How to Pair the Sony WF-xb700 iPhone?

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Are you wondering to know how to Pair the Sony WF-xb700 iPhone? Because Sony earbuds provide a convenient audio experience to its users, whether it’s about listening to music, watching movies and dramas, or enjoying your favorite videos.

Sony offers different models of earbuds such as WF-SP700N, WF-1000XM3, Sony LinkBuds S, Sony WF-C500, and Sony WF-XB700. Well, Sony WF-XB700 earbuds are so popular among people.

These earbuds have a smart design and smooth audio experience which attracts the customers to purchase them. But most people have no idea about How to Pair the Sony WF-xb700 iPhone. Don’t fret, this post will walk you through the easy process to Pair the Sony WF-xb700 iPhone.

 After making a seamless connection between your iPhone and wf-xb700 earbuds, you can have an optimal audio performance. So, let’s dive into deep detail and explore the simple method to Pair the Sony WF-xb700 iPhone!

What is the Sony WF-XB700?

The Sony WF-XB700 is an amazing pair of wireless earbuds with many amazing features. These earbuds are designed by SONY Company which is renowned for its quality products. Well, as part of Sony’s ‘XB’ which means ‘Extra Bass’ series, these earbuds provide extra thump and punch in its bass range.

Well, if we talk about its sound profile, it is still quite neutral and suits a range of audio content and music genres. These earbuds have an amazing battery life of 10 hours with its charging case.

Moreover, these earbuds are well-built and fully stable for light exercise but that may be because their slightly bulky in-ear design can be uncomfortable for you.  They do not have an active noise-canceling feature.

Well, The Sony WF-XB700 is good for sports because of its lightweight. Its amazing fact is its Portable design and Stable fit for most users.

Pair the Sony WF-xb700 iPhone

The operation to register the iPhone that you want to connect to is called pairing First of all, you have to pair a phone to use it with the headset for the first time.

Turn on your headset:

Before Pair the Sony WF-xb700 iPhone, make sure of the following

  1. Your iPhone should placed within 1 m or 3 feet of the earbuds.
  2. Your headset should charge sufficiently.
  3. The operating instructions of your iPhone are in hand.
  4. You must have to remove both units of the headset from its charging case.
  5. Now, your headset turns on automatically. You have to check that the indicator blue starts to flash.

Enter pairing mode on this headset.

When you Pair the Sony WF-xb700 iPhone for the first time after buying it or after initializing the headset, the headset will enter pairing mode automatically after removing the headset from the charging case.

Well, when you pair subsequent devices, you have to press and hold the buttons on both the left and right units for about a few seconds.

  1. When the indicator blue light on the left unit of the headset repeatedly flashes twice in a row.
  2. You will hear the sound of guidance, and Bluetoothpairing, from the left unit of the headset.
  3. After that, you have to unlock the screen of the iPhone if it is locked.
  4. Here, you have to find the headset on your iPhone.
  5. Next, you have to select the option of Settings.
  6. Now, click on the option of Touch or Bluetooth.
  7. After that, the switch turns on the Bluetooth function.
  8. Here you will see the option of Touch or Bluetooth WF-XB700.
  9. If it asks for a Passkey * input, then remember that the input code is 0000.
  10. Now, your headset and iPhone are paired and properly connected.
  11. Again, you will hear the voice guidance which is saying, Bluetooth connected, from the left unit of the headset. But if they are not connected, you can see Connecting to a paired iPhone.
  12. Well, if the headset option does not appear on the display of the iPhone, then you can try again from the start.
  13. Well, A Passkey is called a Passcode, PIN code, PIN, or Password.
  14. So, if it asks again for a passkey then simply put 0000.
  15. Finally, your devices are properly connected, and you can enjoy your favorite track.

Troubleshooting tips

Troubles issues with pairing can be resolved by repairing, clearing the device cache, or checking for updates. Some other basic troubleshooting tips can help to resolve any Bluetooth connection issues. Here are some troubleshooting tips that resolve the issue.

  1. The above-mentioned operation is an example. For more details, you can check out the operating instructions supplied with the iPhone or your Sony WF-XB700 ear pods.
  2. Well, to delete all Bluetooth pairing information, you can check Initializing the headset to restore factorysettings.
  3. If you notice that pairing is not established within 5 minutes, pairing mode has been canceled, or your headset turns off. You can set the headset into the charging case again, then start the operation again from the beginning to resolve the issue.
  4. When your Bluetooth devices are paired, you don’t need to pair them again, except in the below-mentioned cases
  5. When Pairinginformation is deleted after repair.
  6. When another device is paired.
  7. If any new device is already paired.
  8. When the pairing information for your headset is deleted from the Bluetooth device.
  9. When your headset is initialized.
  10. When All of the pairing information is deleted, well, if you have deleted the pairing information for the headset from the device you can pair them again.
  11. When the headset is paired with multipledevices, but it can only play music from 1 paired device at a time.


Pair the Sony WF-xb700 iPhone is a straightforward process. Well, after pairing it, you can enhance your audio experience. It does not matter whether you’re connecting your headset to your Android phone, iPhone, Mac, or Windows PC, or utilizing NFC.

Well, you can Pair the Sony WF-xb700 iPhone by following the above-mentioned process. You have to carefully follow the specific instructions for your earbuds model to make a seamless connection.

So that’s all you need to know about How to Pair the Sony WF-xb700 iPhone. We hope this article will help you a lot!

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