How to Avoid Headphone Hair?

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Most people want to know, how to avoid headphone hair. As they use their headphones most of the hours in the day and are also concerned about their hair styling and their maintenance. So, they want a solution for that. A majority of people all around the world use headphones device widely. And you will be one of them such as you use them personally, listen to your favorite music,  and a few times using headphones at your work.

And of course, sometimes you use your headphones to get a fun time without being disturbed by background noise that may surround you in your office.

But alas! Such use of headsets turns your hair into an odd look and destroyed the styling that you have given your hair hardly. Everything is going amazingly and well until your hair looks awful. But when headphones destroy this great look, then you think about, how to avoid headphones. Because it’s a reality, you can’t avoid using headphones so you have to go for tips and tricks to avoid headphone hair and it’s the right place for your solution!

But before going to solutions to avoid headphone hair, you have to need to know what is headphone hair. So following is a complete detail about headphone hair and to avoid headphone hair:

What is Mean By Headphone hair?

Yes, it’s true headphones are cool and give you a cool and stylish look, especially the latest new headphones that have those wonderful headphone brands and designs. So, these headphone bands though mostly comfortable but still, these bands do the “wrong” thing to the hair, and that bad thing is headphone hair. We can call it a dent that is created on your hair, right at the place on your head where you have to wear the band of the headphone.

Simply it’s the result of wearing your headphones for a long time. The headband of your headphones can be the reason for headphone hair as your hair stands up and then leave a dent in your hair.

Different Ways to Avoid Headphone hair

Following are a few different ways in which you can avoid headphone hair instead of avoiding the use of headphones:

1. Give a Cut to Your Hair

If you want to prevent headphone hair then the best and short way is cutting your hair. You can do it easier to get rid of this tension. If you do this then your headphones’ band won’t be in immediate contact with your hair. Cutting your hair is considered one of the simplest and easiest ways of preventing and stopping headphone hair.

2. Try to Wear Caps

If you love your hair and don’t want to cut them then you can wear caps or hats to avoid headphone hair. It is also a very simple and easy thing to do, you just need a hat to wear and can avoid headphones hair. But some people don’t like to wear caps then they can try something other rather than caps.

3. Don’t Use Headphones for Too long

To avoid headphone hair the easiest and best way is that you have to avoid using or wearing your headphones for too long or for long periods. You should take some breaks of a few minutes during your listening sessions through this your hair will get a chance to relax.

4. Try to Use Lightweight Headphones

If you want to avoid headphone hair and are concerned about it then you have to try to use lightweight headphones. It’s a good idea because lightweight headphones will place lighter or less pressure on your head and hair. If you use them you feel easier and more comfortable even for extended periods.

5. Use the Headband in a Different Way

As you know headbands are the main reason for headphones hair, besides in-ear ones almost all headphones have a headband. But most people use their headphones and bands in a way to give style to their hair.

Keep in mind if you want to avoid headphone hair then you have to try to use the headband differently, as you shouldn’t put the headband across the head, instead of doing this you should move your hair back and then use the headband just as you do or use your normal headband.

6. Try to Use In-Ear Headphones

To avoid headphones hair you can use in-ear headphones because these headphones don’t have any type of headbands. But, if you like to use over-ear headphones or on-ear headphones.

 And if you have those types of headsets, then it does not mean that you should just wear and use those over-ear headphones. If you want to avoid headphones hair then you have to use in-ear headphones so that your headphones usage period with the headband can in a  way cut off.

7. Use Styling Gel

The most popular way among people to avoid headphones hair is styling your head. A majority of people has the opinion that braided hair is one of the most important and wonderful ways to avoid headphones hair. You can easily do it and can cover your hair in this way to avoid headphone hair.

8. have to Use Earbuds

If you don’t like in-ear headphones and don’t want to use them then there is the best optic option for buds for you as they are an outstanding alternative. You can avoid headphones hair by using earbuds as they can easily fit in your ears and not have a headband to wear, so they don’t become the reason for headphone hair in any way.

9. Try a Ponytail or Bun

There is a great option for you if you have long hair that you have to put your hair up into a bun or ponytail. This way will help you to avoid headphone hair even if you have long hair. It will prevent your hair from being affected by your headphones’ pressure.

If you need to use your headphones for long times then must try to keep your hair in a hairstyle that is suitable with your headphones’ band you can try braids, buns, and ponytails. They all will be effective.

How Can You Fix Headphone Hair After Getting It?

If you have no headphone hair then be careful and do precautions to avoid it but if you have got it then you can do the following simplest things to fix headphone hair:

  • You have to Spray some water on the area of your head where you have headphone hair to fix it. After spraying water, you should brush your hair tightly or strongly. It’s an easy way to fix your issue.
  • If you see that water is not doing well then you have to use hair gel instead of water. As you know you can make any shape by using hair gel.
  • You have to use a hair straightener to fix it. As you can use it any way that you want, and you can easily move around the headphone hair placed on your head.


Headphone hair is a disturbing thing and a problem but you can easily avoid headphone hair or minimize its chances just by following the above tips and tricks.  All the tricks that have been mentioned above are very simple and easy to do but have the ability to avoid headphone hair. Hopefully, you have got the solution for your headphone hair issue. So live carefully and stay fit!

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