Guide to Leveling The Leatherworking Profession In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

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Since ancient times, World of Warcraft has been that MMO where the emphasis in the player’s activities was not only on quests and gaining a level but also on progress in other mechanics. The crafting system allows players not only to diversify their farm but also to be able to earn gold and equip their hero on their own without the help of raids.

Professions related to production, and not the collection of resources, require the player to either invest in the purchase of missing materials, or leveling the corresponding profession to collect the necessary components. For leatherworking, this would be skinning.

Of course, you can always invest, or buy gold from the Skycoach service, so as not to engage in the collection profession at all, but it is better to combine your efforts and deal with the issue of your own equipment yourself.

What is a leather worker in the World of Warcraft?

The Leatherworker is the master crafter of leather and the creator of most of the gear for crafters and artisans.

The skin is obtained by dressing from the skins of animals or purchased at the marketplace.

The leatherworker can create light equipment for archers and daggers, make bags for artisans that will increase the overall inventory limit, and make leather helmets.

Leveling The Leatherworking Profession In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

What has changed in the leatherworking profession in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

The Dragonflight update brought a lot of changes to the general profession system in order to return the former interest of the players on the server to it.

Over the past updates, professions have lost their meaning, and the developers from Blizzard have begun a radical reworking of all crafts and gathering professions to return their relevance and interest to the players.

Leveling The Leatherworking Profession In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight


Now every profession and the tanner here is no exception, has its own development opportunities and deepening in one of the areas of its profession in order to increase the efficiency and quality of the items produced.

Focuses might include strengthening the crafting of leather gear for warriors, crafting gear for other artisans, and crafting useful secondary items.


Now, each profession has its own set of characteristics that can affect the quality of the goods produced.

Among the general parameters that can be developed with equipment, which will be discussed below, the following characteristics can be improved:

  • Overproduction
  • Inspiration
  • Resourcefulness

Overproduction allows you to produce more items than originally planned by the recipe, spending the same amount of resources on production.

Inspiration allows you to randomly increase the overall level of the leatherworking skill and create a much more valuable and rare item than originally planned.

Resourcefulness allows you to use much less resources and materials in production than was originally included in the recipe.

You will see information about the triggering of the useful effects in the artisan interface for any profession, which is also accompanied by a purple glow.


Since the Dragonflight update, all artisans have received their own equipment variations that increase the main parameters affecting the quality and quantity of equipment produced.

Each artisan can have three items useful for his craft, but they can be created by different professions – this is how Blizzard made the general connection between artisans and dependence on each other.

This means that you will not be able to craft all three items of artisan equipment for yourself, and you will either have to seek help from other craftsmen or buy low-quality items in the marketplace.

Fortunately, thanks to the new order table, with the help of which players can craft any equipment with someone else’s hands, you can also get high-quality craft equipment and make good money by producing it for other artisans.

The higher the level of equipment, the more characteristics it adds and, in addition, higher-quality items have a bonus to the general indicator of the profession.

The best equipment for a leatherworker would be:

  • Draconite Leatherworking Knife – gives an increase of 52 to a random parameter and +6 to leatherworking skill. Crafted by a blacksmith.
  • Kazgorite leatherworking knife – gives an increase of 132 to a random parameter and +10 to leatherworking skill. Crafted by a blacksmith, and is a more valuable counterpart to the previous item.
  • Elastic jumpsuit – created by you and gives an increase to inspiration and overproduction.
  • Artful jumpsuit – created by you and gives an increased increase to inspiration and overproduction and +6 to the leatherworking skill, being an improved analogue of the previous item.
  • Draconite Leatherworker’s Pack – Increases resourcefulness and item production speed. Created by the master tanner himself.
  • Kazgorite leatherworker’s set – increases similar parameters twice as much and increases the skill of leatherworking. Created by the artisan himself and is a high quality item.

You should remember that any equipment associated with the craft does not require timely putting on and taking off. This means that the World of Warcraft game system itself monitors whether you have the necessary equipment in your inventory to improve the quality of crafting, and subject to this rule, the equipment itself will be put on during the work and removed upon completion. The only condition is that the equipment must be in the inventory.


In the Dragonflight update, in order to be able to further develop your craft, you need to go to the dragon islands.

First, go to the local NPCs, which allow you to re-learn the craft of leatherworking and start accumulating knowledge parameters.

Knowledge is needed for the development of specializations, which will become available after the 25th level of the craft, in our case, leatherworking.

You will master one specialty without problems by gaining knowledge by crafting new items for the first time.

Next, you will need quests on the Dragon Isles, which have a cooldown of seven days.

This means that over time you will be able to master absolutely all specializations and become a full-fledged master of your profession, but it will take a lot of time.

Order table

This is an innovation in the Dragonflight update, which allows professional masters to create items for ordinary players and earn in-game gold. The amount is always negotiable and is set by the players themselves, and the system makes sure that the order is completed on time and transferred to the client, and the performer receives his gold.

The Writ Table is ideal for gradually leveling professions on simple and complex orders and for earning gold, and for clients, it is an opportunity to order crafting of items that cannot be transferred due to ownership with automatic assignment of equipment to the one who created it. The Order Table bypasses this mechanic and allows you to create even a masterpiece if the performer has a high level of skill and good crafting equipment.

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