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The super game Minecraft is all about using recipes to make many items that the player needs to succeed. To make a paper in Minecraft is one of the necessary items.  Paper is the most important item of your inventory in Minecraft. Undoubtedly, paper plays a key role in this amazing game.

To make paper in Minecraft is very simple. You just need very simple material to make a paper. In the world of Minecraft, paper is a building block of a lot of different recipes. No doubt, paper is an item that can be used in crafting other things like maps, books, bookshelves, etc.

Make Paper In Minecraft
Make Paper In Minecraft

Let’s get started, how to make a paper in Minecraft? Our useful guide will walk you through everything you want to know to make a paper in Minecraft.

Supported Platforms

First of all, we talk about these platforms In Minecraft, where the paper is available. These versions of Minecraft are given below:

  • Java Edition (Windows, Mac & Linux PCs)
  •  Bedrock Edition (Xbox One,  Windows 10 PCs, Fire OS, Android,   Nintendo Switch)
  • Pocket Edition (PE)
  • Education Edition ( window 10 PC,s, IOs, Mac)
  • Play station Edition (Play station 3 & 4)

Required Materials to Make a paper

    The player just needs the following simple items to craft paper in Minecraft.

  • 3 Sugar canes
  • Crafting table

Make Paper In Minecraft In 4 Steps

You will learn about crafting paper in Minecraft through the step-by-step following guide:

Note:  To make the paper in Minecraft, firstly you need to craft that ingredient that is used in papermaking, to craft a paper you’ll need three Sugar Cane items and a crafting table. So first of all, you need to find out the plants of sugar cane in the world of Minecraft. Let’s have a look at where to find sugar cane.

Make Paper In Minecraft
Make Paper In Minecraft

Step 1: Find Sugar Cane

As we all know that Sugar Cane is a basic item in Minecraft which means the player can’t make it. The player needs to find the plant of sugar cane first, make the paper, and then harvest it. The plants of sugar cane can be found anywhere around the world of Minecraft as it mainly grows near the sources of water (lake, river, ocean, etc.), as sugar cane needs a source of water to grow.

Step 2: Harvest the Sugar Cane

When the player found the tall green plants of sugar cane plant, then the player just needs to break the sugar cane to harvest it. There is no special process to break the plants of sugar cane, you have to break them as any other basic ingredient in the world of Minecraft. Simply the player does not need any special equipment for harvesting.

Finally, The plants of sugar can will disappear after a few seconds so the player just picks up the Sugar Cane quickly. Sugar Cane is very a useful item in Minecraft because it can be used as a crafting ingredient for many recipes.

Step 3: The method of Crafting Paper

After finding and harvesting the plants of sugar cane, now it’s time to craft paper. When the player has gathered enough sugar cane, the player can place it down on the table of crafts to make the paper.

1. Open your crafting menu

The first thing, the player needs to do is to open the crafting menu. So, the player will see a 3×3 grid there.

2. Add sugar canes

Now the player needs to gather three sugar canes, then go to the table of crafts, and then press the crafting menu.  Simply when the crafting menu has open, here just need to place the 3 sugar canes in the middle row of the crafting table. After placing sugar cane in the appropriate boxes, the player can see that three papers will appear in the box on the right side. So, the papers are ready.

Step 4: Move paper to your inventory

At the last, the player simply moves the newly created paper down to the inventory for use. Now the papers are the inventory of the player in Minecraft. This is all the player has to do to make paper in Minecraft. Hopefully, our step-by-step guide makes the Crafting paper recipe so simple. It just comes in handy whenever you plan to make a paper in Minecraft.

Make Paper In Minecraft
Make Paper In Minecraft

Use of paper in Minecraft

In this wonderful game Minecraft, the player can use the crafted paper for many crafting purposes. No doubt, the player can make many items with the help of these papers. The player can also craft Enchanting tables, books, maps, bookshelves, banner patterns, fireworks, and many other items in Minecraft.


Congratulations! You have completely learned about how to make paper in Minecraft. Although the paper doesn’t seem to be too interesting on its own, it’s a vital thing for upgrading your gear to the max, so you need to use it when you can! There is one thing to remember, three sugar cane items will yield three paper items.

Paper can be made in multiples of three which means with the first craft the player will get three pieces of paper on the crafting table to use. That’s it, to make a paper in Minecraft is so simple that a beginner can also make it easily by following the steps of our guide.

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