How to Make a Fireworks in Minecraft?

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The question is that how does the player make a fireworks in Minecraft? So, to make fireworks need to put the gunpowder and firework star beside each other on the crafting table.

 But the first thing to understand is what is a firework in Minecraft? So, we can say that the Firework is an item that can be obtained by crafting in Minecraft. Although the player wants to celebrate a successful mining expedition with his friends or add many styles to the crossbow combats, it’s really fun to use fireworks in Minecraft. Don’t worry there is no risk of your Minecraft pets getting frightened.

Fireworks are very easy to craft, but the player can make something unique with advanced Redstone knowledge and creativity. Fireworks are mid-game items and help the player in the world quickly

The player can customize the shape of the firework explosion. The player can add a fire charge to create a large, spherical explosion; by a gold nugget the player can make a star-shaped explosion; the head of any type will generate an explosion, a creeper face shape, and a feather can create a burst shape explosion. However, just one shape modifier can be used in the firework star.

How to Make a Fireworks in Minecraft?
How to Make a Fireworks in Minecraft?

Once the player of Minecraft created the star, the player can also add “fade to color” effect by combination of the star with any dye.

By reading this article you will be able to make fireworks in your favorite game Minecraft.

Required materials to make a fireworks in Minecraft

The player just needs the following simple materials to make Fireworks in Minecraft:

  • Gunpowder
  • Paper
  • Dye

process to make Fireworks in Minecraft

Step-by-Step Guide:

Let’s have a look at the step-by-step guide the player needs to follow to make fireworks in Minecraft:

Step-1: How to find Gunpowder

If the player is going to make fireworks in Minecraft, the first thing the player needs is gunpowder. Now the question comes to mind? How can find gunpowder? So, to acquire gunpowder, all have to do is kill a creeper.

Killing a creeper will sound odd but it is easy. When the Creepers come close to the player, so all he needs to do is hit the creeper and backup before it explodes then hit it again. When the creeper will die, it will drop gunpowder. The player can take this gunpowder to use in crafting fireworks in Minecraft.

How to Make a Fireworks in Minecraft?
How to Make a Fireworks in Minecraft?

Step-2: Get the paper to make fireworks

The next step is to get some paper. Now the player needs to craft paper, to craft paper, the player needs to acquire at least three sugar cane (sugar cane can be found near the sources of water in the world of Minecraft).

When the player got sugar, he just needs to place these sugar cane on the crafting table, after a while, there will appear paper. The player can take the paper.

Step-3: Chose your color

 Once the player has all the required materials such as paper, and gunpowder. Now the player needs to decide what color he wants the firework to be. It doesn’t matter which color is going to be used for the crafting recipe so pick any color the player wants.

Step 4: Making fireworks star

 Finally, it’s time to make fireworks star. For the recipe, all the player needs to do is to put a piece of gunpowder next to any dye that the player wants to use in the crafting method. This process will make an item, which is called a firework star.

Step-5: Crafting Firework Rocket:

After crafting the firework star, now the player needs to place gunpowder and paper on the table of crafts with it. This method will turn the firework star immediately into three firework rockets. No doubt it’s a very simple process.

Note: There are some facts to remember when the player is creating fireworks. How to craft the firework will determine different aspects of its explosion.

When the player is crafting with gunpowder, so, the player can add more and more gunpowder to the crafting recipe (up to three times). This act will make the rocket fly higher.

When the player is crafting with dyes (colors), so, the player can add more dyes to this recipe to have it burst with more than only one color. The player can have more than eight different colors in one firework! This is an amazing thing! Right?

How to Make a Fireworks in Minecraft?
How to Make a Fireworks in Minecraft?

Crafting a Minecraft Firework Display

After getting the fireworks, the players need to know how to set them off to create the ultimate show. When the player uses a firework on a block, it will fire automatically.

Use of Fireworks in Minecraft

Infect, the player can make an impressive display with fireworks, they can be used for many different purposes, such as Fireworks are so fantastic way to across the sky when using fireworks with Elytra, this can also can give the player a massive boost in momentum.

The player can also shoot the firework rockets out of crossbows. When the player Uses a rocket with a higher flight duration, it will give the rocket more range to fly, and there creates more chances of much damage as well with more firework stars.

How to Make a Fireworks in Minecraft?
How to Make a Fireworks in Minecraft?

Differences of Fireworks between Versions

If the player is going to use the crossbow to launch a rocket in Java edition so it will result in the rocket exploding upon contact with a mob. However, if the player uses a crossbow to launch a Rocket in Bedrock edition, the rocket will pass through the entity and only deal damage at the end of its flight path.

Using fireworks with Elytra is much similar to both Bedrock and Java editions in this game. Fireworks got in creative mode will have a flight duration of one in the Bedrock edition while The Java edition of Minecraft does not have any flight duration from fireworks obtained in the creative menu.

How to Make a Fireworks in Minecraft?
How to Make a Fireworks in Minecraft?


Now the player can make the fireworks easily in Minecraft. Now the player can also put on many fun displays in the world of Minecraft. We suggest that the player should create a farm of creepers. This will be so helpful that the player can constantly keep crafting, and using them to fly with an Elytra on the back.

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