Why Does The Apple Watch Keep Locking?

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When you find your apple watch unexpectedly locks itself even when it is on your wrist, this may be unbelievable to you and you must be thinking why this Apple watch keep locking. If you have an Apple Watch, then you must know that your apple watch can be locked or unlocked very easily.

It is designed to lock when you are not wearing it for some security issues so that no one can get your personal information from your apple watch that simply means you can enter the code to unlock your apple wristwatch once a day. When you put it on your wrist but if your watch keeps locking by itself even on your wrist then don’t be upset, there might be some issue with the settings.

However, if you face this issue then we are here to solve your problem. Here is a detailed guide on “why the apple watch keep locking”? And how can you solve this issue? So keep reading for further detail!

Apple Watch keeps locking

A cool Apple wristwatch can do a lot, you can use it Apple watch to make calls, text, listen to music, make payments, mobile purchases monitoring health and fitness-related data .so it’s amazing and versatile. As we all know that the Apple Watch can be locked or unlocked very easily, but sometimes when it keeps locking without the user wanting or expecting it might become so irritating situation.

So, when your Apple Watch keeps locking by itself, then it becomes so difficult to check notifications than intended.  In this bad situation, there are some simple ways to check if it solves the Apple Watch keep locking problem.

Apple Watch Keep Locking

How to Unlock iPhone With Apple Watch Works?

That’s true it has a lot of features But that’s not mean it is perfect. The common issue is that your apple watch keeps locking itself.  If you put off your apple watch and then put it back on, then you have to enter your passcode and unlock the display of your watch. but what if the screen keeps locking even while you’re wearing the Apple Watch on your wrist? So then you have to do some troubleshooting. Here are some fixes that you can apply:

Detection of a wristwatch:

  • First of all, you need to begin the watch app on your iPhone.
  • Here, you will find the “My Watch tab”, click on it
  • Next, you will an option of “passcode”, tap it.
  • Now, turn on the ‘wrist detection” from here by swiping the button from the right.
  • But you must ensure that the passcode is turned on.
  • Next, you will find “turn passcode off”
  • Here you need to tap the option of “turn passcode on”
  • Now you have to put your “passcode” on your watch when directed.

1. Check the apple watch operating properly

Tightly and loosely wearing will affect the operating system of your apple wristwatch. So, Make sure that there is no gap between your watch band and your skin, your wristwatch that you have worn should not be loose. No need to wear your apple watch so tight. The issue of your apple watch keep locking can be occurred by won too far up to the wrist bone. So always bent it closer to your wrist bone.

2. Clean the back of your apple wrist watch

Technically speaking, there are some sensors on the back of your apple wristwatch. So when these sensors become so dirty, it will affect the operating system of your wrist watch and also it will lose track of your wrist and then your apple watch keep locking. So you can easily resolve this issue by cleaning the back of your apple watch with water and after that wiping it with a piece of cloth.

3. Firmware update

Outdated software is also the reason for the locking issue. You may also need to check for firmware updates. Here is how to do this:

  • First of all, open the apple watch app on your iPhone
  • Now tap the menu button
  • Here you will find the option of “general”, tap it
  • Now click on the option of a software update.

From this menu bar, you can also check that is there any new software for your watch or not. If there is no new software then you have to update your older software and if you will find new software then you should install it on your watch.

4. Restart your both devices

If all these solutions did not work then you can do another thing. You can restart both your apple watch and iPhone. Then wait for some time to turn on back. Turn on your iPhone first then turn on your wrist apple watch. You can also resolve the issue of ” why does the apple watch keep locking”?

5. Get the apple service

If none of the above fixes work then there is another reason such as the watch has suffered a sensor failure or faulty sensors. So in this case you can get the apple service to get your apple watch tested by any apple technician so that they can repair or replace your apple watch.


Apple wristwatch is the most powerful device that has a lot of special features. But you must know that this could face some common issues such as “apple watch keep locking”. Hopefully, now you have a better idea why the apple watch keep locking and you can also easily resolve your issue of “Apple Watch keep locking” after getting all the basic information that we provide in this helpful post.  If no one solution does not work then get the help of an apple technician.

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