How To Fix A Freezing ASUS Laptop?

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If you’re facing a freezing ASUS laptop in a near-crawl or becomes unresponsive completely, here’s how to check if it can be resolved by an easy fix or something that needs more attention. There are a lot of issues that your ASUS laptop can face. It can have trouble charging, the screen goes too dark, or it could not turn on.

But it feels such as your ASUS laptop only freezes when you’re doing some most important tasks, doesn’t it? If your ASUS Laptop has slowed to a near-crawl or started freezing, then there are some better things to do. So, here’s how to fix a freezing ASUS laptop, and prevent your laptop from happening in the future.

Easy fixes for freezing ASUS laptops

So we are going to tell you some easy fixes to resolve the issue of freezing your ASUS laptop, these are given below!

1. Wait a few minutes to Catch Up

If you’re doing some specific CPU-intensive task, then sometimes the laptop will hang for a moment, then to think the laptop is permanently frozen, is wrong. If you see that your ASUS laptop has locked up entirely, then you must give it 2 minutes to catch up and finish that, what is going on?

Sometimes a small action can use up, and it takes a few seconds for the laptop to clear these tasks. As well, this is an uncommon occurrence, everything will be fine a few minutes later.

2. Check Your Peripherals

Now you have to check if the connected peripherals are actually functioning correctly. Sometimes they are gotten disconnected or run out of batteries. in this way, it seems that your laptop is freezing up, but the input isn’t happening as expected. You should also investigate your USB ports. so connect and check if all the parts are working well.

3. Manage the Offending Program

If your Windows doesn’t recover, then you need to break out old offending programs: Ctrl + Alt + Delete. In this way, you can kill the offending program. Put Ctrl + Alt+ Delete combo on the keypad and select the Task Manager option from the resulting screen to check out the list of running programs.

If anyone from them will not respond, then you have to choose them and click the End Task button and you need to restart your ASUS laptop to continue your work. If your laptop always starts to freeze when that program is running, then you have to uninstall it and find an alternative to this program or you can upgrade your hardware.

4. See the Browser’s Task Manager

Sometimes, your laptop is running well, but the browser gets stuck on a certain page then you thought that the whole laptop is freezing. In this way, your Windows Task Manager is just telling you that, the browser isn’t responding at that moment, but if you learn more info on why it is happing.

Then you can do this.  In Chrome and Edge, you have to press Shift + Esc to check your browser’s Task Manager. In Firefox, click the menu button and go to More Tools then check the Task Manager. This will show you which page might be frozen. So you can try disabling the browser extensions to check if that solves the issue.

5. Reboot and Try Again

If the Task Manager does not open, then your laptop is locked up and then you can get it by moving again to hard reset. So you have to Press and hold down on the power button until your laptop power off, then press it again to boot to back up.

6. must check the Reliability Monitor

If you still don’t find the cause of the lockups, then you can check the Windows Reliability Monitor. You can do this by opening the Start menu, then searching for “reliability,” and pressing the View reliability history option that occurs. 

Here you can see a graph of the reliability of your laptop, with crash logs as well as other issues alongside updates and installed applications. If you see an error listed as the freezing issue start, then Reliability Monitor provides the option to see technical details to fix the problem.

If those do not work, you can use the graph to find out which applications or updates were installed before the freezing issue started happening. If any program looks to be the reason then you have to revert the laptop back to the state before it was installed. You just need to uninstall the recent update, using the Restore Point in your Windows.

7. Learn More about Your Blue Screen of Death

If your laptop freezing is followed by a crash and a Blue Screen of Death, then you can find more information about the reason for the freezing issue. The QR code and “Stop Code” on your blue screen are starting points for your research.

So you have to check Blue Screen View, a free tool that has the ability to read the “dump file” your laptop creates during a crash. It’s technical, but you can check what driver or device caused the crash. Moreover, the System Restore is also helpful here to fix the problem.

8. Reinstall the Recent Drivers

As we mentioned above System Restore can fix many issues. If you installed any hardware, then you can try to uninstall its driver or you can also uninstall the drivers from the old hardware version and check if you have fixed the problem.

9. Malware Scan

As with all laptop glitches, it is not a bad idea to do a malware scan and check if something nefarious is reasoning the issue. You just have to take a free scanner like Malware bytes, now comb it through the hard drive, and check if anything pops up.

10. Give Your Hard Drive a Checkup

A failing hard drive will also be the cause of freezing and hang-ups, so while you’re going to run scans, then you can check the health of the hard drive. If your hardware is faulty then you need to replace it.

11. Overheating

Overheating can also be the cause of your laptop freezing, maybe the cooling fans are not working properly.  If the temperature is above 90 degrees, that means your laptop is overheating. The loud sound of the cooling fan is also a sign of your laptop is overheating. When you use your pc or laptop for a long period then it overheats. So you just need to give rest on your laptop after each hour.

And you can also clean the dust out of the laptop with a high-pressure duster. Must check that your fans are working properly. If any of them is not spinning, that means it may have a failed bearing and now you have to replace the fan.

12. Check Your RAM

Bad memory can also be the reason for freezing, so it’s time to test, open the Start menu, and search for the “Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.” It will reboot the laptop and test the memory, checking if it finds any issues. Then you can delete extra files or you can also update it.


So that is all you need to know about “how to fix a freezing ASUS laptop”? We have mentioned all the possible fixes, you can try them to resolve your freezing issue. If none of the above fixes work then you can get the help of a professional. We hope so, this article will help you a lot.

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