How To Get PS2 BIOS On Android Phones

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PlayStation 2 is as popularly known as the PS2 and is one of the most sought-after gaming consoles in this generation of gaming. When you start mentioning the list of undisputed overlords of video gaming systems, PlayStation becomes one of the names on that list as it has sold over 150+ million units.

How To Get PS2 BIOS On Android Phones

Today, developers have made emulators known as the PS2 emulators, which have reduced the glory of the actual PlayStation gaming console as the apps run directly on Android phones and PCs, which are not gaming consoles.

So, how do these PS2 emulators and Playstation 2 BIOS work to bring out the experiences on handheld devices and PCs?

What are PS2 emulators and BIOS?

I know the question running in your mind right now is, “how can or how will PlayStation games run on my PC or phone?” Realistically, it is not possible to run any PlayStation games on mobile phones and desktops due to both hardware and software engineering.

Due to this reason, developers created emulators that act as the bridge and possess gaming console capabilities that allow you to run PS games on mobile phones and PCs. And this is how the PlayStation games can be played on mobile devices and PCs via emulators.

How to use PS2 emulators on Android Phones?

In this case, ROMs are the PS2 games for emulators and are created in an ISO file format that is or will become the game itself. For you to play these PS games on your Android phone, you’ll need a BIOS specific for the PS2. Without the PS2 BIOS, you cannot run the PlayStation games on your mobile device.

Using the PS2 BIOS and ROMs on Android phones is pretty straightforward, and here are the steps to follow:

  1. Get the PS2 BIOS file from ROM websites.
  2. Download the appropriate PS2 Emulator.
  3. Copy and paste the BIOS file into the folder containing the PS2 Emulator.
  4. Run the Emulator and refresh the ROMs that have the games on your BIOS.
  5. And play the game as it is.

Best PS2 emulators for Android compatible with PS2 BIOS.

1: Damon PS2 pro

Damon PS2 Pro is one of the emulators that you can find on the google play store and is one of the best gaming emulators that offer an experience similar to the PlayStation, only that it is on the phone.

It has a swift performance and can run a more significant percentage of the PS2 games on the game catalogue. It offers widescreen gameplay, NEON acceleration, multi-threading and can control the mapping features of the games.

2: Play Emulator

This is another famous PlayStation emulator that is suitable for all Android devices. It allows a 128-bit gaming experience without the need of getting a PS2 BIOS file, thereby occupying less space on your mobile device.

The impressive thing about this Emulator is that it is free of charge from Play Store, only that it has not been updated in a long time, making it a bit sluggish. However, it is a reasonably good emulator on your device if you do not want to spend money on emulators.


PPSSTWO was formerly known as PTWOE and is an emulator compatible with all Android phones. Unlike the Play emulator, PPSSTWO is updated constantly, leaving you with no worries of incompatibility with the game titles in the PlayStation games catalogue.

The app has two versions that differ in stability, speed and user experience. The more stable version is less prone to crashing, unlike the unstable one. PPSSTWO is available for download on Google Play Store or their website.

4: RetroArch

RetroArch Emulator is popularly liked and famous because of its vast retro-gaming systems, including PS2. It has plugins known as the ‘cores’, which you can download from this Emulator.

The Emulator is stable, especially while running light games such as the “Tekken Tag”. RetroArch may not have the ability to support heavy games, but it has a comprehensive collection of games that you can play on the PS2 via this Emulator.

It is entirely free in Google Play Store.

People Also Ask

Can I download the PS2 BIOS on my Android phone?

No, it is not possible to download the PS2 BIOS on an Android phone. The BIOS is a copyrighted, proprietary piece of software that is not legally available for download. But if you want to download you can follow the above process to download it. (on your own risk)

Is it legal to download the PS2 BIOS?

No, it is not legal to download the PS2 BIOS. The BIOS is a copyrighted, proprietary piece of software, and it is illegal to download it without permission from the copyright holder.


PlayStation games are playable on Android phones as well as PCs. As we have discovered above, all you need is the PCSX ROM installed on your phone and PS2 BIOS download to enable you to play your favorite PS2 games on your phone. If you can’t buy the PS2 console, get yourself an emulator, and enjoy the same experiences.

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