Does Using Bluetooth Headphones Drain the Battery?

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It’s a good question, does using Bluetooth headphones drain the battery? As nowadays most people prefer to use wireless headphones. It’s right, power is required for all wireless technologies. But it’s a riddled topic how much do they need power?

In recent years, people are connecting their phones to various wireless devices utilizing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. But we see there is a persistent myth that Bluetooth drains the battery power of your phone, as Bluetooth technology was added to phones.

It’s not a surprising thing that people frequently asked the question, does using Bluetooth Headphones drain the battery? Because most all their trackers run on Bluetooth technology.

There is blame on Bluetooth when you peek or glance at your phone’s screen and then you see the battery of your phone visibly draining or dropping. For this, the answer is, Bluetooth doesn’t consume relatively as much or vastly battery power as you think about it. So, let’s go in and dive to know about a few important things that you need to know before you begin to think about shutting down your Bluetooth headphones.

Does Using Bluetooth Headphones Drain the battery?

Does using Bluetooth Headphones drain the battery? No, it’s not right. If you have turned on your Bluetooth the whole time, does not mean it draws off your phone’s battery any more than you have Wi-Fi on your phone when you’re not related to a network instantly.

This widespread misinterpretation has a lot of people turning off their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when they are not actively using them, save their phone’s battery power.

This untrue fact of this issue is that Bluetooth headphones just use the battery of the user’s phone when your headphones are being actively and busily used. And, then, you have t,o thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the consumption is insignificant (between 1 – 3 % per day).

From Where Does This Myth About Bluetooth Headphones Come?

In the late 90s, as Bluetooth was first time added to the phone then this false information occur and come. But Bluetooth has been tremendous advances in the last 20 years such as our phones. This old and first Bluetooth version is known as standard Bluetooth nowadays.

This standard version was upgraded to a new version Bluetooth 4.0 version in 2010. This new Bluetooth 4.0 version brought very good connection stability. Moreover, it’s very important to mention that it consumes an extremely low battery, known (as Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE for short).

Classic Bluetooth VS Bluetooth BLE – Differences

Your phone can live or exist both Bluetooth versions together, but both versions use differently for various purposes. For gadgets that require low energy such as the Chi polo key finder, the BLE version of Bluetooth is used. And for those gadgets that direct a steadier connection just like earbuds to stream music, the classic Bluetooth version is used.

Can turning off Bluetooth Headphones Save Your Phone Battery?

Yes, you can take it as a trick to save your phone’s battery life. You have to turn off Bluetooth on your phone when you’re not using it for any purpose like when you’re not in your car or playing your favorite music wirelessly. If you do this it means you add an hour or more to the battery life of your phone.

But remember that depends on the gadget that you want to connect to your phone through Bluetooth, as a few devices such as fitness trackers and key finders use negligible amounts of power. The same Bluetooth version and also battery power is not used by all Bluetooth devices.

It can be said, such gadgets just have to use between 1 to 3 % of your phone’s available or functional battery power. Manufacturers have developed these apps to send small packages of information through Bluetooth in gaps to save battery on both your phone and on the gadget itself. A few devices will use much power such as earbuds or portable speakers that stream music, since these devices need a constant capacity connection.

If the battery o your phone is being depleted and you sense that Bluetooth might be the cause for the artillery draining then we suggest you try to keep track of what Bluetooth devices you are actively using when your phone’s battery drains. Hopefully, they are not your Bluetooth headphones.

Why Bluetooth Headphones battery is draining and emptying quickly?

There are a few reasons for this issue it could be drained because of the music apps that you used or maybe the streaming apps. If you use Streaming apps then your phone battery can drain fast because these apps use data and also screen time and because of that battery may release or discharge fast. You can be able to even check how much these apps depleted the battery of your phone.

Do Bluetooth Headphones Use More Battery Than the Wired Headphones?

For this question, answer is yes, officially. Several wired headphones don’t use many batteries. It’s yes your Bluetooth headphones cause more battery usage of your phone than your wired headphones, but it’s insignificant.

When your gadget transmits digital audio to your Bluetooth headphones, it uses additional power than analog audio to your wired headphones. So, it’s right that your Wired headphones may have used slightly more or less energy or power than the built-in speaker, but remember this difference is just minimal or tiniest.


If you have Bluetooth headphones and are in a fix to use them on your phone because of the battery-draining issue then don’t worry, you do not need to be worried about it. It’s right your Bluetooth headphones drain the battery but not too much as you think. Bluetooth technology requires power to work but we can’t say how much as different devices use power differently. Hopefully, you have to know well about, does using Bluetooth headphones drains the battery.

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