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During the journey, everyone like to listen to music in the car. So, The Tesla is a fantastic dashboard system that allows you to access and play music without a phone or music player. So when your Destiney is at the long distance and your car doesn’t play music, then it must be so frustrating.

But what can be the reasons behind Tesla streaming music not working? Basically, there are three main reasons for a Tesla car stops to play music. Maybe you do not have a data signal in that location, maybe it requires a ‘screen only’ reboot, or it is also possible that you need a full system reboot.

But don’t worry about that, these issues can be fixed. So in this amazing post, we will mention some easy fixes to resolve the issue of “tesla streaming music not working”. Well, you can try a few different ways to solve the issue. So let’s get started for further detail!

How to Play Music in a Tesla?

Well, if you are a music lover and love to enjoy music in the car then you must be aware of its features. However, Tesla has a lot of amazing features. There is no doubt, it has an amazing audio system, and you can also select different ways to input and play music.

But if your Tesla doesn’t play music one way, you can go with the other methods to see if they work. You can also use the features that are mentioned below:

  • The Tesla car music system can play FM radio. If you have a local station, then you can turn on your radio and listen to enjoy the music.
  • Well, Teslas have streaming services built-in.
  • Tesla has Bluetooth capabilities to play music.
  • You can also use a USB stick to play your favorite music in a Tesla.

Why Would Music Not Play?

Well, there are many things that can happen to stop playing the music in your Tesla. But the top three common reasons behind Tesla not playing music include:

  1. Loss of connection
  2. Update Required
  3. 3G connection is no longer supported

Here is how to fix these issues in no time:

1. Loss of Connection

Loss of connection is one of the common reasons behind your music not playing. Well, there are three options to listen to the music in your Tesla music system:

  • Radio
  • Streaming music using Tesla’s built-in service
  • Bluetooth on your phone

FM Radio

Some years ago, FM Radio was removed from all Teslas being outdated technology but FM radio was reinstated in 2020. FM Radio is transmitted through the antennae because these Radio waves can transmit over long distances, but sometimes your radio goes quiet.

Maybe you are in a forested area, a mountainous region, or an underground car park that’s why you are unable to listen to FM radio. So when you reached out to these places your FM will automatically turn on.

Streaming Music through Tesla

Tesla gives you two music streaming options, first is Tidal and second is Spotify. So you have bought a paid subscription to access your music. Maybe your subscription has expired.

So you need to check whether you are connected to the Tesla app or not such as Tesla App, Software, or Car Details. So, it will tell you if you are subscribed to Premium or not. If you are not, then you have to subscribe to Premium to have access to the music.

Bluetooth on Your Phone

Basically, connecting your phone to your Tesla s is so easy. Sometimes connectivity is disappear because your phone has been connected somewhere else, or you just have done a phone software update.

So, No Bluetooth connection is a basic reason why your music won’t play. So you have to check first, you are connected to Bluetooth on your tesla Touchscreen. On the mobile phone screen, you can see the Bluetooth symbol. If your phone is connected somewhere else then you have to connect it to your tesla streaming music system.

2. Reset Your Tesla

Outdated software can be the main culprit. In this order, you have to update the software. You can do either a ‘Hard’ or ‘Soft’ update.

Hard Update:

  • First of all, you have to remove any auxiliary items that are plugged
  • Now you have to Press and hold the Brake
  • Here you can hold both scroll wheels on your steering wheel for seconds
  • Now the touchscreen will go black
  • Now you can see Tesla Logo will appear
  • Now your music will also be available, you can listen to the music

Soft Reset

  • First of all, you have to remove any devices
  • Now you have to hold both scroll wheels on the steering wheel for a half minute
  • Now the touchscreen turns black
  • And you will see Tesla Logo on the screen
  • Now everything gets back again.

3. 3G connection no longer

However, 3G Network has been disabled in tesla cars. Due to 3G being removed, it is possible that your car had 3G connectivity that’s why you are facing this issue. If this is the main issue then you should not be so upset because Tesla cars have offered to install a new modem to overcome the 3G network problem. But it must be surprising that it costs almost $200. So you can update to older models to have access to the music.


After a busy day when you return home in your car then, listening to your favorite music can be a great way to relax. But unfortunately when your car doesn’t want to play music, then you can try above mentioned easy solutions. These solutions are so simple and they do work. So that’s all you need to know about “tesla streaming music not working”? We have mentioned the basic reasons for this issue and also their easy fixes. We hope this article will help you a lot!

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