pauses or interruptions.

The users of Instagram enjoy taking photos during their video calls via the screen recording feature. Your screenshots automatically save in the camera roll, and you can enjoy the facility to share your screenshots by sending a private message or developing a new Story. Further, Instagram comprehends the behavior of the user and authorizes you to multitask during a video call.

So, You can freely scroll your feed during watching a shorter version of your video call pop-up. You can be able to send this screen recording to the other person.

Video Call History On Instagram

How do you delete your video call history on Instagram?

You have to follow these apps in order to delete your video call history on Instagram:

First of all, you have to Open the Instagram application on your device. After that, you have to tap on your profile picture in the top corner of the left side of your screen.

Under “Account Settings,” you have to tap on “Video Call.” After that, you have open the “Video Call History” page, you will tap on the three lines that you can see in the top left corner that says “Delete.”


To conclude, if you are an Instagram user then it’s just that you enjoy its video call feature but if you want to see video call history on Instagram but don’t know how? Then it means this article will be very helpful for you. So, read carefully and get a good solution!

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