How To Fix GPU Noises?

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Having a loud GPU can be very disturbing for you while you are enjoying your favorite game and you just want to fix GPU noises. While you are playing games and the GPU makes noises then it will be very distracting.

To get rid of this disturbing you have to fix GPU noises. And feel free during playing games. But before going into this we will discuss some of the reasons, why our GPU makes noises. And then try to fix these issues.

Following are some various scenarios that can cause this issue and your GPU can make that loud annoying noise.

On average GPU could be creating disturbing noise because of the reason to loud fans caused by the high temperatures of the GPU or dust. In GPU’s coin, Coil whine made from vibration can also be the main reason to make noise in your GPU. Commonly, when you limit your frame rates than it helps a lot to reduce the noise by putting a minor stress on your GPU.

First of all, you have to try to limit your frame rates, it will help for most GPUs, but if after limiting your frame rates noise level is still consistently loud then there are some serious issues in your GPU.

How Does Limiting Your Frame Rates Reduce Noise?

If we talk about the reason why limiting the frame rate reduces the noise in GPU then we can say an answer that it allows the GPU to not work. Temperatures will be dropped by this and it will also the GPU fans to not spin so fast which mostly creates noise.

When the noise is caused by your GPU’s coil whine, then having GPU slower down will directly cause fewer vibrations in the GPU coil lower down that highly loud whine noise.

You can limit your computer’s frame rate in many ways. First of all, you can go into your game and can change the max (Frames Per Second) FPS to 60, or beside this, you can also enable V-sync on the monitor, but doing this will cause a little delay and it can worsen your computer’s performance.

Other Reasons for a Loud GPU

If there is an annoying noise in the background by GPU and you want to fix it or get rid of that distracting noise but you want to do this without decreasing your performance, then you will try to find the main reason and root of this issue.

  • Fan speed
  • Increase in temperature
  • Coil whine
  • Dirty or faulty fans can be caused

They can make your GPU loud.  All these can be fixed variously simply and easily.

How to Fix GPU Noises?

Fix GPU Noises

Follow some following simple processes to fix gup noses.

1. lower Your GPU Temperature

Increased GPU temperature is one of the main reasons for a loud GPU and it forces the fans to spin much faster than they should normally. The fans can start to wear out, if they are performing at top speed 100% of the time, making an even high and louder noise than they are already creating.

First of all, you have to lower your PC’s temperature to lower your GPU’s temperature. PC’s high temperatures are mainly due to poor airflow inside the PC. So, try to make that the airflow in our pc has a consistent flow only in a single direction so that the cold air came from one side and warm air blew out from the other side.

2. Lower GPU Fan Speed

If you have a clean set of fans and have good airflow then the thing you should do to fix your issue is to lower the fan speed manually. For that, you have to go into your BIOS and after that manually set the fan speed. Another easy way is to download a program that is called MSI AfterBurner and which is used to overclock your GPU. Keep in mind you will not make your GPU overclocking because doing this will increase temperatures but you will only be using a necessary setting to adjust your fan speed.

3. Adjust Fan Speed with MSI AfterBurner

  • First of all install MSI AfterBurner
  • After installing it, you have to open MSI AfterBurner and then allow it access to your computer
  • Here you will click on ” Auto ” to adjust the fan
  • Now here adjust your fan speed
  • And here you will hit done click save
  • After all that set to startup

4. Clean Your GPU and the Fans

Dust is one of the main reasons that cause GPUs to become louder over time. When dust build-up it becomes very hard to prevent it, and for this reason having good airflow in your computer is very necessary. That’s why poor airflow built up dust over time. So, let’s start to learn about cleaning!

You can clean your GPU in different ways:

You can clean it lightly, it takes little time. But to reach the whole dust you need to do a deep clean of your GPU.

5. Fix GPU Coil Whine

Above is mentioned, how to fix the coil whine issue. However, you can also do the following for fixing:

Underclock GPU

You have to go into MSI AfterBurner to underclock your GPU. Doing this can decrease performance slightly, but on the other hand, it also decreases noise and slow down vibrations. So, you have to go into MSI AfterBurner, and carefully reduce the power limit, memory clock, and core clock of the GPU to a negative number. Another thing is to turn on FreeSync, G-Sync, and V-Sync. And for further details, you can contact the manufacturer or company.


So, to get rid of the problem, to Fix GPU noise you just have to follow our above instructions. By following these you can easily reduce GPU louder noise. When you feel this trouble during playing the game just check firstly fans, must clean your GPU if it has dust, and also the coil whine. Limit your frame rates and change the fan speed. But if after doing everything to can’t find good results then we suggest you contact the company.

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